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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sun setting on the old and rising on the new bigger picture

I’ve been asking our son’s guide team whether I can help him to clear out that which he is absorbing for others. The answer has always been No…until lately when they said wait until his 18th birthday…and this goes not only for him but for anyone under the age of 18. I never got any reason why until today.

I did not understand any of this when my daughter turned 18 as I was in the midst of my own clearings and working on my relationship with hubby. Now I understand why it was such a milestone. 

I asked to see the ‘bigger’ picture of where we as a family unit are going and…WOW…

Firstly to our son…

When I tuned into his energy I see that his field has expanded beyond that which it was and he has now entered a phase of ‘adult’ but not simply in the physical body sense, but also in the energy field sense. It is no longer a learning time for him in the way it was as he was growing up. He will still be learning but it is kind of like graduating from school and entering university. The foundation has been put in place and it is from this base that he will leap into his ‘new’ life.

It all ties in with my understanding that he would have an acrimonious and difficult relationship with the hospital where he was employed for six months...I was told that it would end in June and he would move on. 

And so it has…

It was hard learning curve for him but I was not allowed to help in any way. I had to step back and let him get on with it. As a silent sentinel he absorbs huge amounts of negative energy of which the hospital has a colossal amount and he found it difficult to deal with…hence the problems with his body. Read the page Empathic Transmuters & Silent Sentinels to find out more about them.

It was an exercise in loving support without ‘doing’ anything for him, I simply had to BE…and now I am seeing why it was necessary for both of us.

Turning 18 is a completion date – 8+1=9 and so he completes his lessons and understandings for this phase and then moves on to university. His birthday date is 2+5+6+2+0+1+2=18      8+1=9 so for him it is a double whammy of completion.

Secondly, our daughter…

She is a strong empath like me. She is always helping to transmute energies and takes on so much that she gets confused…but hasn’t quite learned or understood the necessity of looking after and protecting herself.

Again it has been an exercise of loving support without ‘doing’ anything for her. She turned 22 last year on 21.12.2012=11. Two master numbers for her.  I blogged in December about the significance of these dates that my family unit has. At the end of this year she turns 23 2+3=5 – a year of change and it starts on 21st December 2012.

I am not sure at this stage…it has been a closed book for me…what her abilities are besides being a very powerful empathic transmuter. I suppose it is for her to find out when the time is right.

On to hubby…

Hubby is very insular over these last 5 days. He is clearing a lot and every so often he pops out and is his happy self, then disappears within. My role once again is to lovingly support without ‘doing’ anything.

Last night I held him in my arms whilst my heart opened and bathed him in unconditional love. We lay in this state of bliss for a long time…until my neck objected. At the moment we are best friends rather than lovers…and that is okay…there is a time for being lovers and a time for being friends. It doesn’t mean that there is a problem.

Our relationships change and morph over time…and there will be a time when celibacy is not necessary…but until hubby has worked through whatever he is working through…his energy concentrated on the changes.

I did ask if having sex would help but was told that all I need to do is lovingly support him…mainly because the energy would not be conducive to healing sex because of where he is. It would merely confuse him.

Hubby is 52 this year 5+2=7 and our marriage is 25 years old too. A time of seeking for the truth. Hubby having the change of regime from soul-mate to twin-flame during March and then our marriage moving on to seek the truth of our sacred union.

We were married on 14 February 1987 – 1+4 = 5 or 1+4+2=7 both change and seeking OR 1+4+2+1+9+8+7=3+2=5
I am 50 this year =5 a year of change again.

So on to why I had this long ramble about my family…

We are all perfecting our skills in our own way…but we had to wait until the day our son turned 18 before anything could take off and the changes to be made.

My heart is singing with happiness and joy today. I had the most amazing Zumba class today. I connected with all the women, except two who weren’t ready to clear out any of their ‘stuff’. I have a new guide Julia who is a dancer and she helped me to dance in sync whilst watching the energy clearing.

A great privilege to be involved in this.

My grateful thanks to Namaste Angel with whom I had another coaching session yesterday. She confirmed everything that I’ve always known…it was really great to get this outside confirmation.

A wonderful woman with amazing abilities.

And finally to my team of unseen guides…thank you for all you do that I know of…and don’t know of :-) 

Woohoo…we are on the road to change…*sigh* although I have some more work to do at the sleep unit so that I can understand how ascension is affecting our sleep and body, but it won’t take long.

And…I am having my first session with the young friend of our son today.

My thanks to everyone who has been a friend or connected with me along the way…for without you I would never be where I am today.

What I also want to say is this - none of us know why we are a family unit - until the time is right.

Oh how beautiful...I just received a gorgeous bracelet as a gift from a friend who used our French chalet...thank you, sweetheart...the pleasure of having your beautiful energy there is all mine.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing! Really glad to know you KP and to be able to share your experiences.
Thanks for your wonderful energy.
Much Love
( btw ...glad you likey :-) )

Karen-Pallas said...

I feel the same about the beautiful flowering you.
Heart hugs
Yep, me likey :-)