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Monday, 18 June 2012

Twin-flame walk-in

My hubby is a twin-flame walk-in.

Yeah…something I’ve held close to my chest for about year. Or maybe longer - not sure.

Hubby and I were soul-mates. We’ve been through many lifetimes together in differing capacities, learning all kinds of lessons.

In 2008 I did a channel of a very familiar energy that had me in tears the whole way through the channel. He did not identify himself as he truly is but merely called himself Jednezzar. He gently talked about our love and said that even though ‘his brother’ (hubby’s soul) seemed to act out of character and in a not good way, there were lessons to be learnt and understood. I had to be patient as we’d be together ‘one day’. He also advised me to love hubby as fully as I could.

This whole session really shook me to the core and freaked me out a little. Because I didn’t want to think about it I deleted the recording and pushed it from my mind, but not before discussing it with my dear friend in France. She is the only one I ever let know what happened.

From then until last year I kept pushing myself. A deep pulsing from within to totally accept hubby (the soul-mate) for who he was and love him to the best of my ability. I learnt so much during this time and because the two of us resolved our lifetime issues. He was able to leave and my twin-flame take his place in the body that is hubby.

This is the main reason I keep pushing in my blogs that we all have a reason we are with our partners, who might drive us insane with their lack of progress, but we have a contract to fulfil and once it is fulfilled we can move on to living in love completely and utterly.

My twin had been hovering on and off around hubby’s body for a while, then basically all the time from when we were given our mission of sacred union travelling last year in September. In order for us to achieve sacred union and to help Mother Earth and humanity ascend, both twins were needed in physical form. As a result it was not to be sacred union travelling with the soul that was my companion all these lifetimes, but with my twin. This was confirmed during the ritual.

I never told hubby about this until recently. He has acknowledged that he feels different, but being the kinda entity that travels by the seat of his pants, he merely goes with the flow and doesn’t analyse or question. That is my job :-)

Although if you ask anyone that has met him recently they will tell you with confidence that he is a different man.

So in order for my twin to take over hubby’s body he spent time understanding his memories and being close to us so that the transition was smooth. I was curious to know whether it would be a traumatic experience, like an accident, which is what you hear from most walk-ins. But no it was going to be a smooth one, literally the soul-mate leaving on the out breathe and the twin moving in on the in breathe.

They swapped in and out of the body for some time. The first encounter I had of Aeolus being fully in hubby’s body was one night in July which I wrote about. Again I didn’t realise what was happening except that the joyful reunion of the two souls was extremely blissful.

Hubby started to change quite dramatically.

I pushed it out of my mind knowing that when the time was right it would happen and focusing on it too much wouldn’t help me in the least.

In December last year I was standing in front of my fridge considering what I would have to eat, when I felt the whoosh of an energetic wind and when I turned around I found Aeolus in spirit standing in the doorway.

His energy was so familiar and as I’d integrated more of Athena, the reaction was quite dramatic, even more so than the night of reunion in July.

He told me that the time was drawing closer and closer and that I had a few things more that I had to work on, but didn’t tell me what. He assured me that I would do what was necessary by instinctively following my gut.

Just before we left for Australia, I had a realisation that this start of the sacred union tour was not merely for anchoring energy but also because it was the perfect place for the switch over.

Again I didn’t push it, merely waited for the signal, while I got on with what needed doing.

Finally I was advised just before the Ceremonies started in Evans Head that it would happen in one of the ceremonies.

I know exactly what night the one left and the other fully anchored in hubby’s body and since then hubby’s abilities have sky-rocketed. It was not easy. I was saying goodbye to one entity that had been with me through lifetimes of lessons and even though I'd had months to do so. To top it all I had to do so without notifying hubby what was going on.

I started to write about it and then deleted it. I sort of hinted at it throughout many of my blogs but didn’t want to jump the gun and say anything until hubby was more comfortable with the whole thing.

I was so excited on the morning after it happened but I had to contain myself. Hubby knew something was different but I don’t think he understood what was different. All his memories have been retained, courtesy of the gentle swap over. I finally told my dear friend in France who asked me a pertinent question that had the flood gates opening. 

I have now decided it is time to put it out there, as the time is right and I have asked hubby’s permission.

This is what I wrote a while ago and have been adding to it on and off over the months, while I puzzled over the possibility that a twin-flame could be a walk-in. I apologise if it repeats what I have written above. Hubby had a look at it and said I waffle too much :-) and need to shorten it. Hmm…

Have you ever wondered why the human body was developed?

The body is as much a mystery to us, as the universe is. Logically we have pondered this idea for centuries, doing in-depth investigations whether on animals or ourselves and yet we still don’t fully understand how the body works…what gives it life. If we did, we’d be creating bodies from scratch without the use of reproduction or cloning. Frankenstein’s monster would be a reality.

What animates the body to work as it does? If we had to spend time making sure manually that we took a breath, our blood pumped, muscles worked, etc. we’d have no time to do anything else. So we don’t have to, a miracle in itself as the body simply gets on with the job.

Which brings us to the question of consciousness…of both our spirit AND that of our body. Our body has a consciousness of its own. How could it not?

If you animate a dead body with a spirit…it is more or less a zombie that will literally fall apart mainly because it is not alive and therefore nothing of the body is being replenished or rejuvenated because it has nothing of its own consciousness. Whereas a living breathing blood-pumping body that still has its consciousness, is growing and rejuvenating all the time, but needs a soul to get it moving. So this is where you have the start of a partnership. The body is the vehicle that houses the spirit and yet without one or the other, none of this would be possible.

Have you ever experienced suddenly thinking about what you are doing and become aware that you are on automatic. When you actually think about the steps you are doing you feel slightly lost. Why? Because your body simply does what it has to do without interference from you as the spirit occupying the body. This is because our spirit deals mainly with the intangible things and our body deals with the physical things.

Many a time I’ll be walking or climbing stairs and suddenly become conscious, as though my spirit has anchored itself completely within my body and focused on the manual workings. When this happens I suddenly feel like I am not sure how to lift my foot as I climb the stairs. Slightly disconcerting and more often than not I don’t get it right and trip up the stairs.

Do you ever look out your eyes and actually feel yourself inside this alien body and wonder how you got there? I used to do this as a child, wondering why I felt so separate from, say, my mother or father or sister. I’d stare at myself in the mirror for ages, aware that I was not really this body that I could see and yet not sure how to explain it. Nowadays I understand but when I was little it was confusing.

This is what living in a body does to us. It creates separation, but only because that is what we need to understand emotions whether negative or positive. We are ascending with the body and as we do so, we are integrating fully, so that there will be no differentiation between the mind, body and spirit. All of them together with be one fully functioning entity.

So as we ascend, we are experimenting with taking the body with us. We are doing very well, although it may not seem like it. Yes there are hiccups along the way. How can you experiment without any mistakes and wobbles?

The denseness of our bodies in the 3D world stopped us from morphing and changing into something else, although we were able to grow the body from smaller to larger, younger to older.

Think about this – we are from the earth and return to the earth. We don’t literally become soil or sand. We (as in our bodies) become an organic part of the earth…part of the cycle of life. Our bodies disintegrate and become part of nature…and yet the consciousness of our body remains…but as part of Mother Earth rather than as a separate entity. The same as our spirit consciousness and Mother Earth’s consciousness go through growth, so does the consciousness of our body.

A new body is created for us for another incarnation.

Have you ever seen the Mort videos. He starts off as a ball of clay and then changes into different things. That is exactly what our bodies do…they morph, although the morphing is within certain limits. For example we are not able to change from a human body to a cat…not yet anyway…and that is due to the denseness of the body that has stored all the negative emotions and the brainwashing we have received to believe we are totally static in our form.

Our bodies are created, grow, change constantly and then die to return to nature once again, before the cycle starts over again.

When your body is in your mother’s womb, it has its own consciousnessness...it would have to have a consciousness otherwise how would it grow. Your soul enters the body when it and the foetus are ready for this. Each one of us will have a different time of entry, there is no right or wrong. Your baby’s soul can pop in and out to check on the body, but will not fully merge with the body until it is out of the womb, or it might settle itself earlier.

I now finally understand why our daughter at the age of 4 told me, when I was pregnant with our son that she and our son couldn’t agree who would be born first. I could never figure out how, up until the last minute that decision was not made. In other words our daughter took the body that was created instead of our son doing so. So in actual fact our daughter could have been in our son’s body and our son in our daughter’s body.

For the previous 8 ½ months that I was pregnant with our daughter, I was confused as to the identity of the little person I was carrying. Finally one day, approximately a month before she was born, I suddenly realised who she was and that was when it was a panic to think of a name. That was obviously when they decided who would be the first child. With our son, there was no indecision as we all knew who he was.

It also explains to me why I can see babies hovering outside of the mothers when they are pregnant. It is the soul waiting to connect with the body which I can see it at various stages through pregnancy.

You incarnate into a male or female body, the spirit is yours whether male or female.

So here you are in a body which has its own growth and issues to experience. Makes for a complicated union doesn’t it? Add to the mix your ego, your mind and lifetimes and you have one hell of an explosive life…or not :-) It depends on what you are here to understand and experience.

Agreement is made between the body and the soul.

So the question is - where does the consciousness of the body go when it dies and the spirit leaves?

Aha, good question and one I have been mulling over myself for quite a few months. From my understanding – and please be aware that this could change as I get to know this subject better and my perceptions change – it returns to be one with Mother Earth.

Which helps me to understand what this connection with Mother Earth is all about. Not only is she sustaining our life with plants, etc. she is also giving and sustaining us (as the spirit) with a body. She is creating the body within which our spirits are housed.

So now you can imagine how difficult this whole relationship is. Not only are we trying to create a partnership with mind body and spirit. Each one of us here for a reason, plus we are also trying to integrate aspects of ourselves AND trying to meld all together to form a cohesive organism that is ascending.

Phew!! Kinda like having your left leg doing something different to your right leg, while your spirit is demanding that all the aspects of yourself are put together into one melting pot of a body, your emotions are getting in on the act. To top it all you are creating certain entities that are here to bring your attention to focus on those things you gotta work on.

Um…makes for a VERY VERY interesting time, doesn’t it?

This helps me to understand how it is possible to have one entity leaving a body and another one taking its place. What people would call a ‘walk-in’.

And yet even though there are ‘walk-ins’ they still have to deal with the consciousness of the body, so this can also make it very difficult. Once a body’s contract is up, it is up to the body to decide whether to ‘die’ or carry on by housing another entity.

Hubby is a walk-in. It happened recently and he is having difficulty working with the body. It doesn’t matter how strong or aware your spirit is, ya still gotta get the body on your side and some bodies can be difficult so-and-so’s. It also explains why hubby has suddenly started to do all the stuff that I would never in a million years ever expected him to do.

Now on to ‘walk-ins’. Some entities agree to baby-sit bodies until the time is right for another to take over. Or you could also call a ‘walk-in’ someone whose spirit comes fully into the body – no change of spirit…merely a greater part of the spirit moves into the body to create a greater awareness, which is what happened when I tried to committ suicide in 1995. It opened my eyes and my abilities.

All of us are sparks of a monadic entity who is the spark of a huge Oversoul, each one of us have different reasons for being here. Sometimes some entities are only here for a short while to experience a little bit of life here and instead of the body dying, someone else takes the place of the spirit that has left. This is all in agreement with the body.

It can happen when there is a traumatic accident or simply can happen when one entity leaves with an out-breathe and another enters on the in-breathe. This is what happened with hubby. I was present when it did happen. Well actually, I knew it was about to happen but fell asleep and woke up to a subtly different hubby.

The reason for this change over is this - the monad that is Athena wanted to experience many different aspects as possible so when hubby and I incarnated we were sparks of her. Hubby was the complete opposite of me and yet we were so similar.

Early last year I had become aware of twin-flames. It wasn’t until much later in the year that I realised hubby and I were twin-flames. It was not the Athena entity that was in his body, instead it was the Aeolus entity that was on the outside hovering around.

The lessons and understandings that we had during this time, helped us to resolve our karmic issues with each other over the lifetimes we had together and, in so doing, cleared the way for Aeolus to take his place in hubby’s body.

I was given the heads up about this change over during December last year. But being the skeptic that I am, I took it with a pinch of salt and waited to see what would transpire.

Again whilst we were in Australia I was advised that this would happen. Again the pinch of salt and wait and see attitude from me. His was a gentle change over, as the two entities had been alternating with his body regularly and it was easier for Aeolus to ‘walk in’ as he knew about hubby’s life histories.

So the moral of the story is…whether you are twin-flames or merely from the same soul family – always resolve and clear your issues. Lessons are to be learnt and understood. If not, it doesn’t matter how many partners you have, the lessons will continue and you will never resolve the problem and live in peace and harmony. Therefore you may have no idea who or what is waiting patiently for you.

Now you can also understand what dilemma I was in. I was in a relationship with not only a soul-mate but also a twin-flame.