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Friday, 29 June 2012

Wormholes and the heart


Tuesday night when I was at work, my colleague and I were busy talking (as you do). I was standing inside the control room and she was in the doorway.

I kept looking behind her because I could see my guides whizzing up and down the passage. Not only were they distracting me so I lost track of what I was saying, but I was blimmin’ curious to know what they were doing.

Hehe…she kept looking behind her and then eventually said, ‘You can see something, can’t you?’

I nodded. Then the bell rang, indicating the first of the patients arriving.

With all the distractions of the night, I forgot to ask my guides what they were doing, so it slipped my mind completely…until I saw them doing the same thing again yesterday.

This time I followed them around trying to figure out what they were doing. All of them were on rollerblades, which made me smile. They were spraying something into the air. On closer inspection, they were sparkles of silver, similar to the negative ions that I saw in the air the other day whilst spending time in the garden.

They were bouncing around all over the place (the sparkles…not my guides). I could see that they were attaching themselves to negative clumps of energy and were then being sucked up into a large funnel. Probably going up to the angelic realms to be transmuted.

I have (when I am at work) started connecting energetically to those staff and patients whose guide teams give permission for me to do so. The ‘new’ way is extremely powerful, and far more effective, now that I know what I am doing, and everyone is benefitting.

I have been on an even keel of happiness since Monday, so all the hard work of constantly making sure that my energy field is clear is really paying off.

Last night I was very restless, in spite of the tiredness. I felt the need to snuggle up to hubby and connect my heart with his, which I did by I spooning him and connected with his heart from the back. Then felt restless again and without words hubby turned and lay flat on his back, so I could lay on top of him, again heart to heart connection from the front. Finally, he spooned me and connected to my heart from the back. Kinda like synchronised swimming. This how we fell asleep.

What I could see as we were doing this, was a large – what looked like a hole in our chests - opening and growing until it stretched from below the collar bone down to the sternum above the solar plexus.

Jeepers man...they have reminded me of a few important bits that I have to add in - firstly when we connected, I had to visualise the connection and keep it visual the whole time. We also fell asleep back to back...not spooning...which I don't remember. Anyways, the important bit is that it was also a back to back connection. Sheesh...

This morning I asked what it was all about. Our hearts are becoming multi-dimensional and the hole that I could see is not actually a hole as such but a wormhole. That sorta threw me, because I expected portal or stargate…and asked…but no they said…it’s a wormhole.

‘A wormhole is a pathway from one part of space and time to another more distant location. You might think of it as a shortcut through space that saves you from having to travel the normal distance between two points.’

Through the wormhole I am able to ‘see’ and access more. This is needed for our future work.

Looking at the ‘hole’ where my higher and lower hearts are…I can see that it is tinged with a gentle pink energy on the outskirts but when I look inside, all I can see is space and stars/planets.

I also had to ask about the itchy eyes I have had on and off since they worked on my third eye. Nonki appeared and asked if I remembered him putting something in my third eye that would activate once the clearing of this chakra had been done.

Hmm…I had forgotten about it, hadn’t I? Anyways he told me to take a few herbs to help support the changes that the eyes are going through. My vision, like my heart, is deepening and changing. It is also not just the eyes going through the change – it is the whole portion associated with the eyes – inside and out.

Sorta explains why I feel like I’ve got an itch inside my head too :-)

Ooh, I’ve just been joined by a little black and white spider who is crawling over my laptop. Every time I come sit outside there are all kinds of things paying me a visit.

This makes me think about the vision I had of me as a slumbering giant. To these insects I am merely a part of nature.

Anyways the heart and third eye stuff is so that we can see deep into any souls that we work with. Not sure why…but with time it will unfold. Just gotta be patient.

Darn...it is starting to rain...so gotta go inside.

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