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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Mojo is back

Man alive…I’s gots me mojo back.

Ya remember those days when I used to blog constantly, so much so that I mighta outblogged myself.

Yeah man…I’m back and things are winging at a fast pace through my life. Feel like I’m teetering on some rather unstable rollerblades heading down a hill in San Francisco!

I wrote a blog in July last year called Que? after receiving some info from Athena about my future. I remembered it because of my email exchange this afternoon. I went back to LW to have a look at the PM that Gabriela sent me telling me that I’d be doing little seminars at first before it burgeoned into full blown workshops…and writing books. Thank you, Gabriela, sweetheart for that reminder.

I’d put this out of my mind with all the rush happening and the excitement of our holiday and the realisation about the sacred union travelling…until today.

My Australian friend sent me an email asking if I would do a talk at her local healing centre that her friend owns. They’d asked me this before when I started making noises about visiting Oz a while ago after my daughter started her gap year there. Okay…it wasn’t years ago…probably a year and half ago or so.

As I am definitely going to be in Sydney a certain time she suggests that I do it then. My mind went ‘What? Um…maybe. But what the heck do I talk about? I’m not selling a book or promoting a way of life.’

Possibly relationships…I seem to be quite good at that…but who am I to know what people need to hear. Can you hear the panic in my voice?

Well I meditated on it and yeah you guessed it…it is the start of the flood.

And yeah…I know…Athena in her wisdom will provide what is needed. I’ve decided to let it go and it will unfold naturally.

I’ve spent the afternoon meditating as I cooked…ever tried that? It is an experience in itself…but as you know all life should be a meditation whether cooking or sitting still or washing up. My heart was so open that I was crying as I cooked…the depth of my love for all is very deep, some connections stronger than others, but still there. This is a real vooma of a stage I’m in.

Being connected to Mother Earth, I’m connected to all.

The start of it was the incident with the man in the post office this morning. Since then my heart has been so wide open that I’m finding myself wanting to hug everyone. Not in a noisy invasive way.

No…not me…I’m more conservative and will love you and you and you, whether you want it or not…long distance or close up. I don’t necessarily have to say anything or touch you…I will simply be there holding you in love.

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