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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Midwife of love

I have been connected to hubby via his chakras for a long while now. I decided to disconnect only to be told by our team of guides that we shouldn’t. Eh?

They showed me how the two of us in the past had been connected by our relationship…but these days slowly but surely our relationship is not the separate entity it was but becoming us.

I think the best way to explain it is that we are becoming completely united as one entity, even though we are two separate individuals. The relationship has an arm around each of us as we stand on either side of it. It is now bringing us together inside of it, completely embracing us so we fit together perfectly with no seams visible.

Huh? Yeah…I know…I had the same reaction.

I couldn’t quite get my head around the fact that we can in fact be the same entity, as we are two individuals.

Yes, of course, was the answer from the teams, but now your relationship is moving into something new – a change from that of a 3D construct to that of a higher vibrational construct.

Umm…it all made sense when I was deep in meditation…but thinking about the visions and feelings I have no idea how to actually put it down in writing.

I was firstly puzzled about hubby and Aeolus. I’d have thought when we were both sparks of Pallas Athena that we would be from the same soul. I’ve asked the question before but never got an answer, until yesterday.

Athena and Aeolus are the same entity. They are one and have merely split into two for the purposes of incarnating on Earth. Although hubby and I have different contributions to make, learn and understand, we are interconnecting to create a whole. But even so we are becoming complete and whole on our own…and as we do so, joining together as one, we become far greater than we are as individuals. I suppose it is kind of like two powerful rivers coming together and becoming far greater than the sum total.

This is where the very strong telepathy seems to be playing a part. Now that I have cleared myself as much as possible, I find that our connection goes a lot deeper.

I don’t know if this will be so for everyone. We have come together as a couple for a purpose and in order to accomplish our purpose this is the way it needs to be. I don’t mind at all…hubby is my best friend and lover. He is the one that I trust completely and utterly with everything.

Everything that I do, he does. Which means that when I work with people, so does he…and vice versa.

But at the moment hubby is incubating or gestating that new portion of himself…the true feminine aspect. I can see it curled up inside his heart like a foetus. He is focused inward like a pregnant mother would be when she is communicating with her baby.

I am the midwife giving him love and support through the process.

From what they tell me this is something happening worldwide.

Last night I wandered into work after a walk through the gorgeous park…to find myself confronted by a stranger dressed in scrubs. He introduced himself as the ‘locum’. Jeepers, man…I’d forgotten that he was now helping out 4 nights a week because of the backlog.

I’d heard from some of the techs that he was not a pleasant person to work with…he sort of took over the place, got in the way and subjected them to his movies and loud jazz and complained that they weren’t much fun...but by far the biggest beef was that he didn’t help out much.

Still…I had no preconceived ideas until I’d seen for myself. What did I find? A rather pleasant young chap, who is very insecure and uncertain and all the bluster was a front. Kindness and respect did the trick and he offered to help clear up in the morning. So I don't know how much of the problems were simply energy clashes.

Erk…although at one stage he disappeared to McDonalds whilst I was busy wiring up a patient and walked in the door with that horrible stench. Yuck…but the sweetie had bought my colleage and I some shakes and a packet of spare chips. I had to turn him down.

We nattered when we got a chance about EEGs as he has studied neuro physics and his speciality is EEGs. As I was walking home this morning, I was thinking about it and had an AHA moment.

When I had the session with Angel on Monday we discussed talking to the neurologist consultant about learning a bit more about EEGs but I was a bit hesitant and wasn’t quite sure how this would work cos I never really see him.

The AHA was that it was possibly not the consultant but the ‘locum’ whose brain I had to pick…and here he was in perfect synchronistic timing in answer to my request to the Universe. This young man has been working on and off with everyone else in the unit except me…until last night :-) Ah such perfection!

Which brings me to the discussion Angel and I had about divine timing. These days it seems ever so more at the forefront. What was relevant yesterday is not relevant today and we are being taught to be flexible and go with the flow as things could change within minutes of a decision.

I’ve never really been one to take much notice of planetary dates or solstice dates. And yet this year every time something has happened like an eclipse or equinox or solstice, I have had a day off because of someone wanting to swap a night or for example the Diamond Jubilee when the unit closed for the weekend otherwise I would have been at work.

Amazing isn’t it, that our unseen teams can do this without us asking them…so imagine what they can do when we do ask!!!

Lightworkers are becoming the midwives of love.

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