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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Change of mind-set


This morning I was given a lesson in how I affect my world…a very strong lesson.

We have been experimenting lately with the idea that eating before sex is energy sapping. What we have found is that morning sex is far more fulfilling than evening sex. Mainly this is because we haven’t eaten all night. 

When we eat most of our energy and blood is focused on the task of digesting the food in our stomachs and therefore there is not much left for the act of lovemaking.But this is a vast subject and very complicated.

So night time for us is mostly for cuddling and bonding and the mornings are devoted to making love. Well that is the theory that mostly works…but sometimes it is swapped around…and this is when we find that the differences are incredible. 

Again...this is a vast subject and everyone has different ideas.

I went down to get myself a drink before sitting and going within myself. Hubby was sitting in the bed next to me, reading. As I went deep within myself I could feel a throbbing in my base/sacral area which I associate with the arousal of sexual energy.

Focusing on it I noticed that there seemed to be quite a few spirals…no, not spirals, more like cones of energy running in a band from the sacral on my belly down between my legs and up my backside to the sacral chakra at the back. I think there must have been about 8 altogether. They were various colours of shades between deep red, pink and orange. Almost like the colours of sunset.

I was told to relax and find my centre which I did. They then asked me to now look at the cones. They were rippling with rainbow colours that were constantly moving. The instant I started to think about what I was seeing I noticed a strong colour of yellow in all of them. I centred myself and became relaxed and the rainbow colours were back…no one colour more dominant than the other.

I stayed in this relaxed state for a while…don’t know how long…cos I tend to lose touch with time.

Slowly I noticed that something like rainbow coloured spikes started to appear in a line up my front and back, connecting each of the main chakras, until there was a line of them about a hand width wide running up over my crown down my back around between my legs and up the front to the crown.

Each spike seemed to be a sort of like a whisker that you see on animals. Possibly an antenna?
Slowly but surely they moved out to cover my whole body and it was then that I noticed all the other chakras of the body of varying sizes.

It was then that I started experimenting with different thoughts and feelings to see what happened. Each spike and chakras responded with different colours signifying the differences in states. When I was totally relaxed and simply BEing then all the rainbow colours were even.

Lately we have been working on how the thoughts within ourselves impact on our lovemaking and today I got a very vivid shot of what I think. We have been discussing the effects of following through to orgasm and whether it is necessary for us to have one. Instinctively we’ve been following the need not to have one, but sometimes the mind pops in and makes itself known and then we lose the beautiful place.

I asked to be shown what it is that is creating this block (and other blocks).

So lying quietly this morning as we meditated together…I got the answer to the first of the blocks. A question that has been puzzling me for a while is the constant spiralling up and down of hubby and our son’s relationship. My inner wisdom came through in the stillness of the moment and I got a vision of everything that was happening between them was…my OWN stuff. It was in that instant that I realised, of course it is my stuff, as I create my own reality and they are co-stars in my play.

The next insight I got was as I was heading for orgasm, my inner wisdom popped up again and I knew that I should not be doing this but simply staying in the blissful experience of BEing with hubby instead of DOing. But…I heard in the background my mind and body scream, ‘NO, I want this’. That sorta shocked me…but I had no chance to do anything before the whoosh of energy swept me away.

This made me realise again that every experience I have whether making love or anything else, is something I have created. It made me remember the old days when I could never figure out why hubby didn’t understand the word ‘intimacy’ without sex being involved. I discovered after a while that again it was my energy creating this. Because I personally didn’t believe it was possible, so of course hubby’s energy responded in the same way…but of course I blamed him…very conveniently forgetting that it is all my own creation. My play of which I am the star…and everything else revolves around me and what I think or feel.

Talk about the limiting constructs of the mind…sheesh…a never ending discovery of how much we affect our lives.

The beautiful whiskers of energy all over my body showed me in great detail how it responds to what I think or feel at the time.

Man alive…this new improved sight is something else…


Anonymous said...

Your insights are awesome as usual. I love that everything going on inside you is happening on the outside. So do tell how you shift that inside, the father/son polarity into an inner unity? LRiver

Karen-Pallas said...

Thank you, Shannon, for this amazingly pertinent question that gave me the incredible insight I had this morning.
Hugs of love