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Ramblings about life . . .

What I share about my life is simply to help reinforce the understanding that it is possible to live with love and laughter, in between the tough times.

Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

Be the dream.

We honour the light and the life within you.

Please be aware - I upload other bloggers' posts and then delete after a month. This is my journey and others help me understand where I am, until they become irrelevant (a few posts excepted).

About Me

Greg and I have moved again, our second emigration (well actually it is my fifth) - this time from UK to NZ

My married name is Karen Cottle but sometimes write under another name - Karen Pallas.
Morocco 2015
I am an Anchor of Balance for Love and Pleasure and a Relationship Weaver. My Higher Self is the monadic entity Pallas Athena. I am one of her many sparks who have incarnated upon Earth.

My sense of humour and calm, serious nature reside harmoniously within me. I work part-time as a clinical sleep physiologist diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, leading a team of fantastic individuals. The rest of the time is devoted to travelling, socialising, writing and loving my hubby.

I used to live in Cape Town, South Africa before emigrating to London, UK for a few years, finally settling in West Sussex, England, with my husband, our son, daughter and two cats.

We got itchy feet and on 29 January 2016, I moved to New Zealand to take up a position as Clinical Physiologist with Waikato District Health Board. My husband, son and kitties joined me here three months later in April 2016. I am currently the Team Leader of the Sleep Clinic. Our daughter lives in Sydney, Australia, as does my nephew, his wife and their cutie pie little girl.

The serious bit...

France 2014
Having been born in Zambia to British parents who moved restlessly between there, South Africa and Namibia, I laid down temporary roots with my husband in Cape Town, only to be lured by the adventure of returning back to my British roots, hence the move to London.

During my last years of school in Namibia, my parents were friendly with an archaeology professor and I was lucky enough to take part in several archaeological digs. 

Do you know the rhyme "Skinny malinky long legs, flat banana feet, went to the movies and feel through the seat"? That was me! As I was a tall gangly, decidedly clumsy, big-footed teenager (despite having done ballet since the age of 5), my mother believed that joining a modelling school would help me with my poise and elegance. It must have worked as it gave me the opportunity to do a bit of ramp and photographic modelling.

I enrolled at College to study Graphic Design but never finished. I later also enrolled to study law at University but never finished.

My working career as a legal secretary spanned twenty years until my family and I moved out of London to live in West Sussex. Fate had a hand in placing me in the right place, at the right time and was offered the position of a part-time trainee sleep technician, diagnosing and treating sleep disorders at a NHS Sleep Disorder Centre. During 2008 I appeared in a TV documentary for the BBC on sleep disorders. 

Swellendam, South Africa 2015

In 2011 I obtained my Allied Health Diploma from City & Guilds London. In 2015 I wrote and passed an exam to become a credentialled and registered clinical sleep physiologist (RPSGT) with the BRPT (Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists) in the field Sleep Medicine after studying with the AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine).

Art, music, law, history, geography and medicine have influenced me. I danced for many years, played the piano and sang opera (not sure why but it seemed right at the time), rode horses, travelled extensively throughout the world, studied art and took part in sport (hockey).

It wasn't all good. I suffered with migraines from an early age. They were regular and debilitating. Through the use of EFT, I managed to clear whatever was causing them and have not had a migraine for about twelve years.

I also went through three serious health problems. The first was at the start of my spiritual journey in South Africa - I'd slipped a disc in my back and was bedridden for 6 weeks. Together with the assistance of my chiropractor and metaphysical mentor, I managed to heal without surgery, through the use of vitamins and addressing the emotions/beliefs behind the health issue. To this day I have very few problems with my back.

The second was after the birth of my son I suffered with post natal depression. I tried to commit suicide a few times, but eventually asked for help which I received from a counsellor as well as a reflexologist who used flower remedies to assist me. I had tried anti-depressants for two weeks but they made me feel so much worse, and therefore opted for a natural therapies. My sister-in-law pointed me in the right direction for which I am very grateful.

The third was when I went partially blind a few years after arriving in the UK. It came on so suddenly, it took me by surprise. Despite trying all kinds of healing modalities and remedies, with the help of my spiritual mentor, I eventually came to terms with the decision to have surgery on both eyes to regain my sight. Sometimes we need a different kind of help that goes hand-in-hand with other healing modalities.

All three occasions meant delving deep with-in, processing and clearing my emotions and beliefs. It helped me to understand how much I influence/create my illnesses.

The oobly-doobly stuff...

I also have diplomas in Phytotherapy, Gaia healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Vibrational Medicine which have helped me treat family illnesses over the years.

The study and practice of tantra has strengthened my marriage - see post Karezza/Tantra/Orgasmic Meditation.

My inner tiger and totem
Relaxation, meditation, creative visualisation and auric reading were used when I taught developing circles for many years. At the request of Breast Cancer Care I ran several meditation workshops for their members. Healing, counselling and using crystal and flower essences have all been used to help those on their journey. I no longer practice or teach as my main focus these days is myself and the relationship I have with my hubby as well as furthering my medical career.

All of these served to help me to understand my own abilities.

The main energy I use is that of balance, assisted very ably by the Angels of Balance. I first became aware of them during a healing session with a friend in 2001. This has helped me maintain my centre and allowed me to explore and clear issues holding me back. I have by no means perfected it as I am a work-in-progress, but have moved forward in leaps and bounds.

Greg - Italy 2001

The Angels of Wisdom and Truth have also been beneficial in helping me to move forward in my life. I'd not paid them much attention before as asking for the 'truth' can be a little difficult...and as for wisdom...I felt I was sorely lacking in that department and not quite ready to acknowledge this aspect of myself.

I am an eternal optimist - I always see a silver lining in every situation. Some say I am naive and idealistic. I don't ignore what is going on, as it is good to be informed, I merely concentrate on the bigger picture which helps me to see the 'reality' of what is happening behind the scenes. I hold the vision of peace on Earth to balance the pessimism in the world. I deal with the dark or negative as it comes along but I don't allow it to rule my life.

South of France, handfasting Sept 2012
I relinquished my role as a Keeper of Balance in December 2010 to became an Anchor of Balance for Love and Pleasure - which I once again relinquished to become a Relationship Weaver and Lightbearer in the new world since 2012. I have once again moved on to something new - not sure what as yet. Maybe it is simply BE-ing here at this exciting new phase humanity and the Earth are going through.

On 30 March 2012 whilst in Australia on holiday (after 25 years of marriage clearing our karma) my soul-mate left hubby's body to be replaced by my twin-flame. We re-affirmed our commitment to each other and our journey forward as relationship lightbearers in September 2012 whilst surrounded by the beautiful feminine energy at our holiday home in the South of France. 

Acknowledgements and thanks

I would like to acknowledge and thank those that have helped me on my journey.

My darling hubby - France 2011

My parents - for gifting me with life and supporting me, despite not always understanding what I do. My mum, taught me the value of heathy eating, vitamins and natural products.

My hubby, Greg, and our two children - who keep me real and love me, eccentricities and all.

Vernon Frost - hypnotherapist, clairvoyant, channeller and teacher extraordinaire. Vernon was my very first mentor I joined his developing circle in 1995. He taught me the meaning of integrity. Vernon channels the Great White Brotherhood. He is the mentor who helped me with my back problems.

Ron Holt - Flower of Life facilitator (and now a director of FOL). Ron's wonderful and gentle energy made an impression. I did Drunvalo's Flower of Life workshop with Ron for a week in 1996 at Cape Town University. I had the most amazing shift during this week and have never forgotten the very vivid dreams I had featuring Thoth and Drunvalo teaching and imparting information through moving hieroglyphics.

Lord Sananda - gentle, strong and supportive non-physical mentor. I first became aware of Sananda in 1997. He taught me about unconditional love. Many years later Mary Magdalene joined him in mentoring me.

St Germain - another non-physical mentor who is strong, no nonsense, cuts to the chase, and not very gentle. Something I needed this push to get me over my self indulgent stage. He continues to keep me focused and makes me laugh at myself when I get too serious.

Catherine Keattch - principle of College of Vibrational Medicine and Gaia healer. I studied with Catherine for two years. She is an extremely perceptive, kind-hearted and a loving teacher. Together with her son, Sam, she owns and runs Crystal Herbs - flower and gem essences. She is the mentor who helped me come to terms with having surgery.

Angels of Balance - my impassive angelic friends who've been with me since 2001, or possibly before, but I only became aware of them then.

Andari, Jem, Jason and Lissendra
- of the First Order of Lighted Love were non-physical mentors for a short while a few years ago before Athena took over.

Greg - Australia 2014
Pallas Athena - one of the Lords of Karma, Goddess of Truth and Wisdom. I didn't have much interaction with her, but was aware of her at times. I did meet her once when I went before the Lords of Karma to ask if they would consent to releasing some of the karma I carried. I was given a resounding NO. So I slogged on - I must say, years later, it was a good call. I've learned a lot since then.

During the Super Moon in March 2011 I found out that I am one of the divine sparks of the monadic entity Athena, which took me by surprise. Since then she (and later her twin-flame Aeolus) have been my source of inspiration.

Angels of Truth and Wisdom - I am at the stage that I can (nearly always) face the truth about myself and therefore more wisdom.

There have been many more teachers both physical and non-phsycal and loads of workshop - too many to mention. The above have had the most profound impact on me. 
And finally, to all my very supportive family, friends and clients (who've become friends) over the years here in the UK as well as Asia, Australia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. Each one of you have helped me to understand love and life. Without you I would never have grown in the way I have.

With gratitude I thank you.

I am no longer answering any emails, and have therefore taken my email address off this site. Many thanks to those who've written to me over the years.



Julio - Ingles facil said...

hi Karen! I really like your blog :)
I can really relate to your posts :)
I thank you sincerely for sharing all of it with everyone, in my opinion theres one little thing to be added: throughout all and all material and spiritual there resides the Supreme Personality of whom we can take shelter. kudos talk to u later

Karen-Pallas said...

Hi and very nice to meet you
I am happy that you have taken the time to read and comment.
Looking forward to future conversations.
With gratitude and love

Zingdad said...

Hello Karen
I was following one of the trails of breadcrumbs that I often find on the internet (on search leading to another) and I landed up on this, your blog site. What a surprise to find some of MY material here! So I had to stop and say thank you and also a warm "howzit" from South Africa :-)

Karen-Pallas said...

Howzit, Zingdad. What a pleasure to 'meet' you. I do love your videos...they are so clear and concise. I hope you don't mind me uploading them...hehe...bit late to ask, isn't it? I would also like to create a link to your blog, if that's okay?
We're coming out to South Africa and Namibia to visit family in Feb/March next year...all part of the sacred union travelling. Haven't been back since 2005.
I've signed up for membership on your website...maybe we can chat more. Always good to connect with those on the cutting edge.
Heart hugs of love to you

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen

I liked your blog some time back, and decided to read it just this very moment. Wow I am so impressed and inspired. I am going to really enjoy this, it makes so much sense. I feel very sad at times and wish things did not happen the way it did for me and my family and wish I could go back and re live it again as a mom and wife.

Hope all is well, love to Greg and family

Thank you Robyn

Karen-Pallas said...

Lovely surprise to hear from you, Robyn. Thank you for your beautiful words.
It is hard not to feel regret at times. But don't be hard on yourself, it all happens for a reason.
You have so much to offer, as your beauty from within always shone outward.
Hugs n love from Greg and I

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Judith. Something drew me to this site. Hmmmm. I think there is a connection, but I do not understand exactly what. I currently live in Kansas City, Mo. I was 8 years in the Caribbean. I came to the planet on the 13th of January, 1946. Peace.

Karen Pallas said...

Hi Judith, pleasure to meet you and welcome.
Thank you for taking the time to send me a message.
What exciting fun, as we get to know each other!

shineyourlight said...

Hi Karen

I found my way to your website as I am trying to shed some light on whether the person I met was my one true Twinflame incarnated or a walk-in as I am so confused due to the circumstances surrounding our connection and now separation. I had never heard the term TF before so what I know now has been from the research I was guided to in order to survive the shock after we split. I cant seem to connect to your contact page as it just wont work for me.

Thank you for being brave enough to shed light on this topic as it is needed now more than ever I think.

Karen Pallas said...

How lovely to connect with you and thank you.
The TF is a difficult subject to pin down. There are so many different 'ideas' of what will/can/should happen and what constitutes a TF, which makes it very hard to find your way.
If you need to contact me, try copying and pasting my address into an email.
May you be blessed on your journey to wholeness.
Much love

WiNiKenekE said...

Aloha and please see my inquiry, on your main page, my first introduction into submitting some rather personal but important LOVE to research, or share. please elaborate or advise...MAHALO from Kaua'i island