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What I share about my life is simply to help reinforce the understanding that it is possible to live with love and laughter, in between the tough times.

Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

Be the dream.

We honour the light and the life within you.

Please be aware - I upload other bloggers' posts and then delete after a month. This is my journey and others help me understand where I am, until they become irrelevant (a few posts excepted).

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Open and vulnerable

Last week, whilst walking along the beach at twilight, we came across a very large dead jellyfish in the shallows buffeted by the small waves. I've seen little blue bottles washed up on the beaches but never a jellyfish of this size - you'd be hard pressed to hold it with both hands without it spilling over the sides. It was opaque/white with purple edges.

Because it was so unusual, I figured that there was some kind of message, so I looked it up.

"Jellyfish: The transparency of the jellyfish teaches the inner source within each of us. We have an enormous amount of power within us to draw upon. We can turn on the light even in the depths of darkness through the wisdom the jellyfish. It often shows up just when you believe there is no hope left.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Arles, France

In the shade of a fig tree in the Theatre Antique

Yeeks, man...feeling rather rough- or maybe not rough - more tired than anything. A night of chills and heat, that feeling of not being able to bear having even a sheet covering my body even when cold, together with a banging headache. And constant dreaming, very weird dreams when I did sleep. And this morning my little netbook was struggling. Sure sign that there has been an upgrade in energy.

Arles, France photos

Arles - "The city has a long history, and was of considerable importance in the Roman province of Gallia Narbonensis. The Roman and Romanesque Monuments of Arles were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1981. The Dutch post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh lived in Arles in 1888–1889 and produced over 300 paintings and drawings during his time there. An international photography festival has been held in the city since 1970."

This ancient city in the Camargue delta of the Rhone River, has a rich history that stretches back two thousand years.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Vibrant soothing calm and peaceful...and some irritation!

Here we are in France once again, six months after the last visit. Lately each time we come here on holiday, the energy is different...although the change feels radically different, I can't quite pinpoint exactly what is different...or if it is merely me that has changed...maybe a bit of both.

I have so much to say about what I experience each time I get here...but I have no idea where to start or how to explain them. The natural beauty surrounds, soothes, brings pleasure and joy...and sometimes irritates me. I assume that too much happiness gets to those bits of me that aren't feeling joyful and nudges them into reacting.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

An unexpected exchange of love

River running through the sanctuary

We walked around the Sevenoaks Wildlife Sanctuary on Sunday, and stumbled across a young rabbit that did not seem concerned that we were there.

It carried on munching on some leaves before turning around to face and cautiously hop toward me.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The faceted diamond

This [bottle] is about lifting yourself up even higher, loving yourself more completely, trusting your own guidance totally and taking all the steps you need to become who you came to Earth to BE!
This clear uplifting Diamond energy will support you and assist you to birth the 'real' you!
We are the pioneers, we are the way showers, no matter where you find yourself right now, or what your past has been....All of that was just a distraction and a learning period.
Step forward and take a very serious look behind your eyes and see yourself, really see yourself......
Go deep, into the oceans of your past and into your cosmic heart...Awake dear maidens awake...time speeds, yet life feels slow, delayed...patience and alertness needed.
Let life wash over you, but stand tall and strong. Align to the vision and purpose of the higher self and achieve through concentration of will.
Expand your capacity to love, be tender, compassion, tolerant and fearless. 

The DIAMOND DOLPHIN CODES will show you the way......Celia Fenn / Colour Matrix Essences

The above words and picture is something I saw on Facebook this morning and so falls into place with the homeopathic remedy that I am taking to help with change - (Adamas or Diamond Dust). My attention has been drawn to diamonds quite regularly lately.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


I am not gonna lie and say I was very masterful of my energy on Thursday night...because I wasn't. I was so far off being a master that it was/is excruciating for me to admit it to myself, let alone others.

It had absolutely nothing to do with the 'newbie' that my colleague has an issue with. Nothing at all to do with her...it's all my own stuff that came up.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

One of us

The theme of being a 'saviour' is taking me deeper and deeper each day, as lesson upon lesson and understanding upon understanding knocks into me. I kinda feel like a drunk person as I stagger from one experience to another whilst walking down the road of my life - first hit by the experience and then later by the understanding - only to be hit by another and another...and so the theme continues...each layer stripped away and exposing the next. States of being and doing that I have not noticed before to the extent that I am noticing it now.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Rising up to meet the challenge

We hold, in our hands, the potential for happiness and love. 
It is up to us to find it with-in the maelstrom of emotional signs we place along the way.

Have you ever noticed that when you get ready to make a big change in your life, everything seems to fall apart or life can suddenly get harder? It's a healing crisis which isn't a crisis in healing, it's a crisis in transformation. At the point where we are getting ready to step off of the cliff of disbelief and soar into the empty space of our potential (which is only empty because we haven't filled it yet), every fear from every past failure (or what we believe are failures) rises up to remind us that we 'can't', we night fall, or crash and burn. - Jennifer Hoffman 26 August 2013

Sunday 01.09.2013 - Hell man, these words would perfectly sum up the past week. I have been through many healing crises in my life, and have just gone through another one. I remember thinking to myself a few weeks ago, that if I am ready to move into the next phase, let me do so. And BAM! healing crisis...just to let me know this request was heard...and the change is happening!