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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Stargates of the body

It has dawned on me more and more that my deep love of meditation over the years has had a very good reason.

As hubby and I go deeper into the sacred union we find that meditation plays a greater and greater role in helping us to achieve the depths of bliss that are needed to anchor and reinforce the beautiful energy of the new loving/sexual matrix.

The body plays a very important part in this whole thing, but it is no more important than the mind or the spirit/soul. All three are needed.

In reality the body is not a dense physicality. It is made up of atoms and energy exactly in the same way that the mind and the spirit is. It is kind of like looking at a solid such as ice, a liquid such as water and a gas such as mist.

Actually the same thing, just in different forms.

I believe that we are science, art and music. Our minds are the science, our bodies the art and our souls/spirits the music. Hand in hand they are us.

So when hubby and I make love we are making love with all three forms. And the glue that seems to keep them all together in sync is the meditation.

For me meditation has been the door to unlocking my abilities. It is through my daydreaming, visualisation and meditation that I have come to know and understand how my body and energy works, etc.

It is the playground within which I have been able to ‘attempt’ whatever I want and there are no limitations. How can there be limitations when we are in a place that allows us to be or do what we want?

My mind gives me visions in my meditations, to which my emotions respond and this takes me where I need to be to understand certain things. I allow the flow and go with wherever I am taken.

My very first incarnate mentor, Vernon, always said that it doesn’t matter what your mind gives you, go with it because there is a reason. Never pooh-pooh anything. Allow it all. And I did.

Armed with this very good advice I have used meditation to take me to a peaceful place, or dig deep within my psyche for answers, or give me a visual as to what is happening with-in my body, etc.

Another thing Vernon told me was never doubt anything you get. Practice practice practice. What I used to do on the way in to work on the train was close my eyes and tune into the person sitting opposite me and allow information to come to me. I never knew if any of it was true, but that didn’t matter because it was practicing. I continued doing this all the time, practicing and even if things I got seemed strange, I allowed it. It helped me grow in confidence.

Eventually I came to discern what was me getting in the way and what was the ‘real’ thing. But none of this is possible without practice.

We all have different ways of learning. It was/is the perfect tool for me. I love meditation and always have done so since I was first introduced to it.

Now back to hubby and I and sacred union.

Meditation helps us to be in the same space and thus allows us to integrate fully with each other in both body mind and spirit. The sacred union occurs when ALL of us is in this space. It is a harmonious coming together of every part of us.

The bliss that this creates is very orgasmic.

Believe me it isn’t always possible to achieve this state. There are times when my mind…or hubby’s mind is working overtime and so one of us not quite in the same place. But that is okay…it is all part of the learning and understanding. Mistakes help us understand.

There are also times when neither of us feels like entering this state of bliss, because it can be too intense. And that is okay as well. Baby steps…sometimes two forward and one sideways.

If we’d reached a state of perfection, neither of us would be here, would we?

Sometimes it is fun…other times not so much.

But you know…I have come to the conclusion that though my heart is very, very important, all parts of our body are just as important. I have one particular area that has a greater focus of energy during lovemaking - the belly button. This is where we connect to our mothers via the umbilical cord…and these days it seems that this is the area where I connect the strongest to Source. It is at the central core of my body. When hubby is in the right space he can activate this stargate by running his highly vibrating open palmed hand over it, I find myself being catapulted into bliss with all kinds of sensations and visions.

But until I was emotionally capable of having this stargate activated, I could not allow anyone near it, let alone touch it. I protected it with a vengeance but did not understand why I had such a protective streak about it. Inside this protected and closed stargate were the glyphs and codes needed for this time of change.

Even these days since it has been activated, if we are not vibrating at the higher level, it will irritate me and I won’t want my navel to be touched. So I know from my body at what level I am vibrating. In fact this is the case with the whole of my body because this is not the only place that there are stargates. The whole body is covered in them and all of them have glyphs and codes within them that help the body reach certain states. The body is like musical instrument and the musician playing the instrument becomes a master as he/she practices :-)

We all have these stargates. In the 3D world we have played with these stargates on the body without understanding what they truly are/were about, but because we are/were vibrating as a lower and denser frequency, they remained closed and covered in gunk. It is only now that we are coming to the realisation of what a gift the body is and as we do so the body is unfurling and giving up its secrets giving us the gateway to bliss.


Dorothy said...

wow interesting...I have been wondering off and on for years why I cannot bear to have my ears and neck breathed on or kissed...it sends goosebumps all over me (not in a good way) and I always have automatically dodged and clamped my hands over it. Not sure if that is the reason but it's interesting to think it might be...or perhaps it's another one lol, past life or something.
Meditation..I love doing it and took me forever to accept that the visuals I got where not something "I made up" and actually were given for a reason. Still working on having more time to do it though so I can get better at it!

Karen-Pallas said...

Hmm...maybe a combination of both past life and protection?
Very exciting to imagine what is waiting to unfurl in you.