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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Effortless living on the horizon

I am taking advantage of the brief spell of tepid sunshine and am sitting outside in my garden…first time in absolute days…after a week of howling winds and pouring rain.

Deep seated cleansing sure going on here.

Hubby has a snazzy new camera and is busy jaunting around the garden taking pics.

I had an awesome reading with Lisa yesterday. I figure I had to wait for the transit, codes download and my own personal place to be for this to happen.

The most amazing insight that came from this is that we are poised on the edge of effortless living. Such fabulous confirmation for me.

I am busy working on the sacral and solar plexus with kundalini yoga, dancing and pilates lessons – which came through in the scene of me gliding around a huge ‘bad ass’ (Lisa’s words :-)) ball of sun energy of orange and yellow. Once I am out the other side, I will lift my vibration by climbing the plaited red and white ‘rope’ (which is not necessarily a rope).

We puzzled over the plait - as Lisa could only see the red and white strand but not the third strand.

She then mentioned that the platform we will be climbing up to is transparent but solid. It is a new level of living that we will reach. She wasn’t sure what was going on as it was blank but she could see that my feet knew exactly where to go. The energy from the platform was coming in through my feet and up into my body.

As she was talking it suddenly struck me that it is us moving forward into our new way of life where we will live without any effort on our part. I explained this and as I was explaining it I could feel it hit deep into the core of myself – resonating. Yes!!

Excitedly we talked about how in the old way it comes in through the head and all our crap which sort of dilutes it and manifests as not so perfect. As the energy is moving in through our feet effortlessly it will hit our heart centre first before the head. The mind is simply here to help us work with the body – not to be in charge and in this way – the mind is not going to be involved in any other way.

We will simply BE in the moment without the mind jumping in to create doubt or imperfection.

As we clear the sacral (creating) and solar plexus (will) it will be easier to negotiate this new world.

So the plait represents the intertwining of spirit/crown chakra (white) and physical/root chakra (red) with the third strand that she couldn't see which is the magnetic resonance that is our life.

Once we have reached the platform which is transparent but solid and far wider than the tightrope and it is capable of holding us without us having to balance precariously – life will be moving toward effortlessness. 

When we reach this level each step we take will be an effortless manifestation of our heart’s desire.

I asked her about hubby and she could see him in a separate place. Turns out we are both skating on diferent sections of a figure of eight of sun energy. He is on one side and I am on the other, both of us dealing with different things and when the time is right (hopefully towards end of June) and the issues are dealt with we will come together in the middle of the figure of eight and climb the rope.

We both agree that despite the intensity of these days…it is so much easier than it was previously.

Haha…tell that to my body – it might disagree  :-)

We had a fabulous and very excited chat about this new phase facing us…thank you, Lisa.

When we finished I found that I was so restless and kept aimlessly walking up and down stairs, wandering in and out the house. Eventually I sat in the garden, even though it was cold, hoping that the elementals and nature would help me to settle. When I finally quietened the excitement I felt – I realised that the pure joy of what was facing us was making me as restless as the excitement.

Sitting with it for a while then brought up a feeling of wanting to cry…so I dashed inside and had a bath where I could freely let go. It was tears of happiness…and relief. Finally after all these lifetimes of everything negative that could be thrown at us and all our hard work of clearing and coming back into balance…we are on the verge of what we have been working towards.

I must admit that there are times when I have thought I am possibly crazy believing all this stuff…and yet I still continue. My reward is around the corner – YIPPEE!!!!

Lisa may have more insights into what it all means as she had two more readings yesterday, so I wait with anticipation to see what happened.

Oh yeah…I did the Eye of Horus again this moring, as we couldn’t figure out the deeper significance of the red and white colours which she knew was in the meditation…we couldn’t remember anything about what the guardians said about the red and white.

Here is the bit about the red and white - 
The red is the pure energy of the new earth and your root chakra is in complete alignment with its frequency. This is a magnetic resonance within this new enhanced red molecule that is now part of your blood. As the earth accelerates…so will you naturally.
Above you is a milky white circle of energy - the eye of Horus - a place where limitation cannot and does not exist. A place of fluid creation aligned purely with the heart of love.

At the moment I'm walking on sunshine :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow ... that is exciting!
The red and white thing is funny ... as the Beltane festival here uses red and white and I was only recently telling our daughter that those colours correspond to ovulation ... as there is this whole `virgin queen'thing who is picked around the time of her first ovulation.
This is all part of icky ritualistic energy in that particular case ... however with that reading possibly the red and white is about creation.
A thought ...
I am getting very tempted to give Lisa a ring myself ... I love her energy and feel like I have know her forever.
Thanks so much for sharing your experience and inspiring us all.

Psychogenesis said...

Your words ALWAYS make me smile! Much love and light!!!!!


Karen-Pallas said...

It is my pleasure...woohoo :-)

What I have realised…which is now resonating deeply within my body…is that nothing in our world is actually negative. It is the emotions within us that give it a negative slant.

The Beltane festival is a celebration of creation. It is a celebration of the newly fledged abilities of the young feminine (who was androgynous as a child) - coming into her power to create.

Our world has distorted this but it is up to us to stop viewing it as negative and to really feel the true essence of it and bring this to the fore...and in doing so we create a new matrix for the rest to follow.

Hearty hugs from me to you.

Karen-Pallas said...

Smoochers and hugs from a smiley me, you beautiful soul :-)

Anonymous said...

There is another agenda playing out here on earth... which has been playing out for some time.
This particular `Beltane' festival is not the celebration of the young feminine at all Karen ..not in this case and in this particular place. I am here and I have experienced it first hand. The energy is not about that at all.
There are many energies at play here ... I am viewing it with my feelings of the energy not my emotions and I know what I feel. It is not a case of seeing what others tell me.. following the herd .. or feeling that if I tell myself it is all light filled then it is. I am feeling the essence of what is underneath... very much like all those other rituals which have also been played out across Britain recently.
Being able to view these rituals for what they are is not being `negative' is about exposing the lie and shedding much needed Light of truth. Being determined not to see or feel the undercurrents of energy is simply feeding the lie and feeding the 3D matrix.
It is by feeding rituals such as these and many others which are going on around Britain at the moment that our power is given away.
Creating a new way is by not giving away our energy and power to the old regimes and their rituals.
Beltane is originally a pagan fire festival .. it is not about selecting a young girl in front of her peers and causing separation and elitism in a small town. This festival has been taken away from its true form like so many of the ancient ways. it is also performed on an energy site using the energies of young virgins.
My energy is here to restore the balance.
Anyway .. I can see that we are in different places at the moment.

Much Love

Karen-Pallas said...

Indeed we are in different places and have been for a while...but that is okay.
Much love to you on your path

heartlightdg said...

I love Lisa. And yes, she feels like a friend I have known forever. Whenever I speak to her, whether we have a reading or not, I am uplifted and excited and smiling when I hang up. If we get to do a reading, the images are amazing and stay with me as I let them sink in and understanding comes.
What a wonderful session you had with her! I love that she saw your hubby working on his own stuff but coming back to center to join you as it seems like you two have been doing that very thing, working separately but together. (side note...she saw mine hiding in a closet in the dark with the door shut. Energy was firmly not changing. And that's fine, it's his path, not mine.) It does make me happy to see other couples able to move forward and be together. And I am very happy for you! All our hard work is definitely paying off.

It sounds like I should do the Eye of Horus again, been awhile! I have grown so much since last time, it would be a different experience for sure.

Hugs and blessings my friend,

Iris of Peace said...

Hello Lovie KP...
Awesome reading with Lisa is right... I always feel wonderful after she shares her gift. I am having a reading myself tomorrow am first thing!
I think I shall to do the Eye of Horus hypnosis again as well! It has been a few months for me (although I fell asleep to the recording for 2 solid weeks right after she did it) and I too feel Dorothy how much I have grown, expanded and healed in that time. Hmmm... Lovely.
Thank you beautiful KP - so nice to BE with you... :)
hugs my dear xoxoxox - jen <3

Anonymous said...

Hugs of love until our paths meet up again.

Love to you sis .. and thank you.


Karen-Pallas said...

Thank you, Dorothy
I did find I got more from the Eye of Horus the second time round and went a lot deeper.
Actually...now that I think about it I seem to have been in a meditative state constantly over the last three days!!
Loving hugs, hun

Karen-Pallas said...

:-) Hi Jen
Hope the reading was a great one this morning...umm or maybe you've not had it yet...slightly confusing the time differences...
Lisa does indeed have a wonderful healing energy to her.
Hugs n love

Karen-Pallas said...

I'll be waving to you...heart open and ready