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Friday, 8 June 2012

Further codes downloaded

Yesterday I had a code downloading session with the twins. See my blogs in March for more information - Downloading codes and Further Downloads and Activations.

The format was different this time and I think, personally, that they have achieved a very good way of doing the download. It certainly hit home more powerfully.

We had agreed a time that the code activation would commence. They asked that I be in a meditative state and once the session was over, I would get a summary via email of what codes they’d been pulsed by my guides to download into my body.

I am very grateful to both of them as they spent a lot of time with me afterward chatting about the session. Like everyone else at the moment, I am kinda feeling at a loose end and whilst I ‘know’ this is all part of the process…I still feel as though I should be doing something but I am not sure what.

The instant the twins connected I could feel it right into the very depths of my being. They cleared my chakras so that the codes could be downloaded effectively. I spent an hour in deep meditation so much of what I am writing now is a bit of a jumble. As you know when in this state everything overlaps and all seems to be happening at once so it is difficult to create a timeline.

The elemental energy was super strong. In fact so tangible I could actually touch the fairies around me. I have always been surrounded by fairies (see some of my blogs from September last year in which they featured strongly). But this time (and still today) they are stronger in form and my mental connection to them deeper. I found out later, once I’d received the summary that one of the codes downloaded was Elemental Balancing and Grounding.

Release of Limiting Mental Thought Constructs and LOVE are both self explanatory. We all suffer in varying degrees from lack of self love and as for limiting mental constructs …need I say more?

The ding dong of whammies were the Twin Empowerment Code (obvious why hubby and I have received this) and the Golden DNA Activation and the Connection to higher states of awareness and star system outreach.

This last code is not available to everyone – and I quote the summary -  Note:  this is only extended to Evolved star races that act as responsible citizens of the cosmos.  This code is NOT for connections to the dead, or other alien races that seek to lower the vibrational frequency of this planet or any of its inhabitants in any way.  This is why this code is ONLY released into those who are secure on their path of enlightenment and not for use on the newly awakened who do not yet have a full grasp on discernment.

They also cut a few ties of old relationships that were still leeching off my energy, which surprised me cos I thought I was fully in charge, but obviously not :-)

What I do remember distinctly is the following two sets of wording:

‘slumbering giant’ and ‘time to say goodbye’.

I had a very restless night last night and woke several times with a hot pounding head and a stiff neck - sure signs of things working their way out of my body. I still have a headache today which I suspect is a combination of the Venus transit, the coding downloads, the gusting winds and pouring rain outside, lack of sleep and the changes I am experiencing from all of these cleansings.

When I woke I was surprised to find my body in the most beautiful cocoon of healing. I could feel it working its way inside me, soothing all those bits of me that were agitated by the changes going on.

I then ‘saw’ myself standing in a green column of light. The word ‘truth’ jumped out at me and so I can only assume that this is the ray of truth I was being bathed in. It was very uplifting.

A while later I realised I was standing on an open flower surrounded by many beams of light coming off the flower petals that were moving up to cup me…which seems so appropriate considering my love of plants.

What I do understand from the activations is that my connection to the Earth is now far stronger and deeper than it has been.

There is so much more that I am unable to capture in words. I feel I need to be with this experience for a while before I can actually set it down on paper. But I know that something deeply profound has and is happening.

My grateful and heartfelt thanks to the twin-flames, Angaela and Martin…you two are a blessing to the world. They are in the process of building their website Twin Empowerment. If anyone would like a session with them please contact them on the following email address twinempowerment@gmail.com. During the session they will connect with your guides who then let them know which codes are needed. As far as I know they currently have 22 codes...it might be more as they are constantly being given/remembering new ones.

We all need support and help, it doesn’t matter who it is. We are not ‘islands alone’…each one of us contributing to the changes…and sometimes we need help or the perspective of a third party because we cannot ‘see’ everything that needs to be seen. Many lightworkers have difficulty asking for assistance because we believe we should 'know'..., thus placing more pressure on ourselves than is neccesary.

P.S. Due to some enquiries, I received confirmation from Angaela and Martin of their charges. Normally US$300 - they currently have a special of US$150 per session. Six codes are usually downloaded per one hour session.


heartlightdg said...

Yes. Exactly. I thought I should be able to figure this out on my own and didn't want to ask for help or even know who to ask. But having done that, I am grateful for the third party help who can be more objective than I am about me and see what I don't! I don't know these twins you speak of but I am going to go check it out.
How cool what you are able to see and do now. I am happy for you! (And for us!)

Karen-Pallas said...

'Us' in every way...as we do more work on ourselves...we are assisting and supporting the collective to change too.
Happy days :-)!!