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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fiery energy

Itching skin and inner heat that has me stripping off, despite feeling the cold on my skin. I kinda feel like a volcano…but not one that will explode…more like one that is cooking from within…hopefully creating something new.

It is not very pleasant. Started yesterday…last night was restless tossing and turning as my feet burnt way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Kept pulling the energy up and out my crown in an effort to alleviate the discomfort.

I’ve experienced this before (groan…) on several occasions. My body eventually settles into the new ‘thing’ - whatever that is.

What I do know is that the intense energy coming in through my feet is from the Earth. I’m adjusting to that frequency and hopefully all will settle down.

But in the meanwhile I feel like I am boiling from the inside out…and to top it all, I am off to Zumba…hehe…just to boil myself some more.

I’ve gotten our son to come with me to my pilates/yoga fitness sessions. He moans and groans as teenagers do, but once we are done he is quite bright and you can see he really enjoys it despite the reticence. Well, sort of…the first session he hated but only because it got him moving his body. But since then it has gotten better…although I literally have to drag him there by the scruff of his neck. He is very willing, despite his objections, because I know if he didn’t want to go, being the stubborn so-and-so, he’d very definitely let me know. Figure his soul is in the driving seat at the moment :-)

Yesterday I was walking behind him into the house when I got a feeling that I should have a look at his body and energy field, cos something was happening. Yep, sure enough there was an energy was zinging around his body, clearing out and cleansing as it did. It gave him a boost and his energy field was looking good.

I’m going to keep my sight shifted today at Zumba and see what else I can see. Might fall over my feet and get in the way of others as I’m not able quite yet to multitask with such zeal…but it will be worth it to see what is going on. I figure I gotta start using my abilities instead of shoving them to one side.

Once I get the hang of it, I suppose with practice I will be able to multitask a whole lot better…and we are moving in an era when transparency and shifted sight will be the norm. I’m not sure how this is going to affect me…because this means I will be ‘seeing’ a whole lot more than I want to.

Much later...

Haha...that was an interesting exercise in multitasking...at which I failed horribly :-)

Have you ever tried dancing to this song in an aerobic manner similar to the video dance…getting your body to follow the steps that you don’t know and try to read energy!! Snort…it was an amusing foray into something different and I certainly did NOT do the split!!! Had difficulty getting my body to follow the steps, ‘see’ and understand what I was ‘seeing’ without indulging in that too.

My man is not the only one with two left feet...I proved that I have too... :-)

As I walked to the class I opened my sight and found that I could see a hazy purple/amethyst band around my head in line with my third eye. Surprisingly it extended from my head out approximately…let’s see now…I sense that it is about fifty feet. 

Now this is new for me. Always when my third eye is open I can see the amethyst energy focused like a laser on a specific place or person. This time it was as though my antenna was focused on EVERYTHING around me. It wasn’t as bad as you might think. Everyone I walked past looked up and smiled, probably because I was grinning like a maniac because the feeling was amazing.

Anyways what I saw during the class was this…exercise is so important…so much more important these days as our bodies go through these intense energies. Movement helps not only to disperse that which is being released as sweat but also the energy coming into the body is thereby distributed instead of gathering in clumps…which I discovered with my feet.

I was wondering if as I was feeling the heat so strongly from inside whether I would be able to cope with the fast paced exercise…but you know what…my body really appreciated it so much that I did not work up much of a sweat. I was breathing heavily but the fire within was so much easier to deal with as this energy moved around my body clearing, cleansing and releasing.

Talk about fire energy burning away stuff we don’t need.

As I wrote that I suddenly realised that Ba’shiba is nodding her head. Once again I’ve been ignoring her – there is so much going on with-in that I’m not focusing with-out. She has let me know that this is okay as she is here to support me with the intense changes I’m going through.

Ooh…there is another dragon that has poked his head into our conversation. He is the most amazingly beautiful iridescent red and so much larger than Ba’shiba…and he is hubby’s dragon. Wow, never knew he had one. Shows how much I am missing by closing off my third eye.

Now back to the class. What I could see was blocked energy in everyone. Nothing dramatic but little bits and pieces that needed to move and by the end of the class most of it had dispersed. That doesn’t mean to say there is nothing left to clear…it simply means that that which had come to the surface for clearing was cleared.

The energies of the women were clearly being worked on. By focusing on dancing and breathing it takes us out of our minds and gets us out of the way so that the body and the energy can do what it needs to do. And of course breathing…not many people really pay attention to their breathing. Moving the muscles and getting the blood pumping allows the chi or life force to rush through the body and relax it.

With this kind of energy we are not in competition like we would be for example, in a gym. Gyms makes us try and do better every time and this is the old focus of 3d energy. I am not saying it is wrong…everything is perfect as it is depending where we are. But for me the fun of dancing and making silly mistakes and laughing about it is far more productive than the focused need to be better every time.

And this is what I love about Zumba…the fact that it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes or can’t get it right…the main focus is getting in to party mode and having fun. It also helps I think if the teacher is someone who really enjoys what she does and is extremely tolerant.

Ahem…she is not so lenient with us during pilates/yoga fitness, I might add. She certainly pushes us to do more than we think we can…so Zumba is a lovely contrast.

Although I wax lyrical about this form of exercise - it suits me - but might not suit anyone else. Do whatever brings you joy as an exercise...so it does not necessarily have to be this. What I am emphasising is the moving of the energy and having fun whilst doing it.

Actually now that I think about it…yesterday as I was performing some pretzel position getting myself into knots and wondering if I’d come of slightly kinked…she mentioned that her friend had given birth in 20 minutes on the weekend. Huh? My mind couldn’t quite take it in as it focused on doing what I was doing. She chatted on to take our minds off the impossible position by saying that this friend’s waters had broken, so she got dressed and as she walked downstairs to leave the house, the baby crowned, so she had it at home. 

No labour pains…wow, that is the way it should be.Makes me wonder if we are heading for this quickly with the new energies and the new earth.

I forgot to ask her anything more…but will try to remember next week.

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