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What I share about my life is simply to help reinforce the understanding that it is possible to live with love and laughter, in between the tough times.

Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

Be the dream.

We honour the light and the life within you.

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Old friends 'appearing'

I sat in the sunshine this morning to do a bit of examining of my auric field and body. There is a constant buzzing throughout my body as the work progresses. Tomorrow we are working on my heart chakra…very significant because I am in contact with patients for 8 hours during the day.

My main guide is from the plant Sirius…oops I wrote ‘plant’ instead of planet. He found that funny and I was subjected to all versions of plants as a planet.

He is a lunatic of laughter. He wasn’t when I first met him in 1996. In those days he was serious mainly because I was very serious.

I remember one occasion asking him who he really was and he turned into an evil looking dude with a long pointed hat with moving red and gold runes on it. He laughed a creepy laugh and then asked me ‘who do you want me to be?’ That only happened when I learnt to lighten up. If he’d done it before I probably would have dived for cover, a gibbering wreck.

Every so often I see my gatekeeper Hephestemon watching him with a glint in his eye, which makes me grin as he can be very serious…suppose he has to be as he has his work cut out keeping me safe. I’m surprised he is still sane.

Since yesterday my guide made me laugh by wearing a big white suit covering him from head to toe and put up a sign saying ‘Beware hazardous materials’ – it must be about all the poop coming out. Every so often he takes off the head covering and wipes the sweat from his face while moaning that he is being worked too hard by me after his fabulous holiday of laying back and doing nothing.

At one stage today he was welding. Goodness knows what he was welding…didn’t bother to ask. He’ll probably give me some weird answer. Later I found him like some beefed up weightlifter in a tiny red speedo flexing his muscles in some silly dance.

He does make me laugh. Suppose he has to at times.

And to think I’d forgotten all about my unseen team...and the fairies...

Whilst sitting enjoying the warm sunshine I became aware that I was starting to pick up signals from all around me. I’ve been able to do this before but now it is far stronger and clearer. I could feel each flower, insect, and…

Nonki and Anka were standing quietly next to me. These are the two unicorns who made their appearance last year. Pearly white Nonki and black with pink hooves, Anka.

I'd first noticed my kitties sitting in front of the bay tree in a trance in spring last year. Finally on investigation I found that a portal had opened there and stepping through it were the unicorns. My kitties still pay homage to the bay tree portal regularly. It has become a standing joke in our home about this.

Nonki touched my third eye with his horn and sent something in to it. He said that it would ‘open’ once the clearing of my third eye had been done and I would find out what it was.

It has been a wonderful day of lazing around in the sun alternating with the shade and simply BEing in nature in my garden. At one stage I was staring at the sky and noticed a large predator bird flying high in the sky on the thermals. While I watched the lazy circling I noticed a second join it…and then they disappeared. I searched for them wondering how they’d simply disappeared…poof…gone.

It dawned on me as I was searching that I could see the white negative ions dancing around in the sky. Wow, that really made me concentrate, as I’ve never seen them so prolific here in UK. These little ions make us feel good as they charge the air around us. You know like when you have an electric thunderstorm…afterwards you can feel the air positively dancing.

But this is not a buzzy ‘I’m alive’ dance…this is gentle and sweet and very warm and embracing. Beautiful.

Yesterday as I was brushing my hair in the bathroom by the window, a bird flew into it. I glanced outside to see a female blackbird flying away…it happened again today as I was hanging out the washing…at the same window upstairs.

Then I was lying down staring up at the sky when an insect of some kind flew into my ear, buzzed around and then flew out. It happened yesterday too.

Today I have had spiders crawling all over me wherever I sat…mainly little ones…happened yesterday too.

Looking up into the sky I see a whole family of swallows, diving, dipping, coming together and parting. After watching them for a while I turned to look at the rose creeper hedge next to me that runs along the whole side fence. In amongst the branches I see bees, a few spiders dropping down, two blue tits, some ladybirds, etc. all busy about their day.

So I asked Mother Nature to tell me why she was trying to get my attention.

Haha…no message…simply a request that I BE…which I did, as I fell asleep on the grass in the shade.
She is right…insects, birds, bees and animals don’t question where the next meal is coming from, they don’t worry about anything, except BEing.

Lovely message of peace being surrounded by Mother Nature and her entourage of flowers, insects, birds, animals and the elementals, a calm place during the grand sweeping away of that which no longer serves making space for the new.

I think we all understand the feeling of late of going backwards and forwards, wavering between decisions, going back again to look at something and then being flung forward to look where we are going.

A bit like a rollercoaster that is constantly snaking and doing 180 degree turns to take you back to what you’ve had a look at…only to see it from a different angle. Some of us might be suffering from whiplash! You have an epiphany only to realise that that epiphany is already old before you’ve even had a chance to say ‘oh’.

Then there is the understanding that we are being shaken (not stirred :-)) in a large cocktail shaker…and shaken so hard that all the ‘stuff’ that is hanging on has no choice but to fall off.

We are so disorientated we don’t have time to formulate an idea of what is going on…we simply have to go with the flow.

And to be sure…this is going to frighten the heck out of a lot of people who are trying to hang on to the old…not wanting to go with the flow of change. There are those who are embracing the change wholeheartedly and going with the flow of changes, forging ahead regardless of others trying to keep them where they feel they should be.

But despite the intense purging and the alternating between yaying and crying…there is a method within the madness of which I get the odd glimpse, but don't ask me to put it into words...yet.

Hehe...when I asked hubby what his day was like he said, 'Like a whore's knickers.'
'Up and down', he explained.
Gotta love the man's sense of humour.


Iris of Peace said...

heheheee... that's a new one. :)
Just popped in myself from loving and gardening. Came in for a quick cool down and a drink of water. And read a lovely blog from you... :) OK, back out with all the critters!
Hugs sweetheart - Happy Beautiful Solstice! <3 jen

Dorothy said...

Oh this is wonderful. So happy for you. To have that kind of contact with all of life sounds amazing. This is my dream and has been for ages. I love reading how it is true for someone else, gives me more dreams....

Your hubby is hilarious. Gotta remember that one lol.

Karen-Pallas said...

Thanks Jen...hope your solstice was beautiful too.
Happy hugs and much love

Karen-Pallas said...

Thank you, Dorothy.
Your dreams are your contact...