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Monday, 18 June 2012

It's a relief

I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is that hubby’s walk-in story is now out. I can blog about the changes going on instead of bottling it up inside…and I hate not being transparent.

So on to hubby and I….

In spite of the fact that this wonderful spirit now inhabits hubby’s body…he is struggling with changing how the body reacts to certain situations. You know…it doesn’t matter who the spirit is…this veil is very difficult to live behind.

On the up side…or maybe not depending how you view it…he can read energy as well as I can. He will look at an object and know what has happened without me telling him.

Now you could say that I am surprised and the ego part of me could be going…’well that’s not right. You simply walk in and can do things and I’ve been working hard for years toward this’.

But you know what…I am so happy for him…it makes me grin from ear to ear. So instead of him walking way behind me...me dragging him along… he is now striding next to me.

As we move into this new experience of what he can and can’t do…it is a time of exploration and understanding. The funny thing is hubby doesn’t notice he can do these things…it’s as though he has always done it. I’m the one taking notice.

Yesterday I gave our son £10 from a clump of notes that were lying on the bed. I never mentioned it to hubby, and he'd not been anywhere near us, but a short while later he asked why I’d given him £10. My brain kinda went ‘what?’ I stared at him for a brief while…my brain fumbling about for explanations until I asked him how he knew. He said he looked at the batch of notes and knew what had happened and all I'd done was simply lift a note on the top and give it to our son. I hadn't disturbed the notes or picked them up. I didn't quite believe him and asked if he'd counted the notes. He said he hadn't...he'd merely looked at them and knew what happened.

Okay...I'll be truthful (I am good at omitting facts on a need to know basis :-)) now that I've been found out...our son asked if he could borrow some money and hubby and I had agreed that we would not do this anymore as he is earning his own money and needs to learn how to budget properly...yeah...I broke down being the softie that I am.

But despite being found out, I did a dance of happiness whilst he stared at me, not quite understanding why I was doing so.

This type of thing has been happening with more and more regularity, so much so that it will become a normal state of BEing. It also means that we have NO SECRETS at all…transparency in every which way possible.

I knew this time was coming but in all honesty did not believe I’d actually live to see or experience it.

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