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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

I do love coming home from work

Rain drops on Iris leaves
I do so love coming home from work in the mornings…to a kiss and hug from a very domesticated hubby who is in the process of making breakfast for us both, cos by that time I am really tired and ravenous.

Hubby’s dragon is always close by him. It still surprises me every time I see him, it is just the last thing I’d expected. 

Last night as I left for work, he was curled up around hubby. Yesterday when hubby came home and was standing talking to me, his dragon was peeking over his shoulder. It made me smile, distracting hubby enough for him to ask why I was smiling.

I smile because it is a delight to see hubby and his dragon firstly, and secondly, I don't know how the dragon does it, but despite his mammoth size he manages to peek over hubby's shoulder - no mean feat.

I'm wondering if the dragon has something to do with hubby's creative streak lately. He has become interested in photography and is taking the most amazing pictures.

I've been trying to persuade him to write a few pieces for my blog, so we can get some perspective from a man. Hmm, says he can't write and besides anything that is between us is private.


So we will have to settle for a few of his pics.

One of my kitties
Every night and day I walk do the 15 minute walk to and from work in spite of the weather. I find that over the last two weeks I am connecting very deeply with nature in ways I’d never have expected. I walk through the large park that is quite breath-taking in all the seasons.

I have a favourite tree which is a large elegant pine that has drooping leaves. It has cones during spring that stand up on its branches so they look like candles. I always stop to commune with this tree. I have no idea what it is about this that really appeals to me, as the whole park is filled with gorgeous trees.

Mostly it has been raining, and yet the walk has been exhilarating and I don’t mind getting slightly wet. I actually feel the rain soaking into my skin and giving me a boost. I always happen to meet our son on his way to work as I am walking back. One night shift coming off duty and another starting :-)

Hehe…last night was an exercise in…um…not sure what to call it. It was a good night but had some humorous parts to it.

What happened was I decided to keep my sight shifted. When I shift my sight I can feel tingle from the top of my head down to my toes, as if the whole of my body is coming on line, not just my sight. I investigated the amethyst band that I saw yesterday and see that it goes out in a straight line from the area of my third eye in a band around the head that is about fifty feet – approximately the size of my auric field.

Hanging down are hazy strands of this band…almost misty. I think they seem to be antennae of some kind, some are long and others short. As I walk they move through the things that come into my auric field and pick up signals from the energy. It can be a little distracting. As I walked through the park you can imagine the beautiful energy colours that nature wears.

Just before I left for work, I could feel my feet starting to burn with the energy coming in through them. I did the exercise of bringing the energy up and out of my crown to fall in a fountain down over me and my auric field, which helped a great deal.

I got to work feeling very centred, very grounded and at peace…and remained in this state the whole night.
Actually I thoroughly enjoyed working last night. I danced through the whole night with a smile on my face.

At one stage I did get myself slightly confused when the patients started arriving – too many signals. I got them mixed up and handed out the wrong documents for them to sign.  We sorted it out. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood.
Busy bee in poppy
I also found that once I’d adjusted after the slight hiccup, I wasn’t overwhelmed. It was a relief to discover this as it worried me. One thing I can say is that the body adjusts very quickly. I didn’t consciously have to do so. She seems to take everything in her stride. Well, it is like that today - who knows what tomorrow will bring. Thank you body.

I also noticed that because I am in the frequency of love, it helped those around me. I have seen this before with the white light a couple of months ago. But this is different in that it gives people a hug, not an invasive hug that has them clearing issues or reacting in a bad way, but simply surrounds them with love and makes them feel good. I noticed it hugging my work colleague who wasn’t feeling well at all. She certainly looked and felt much better this morning. 

Actually now that I think about it, this energy helps a person to understand that frequency of love without realising it and therefore helps them re-member.

It certainly gave me a lesson in loving everyone without judgement and what effect it has. We don’t have to physically ‘do’ anything as the energy ‘knows’ what it needs to do.

This morning on the way home, it was sunny and still is, as I sit here this afternoon in the garden.

I stopped to watch a very stately raven doing his stalk through the grass, a squirrel bouncing around on the ground looking for something, a little fat robin landed on the path in front of me to inspect the path, six magpies and a blackbird hopping around with intent. The trees were laden with their lush greenery and brushed the top of my head as I walked on the winding path.

I still feel good after my sleep. I woke at about 11am to the sound of a fly buzzing around the room and the dog next door giving a mournful howl.

The fly pestered me for a while and made me think about the blog I wrote about the emotional POO in our lives. Listening to the sad mournful howl of the dog, I tuned into him. It made me cry. 

The lady next door homes rescued dogs that have been abused and as a result are ill. In the time that she has been living next door she has seen the death of three of her beloved dogs. She knows it is going to happen…it is just a matter of when. The dog she currently looks after has not been with her for more than a few weeks and he is adjusting to his new home. As you can imagine, she is incredibly loving to these dogs. I heard him howl for the first time on Monday when I was sleeping after a night shift.

I sent out some love from my heart to surround him as he sat waiting for her to return. He was so unhappy with the separation because she had become his safe haven. It made me cry because it reminded me of how much we all howl mournfully from our hearts at the separation from Source. None of us realise it, but this sound is emanating from us all the time.

It also reminded me of the visitation hubby and I had during meditation from all the animals wanting to move back to the place where all live harmoniously together with mutual respect and love – the lion laying down with the lamb. We are all longing for this and this is what is pulsing out from deep within. A need that is making us restless but at the same time giving us the impetus to raise our vibration.

As I walked home this morning I realised that a wave of yellow/orange/gold energy from the sun poured in through my crown and into my heart. It gave me such a boost.

So today I am in a really good space of love…

o love coming home from work in the mornings...

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