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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Just when I think I know quite a bit...

You know just when I think I know quite a bit…someone comes along and asks me very pertinent questions that get me thinking and really looking.

I’ve been working 'hands on' with the sleep disorder patients. The technicians have the most interactions with the patients, firstly when they come in for an overnight study when we monitor them and their sleep patterns (or the lack of), secondly when they come in for an overnight treatment, then in a follow up clinic and finally we call them regularly to find out how they are doing or get them in to another clinic if there are problems.

We are the first people they get to know…and understandably they are nervous or upset. So we have to put on various hats during the course of the evening (actually whenever we interact with them, whether face to face or on the phone).

Nurse, wiring up and computer techie, tea/coffee/breakfast lady, but by the far the greatest remit we have is that of counsellor. We are normally two techs alone at night with a unit of 5 (sometimes 6) patients…we do have some help in the form of a twilighter who is there for 4 hours to help with the phone calls, sending out parts, meeting and greeting patients, settling them in their rooms, doing MRSA swabbing, weighing and taking blood pressure…but once they leave at 10.30 it is just the two of us.

We regularly have extremely obese, extremely ill or disabled (mentally and physically) patients…many with their own carers, because we don’t have the time to spend dressing or any various other things that they might need. We get patients in that cannot breathe on their own…those who have lung diseases or a paralysed diaphragm or are so ill they have difficulty breathing on their own. Insomniacs or those with night terrors, you name it we have seen it. Oh and we’ve had a few psychiatric patients in too as well as prisoners…but they normally come with their nurse guards.

Can you imagine all those energies coming in through that door and then spending the night with them?
Hmm…thought I was doing a swell job of making sure none of it attached to me…but I wasn’t. I have regularly seen when walking around the hospital how patients attach energetically to the doctors and nurses in the hope that they will heal them…and these poor medical professionals land up being bogged down by stuff that is not theirs. Didn’t think it applied to me. Why? Because I was protecting myself.


My team (with the help of Angel’s) have been clearing out my chakras because of all the stuff in there. None of it is mine…which answers a lot because I was puzzling as to why I was stuck when I should be flying…well flying more than I am now.

We started on the root on Monday…which was okay and I was tired. Tuesday we did the sacral and then today the solar plexus. Oh my…yesterday I started to feel a little whoozy in the afternoon and then my intestines started to rumble in objection and I was sulphurating…but no other movement except smelly air. So I decided to take some charcoal tablets…we all run for these whenever there is a little rumble of any kind :-)

This morning all hell broke loose.

Over the last three days I have tuned in regularly to the chakras that are being worked on. Initially I could see what looked like loads of blocks being sucked out…but much later I saw my first clump of what looked like crap…a big blob of it. You must remember that this is all in the energy field…but my body took it literally…as it does…and today I have the real thing!!

Ah well…what is in must come out :-) Good thing I have had a few days off. But to make me feel better I woke to find another rose on my pillow from hubby. I'm not sure where he got it from because it is not from our roses...it is a deep burgundy in colour.

When I go in tomorrow during the day for my clinic and then siestas, I am going to practice the exercises that Angel has given me to protect myself.

The level that I am working on is very deep both for myself and the patients, so I need to learn new ways of protecting myself.

Hmm…maybe I should teach this to my fellow techies…

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