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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Further insights

Oh my word. I sat down to write about the dragons…called them into my awareness and I find Ba’shiba and hubby’s dragon back to back with tails entwined.

It was a very strong visual and unexpected. I did not know Ba’shiba was in a relationship. Very remiss of me, but I’d never asked and she’d never volunteered - suppose it’s on a ‘need to know’ basis and I obviously need to know now.

They moved their bodies so that their heads came together, their long necks entwining. I seemed to move up into the air and saw between their bodies as I hovered above, what looked like shut eye. But when it opened I realised it was a portal with swirling gold energy.

Ba’shiba and her partner continued to move their bodies by fluttering wings and undulating their bodies so their scales moved and shimmered. It looked like a courtship dance of some kind.

The portal grew in size until they both fell through it. From what I gather this ‘portal’ was created by their hearts.

As they fell through it they didn’t seem to plummet but rather gently floated down in such a way that they could twist in the air, sometimes Ba’shiba on top and at others her partner. Hmm…I really should have asked his name. Hehe…I just heard a voice repeating several times the word Venrida or something like that. Assume it is his name.

Belly to belly I watched as they brought their upper arms and claws together, tails still entwined, forehead to forehead. Gazing into each other’s eyes they flew through the sky in a beautiful sinuous movement. It didn’t seem like they needed to see where they were going. They were totally in sync with each other and the universe.

In the background I became aware of a steady pulse of energy that made me emotional and tearful. It was the pulse of all life…the heartbeat of the All Knowing, so familiar and yet not.

The streams of energy coming off the two dragons was breathtaking in its beauty.

I kept hearing the words, ‘Be in your heart’. I’d asked several times how hubby and I could reach the next level sexually. It took a while but finally I understood as I flew behind them in their slipstream of energy.

Being in our hearts when we make love or simply spend time together will pulse us to the next level. And by the next level I mean that each time we make love it will not be the ‘rote’ of normal. We should enter each lovemaking session without expectations except to be in love. Each time will be different from the last in that when we made love for example yesterday, we today have cleared a bit more and downloaded more energy and are therefore in a new space and state of BEing.

This brings me to rituals and ‘learnt’ ways of making love. It was okay (and still is for those not quite ready to move up – you are where you are).

I am talking about moving up to another level of loving. If we are programmed by our understandings and experiences to follow an automatic way of ‘doing’ there will not be as much to be gained from it.

Thinking about it too much or following outside instructions gets in the way of the experience. Also having a certain way of doing things drummed into us so that we are on automatic when we do it…doesn’t come from the heart…but from the mind. When we are in love and/or making love the one basic rule is very simple…follow your heart, not your mind…and this is why it is so important to learn to BE.

It’s okay to learn things…but you will have to throw it away when you reach a certain level…because it won’t work…it will simply keep you marching on the same spot…and then it becomes ‘boring’.

BEing totally present in that time and space brings its own rewards of finding the unexpected and beautiful. So instead of creating with our minds and understandings, we simply create from the heart. And in the beauty of the moment when we are in our hearts…it becomes an orgasmic experience of bliss from the heart without the head being involved. With this way of BEing…how can lovemaking become ‘boring’? There is no need for anything else except being in the heart and in LOVE.

This is why it is so difficult to tell someone how to make love. We are all so different energetically and at different levels, that what suits hubby and I, will not suit anyone else. And believe me…we haven’t got it totally right. We do flip out of the new way and back into the old, mainly because we are not sure. It takes patience, time and experimenting to find the correct path.

Now I know for many of us it is hard with so many distractions in our life. It takes time and focus to clear the reason our lives have so much clutter or things going on that wish to distract us. Please remember that whatever is going on outside is a reflection of what is inside you.

As more couples move into this way of BEing, it will simply become a way of experiencing life for ALL who will start doing so without much thought. They will simply slip into it.

The excitement for me is that hubby and I are creating the path that we are moving along and even though we both slip back into the ‘mind’ thing at times, being in LOVE is the most exciting state that we have ever personally experienced. And these days it is not merely something we say.

We have created the intention that we are the pure embodiment of love in every way.

Ba’shiba is smiling…I seem to have ‘got it’.


Iris of Peace said...

Beautiful Sweetheart...
I thank you for the splendid visuals and loving discourse... You and your sweetie are wonderful to learn from! :)
I am getting ready to awaken (or actually he is...hehehe) my beloved hubby with a rainbow of love from my womb of creation... I can feel the anticipation growing between us as he energetically aligns with his higher purpose. I can also feel his trepidation...waking up is so exciting! But as far I as can sense, All lights are green for the go!
hugs to you dear KP - nightie night... off to dance with the dragons :) xoxox <3

Karen-Pallas said...

The anticipation is growing within me too...interesting to see what the next level is.
Happy dancing :-)