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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Is community living possible for me?

A friend who lives in Menton is arriving tonight to stay a few days with us. She is leaving on Friday for a three month cruise around South America.
It’s an amazing story of manifestation…she said that mid year last year she sent up a plea for a nice long holiday as she’d not had one for nigh on three years and was in desperate need of a break.

Whilst speaking to our mutual homeopath who is a very good friend of hers, this lady asked her ‘out of the blue’ if she’d like to accompany her on a three month cruise. It turns out that she’d invested some money and had made a nice lump sum so was taking some time out and treating herself to this holiday. 

What I didn’t know was that she’d recently split from her husband and this is a new start for her. By the by, she is an amazing homeopath and she still treats my daughter long distance in Oz when she needs it.

Anyway my friend was over the moon because it turns out that the price was the same whether one person or two went – don’t ask me how that works but this is what she said. All my friend had to sort out was her own spending money.

Just before I left for a twilight shift last night, hubby studied me as I was getting ready and said, ‘You’re not looking forward to this are you?’
Hah…man knows me better than I know myself…and he can be very perceptive when I don’t want him to be J

It is not that I don’t want to see her…I do. I love her dearly and we get on like a house on fire. When she lived here in EG we used to meet up regularly. It is fabulous speaking to her because I can bounce ideas off her and she doesn’t think of me as kooky or weird and we talk about the strangest of things.

But…I have a heavy week of work...and in between trying to juggle sleeping after a few night shifts and spending time with her...I'm going to be really tired...and worried that she has come all the way to visit me...and not see much of me.
I'm beginning to I think I’ve become very selfish over the years. I don’t really enjoy having anyone in my house for a long while…it throws me off balance. I don’t mind my kids’ friends staying (goodness knows we have enough of that) but if I have to entertain for too long…it makes me feel uncomfortable. If my nephew and his fiancĂ© visit for morre than a night, I start to get restless.
I dunno how this will fit in with community living…I like my space to retreat to when I can. I suppose with community living in 5D we won't be living in each other's pockets and privacy will be respected. I gotta get my head around it, though.

The first five years in the UK we lived in London and it seemed as though the world and its friends said ‘yay, a free house to stay at in London’ cos for years people traipsed in and out of our home using it as a base. We even had a friend stay for three months when she and her husband (then fiancĂ©) moved from Iceland to London. Don’t get me wrong – I loved it. It gave me a taste of home, cos I was missing the camaraderie and closeness of an extended family and friends.

Then we moved to the country and the visits stopped, except for on the odd occasion my brother stayed with us and every year regularly my stepdad and mom came over for 5 months. This stopped two years ago when my stepdad became too ill to travel.

My dear friend is a real live wire, very exuberant…the total opposite of me, although we are both Aquarians. She arrives at 6 this evening and I leave for work just before 8. But I am sure that she and hubby will find much to talk about. They did when we visited her in Menton. She will certainly keep me awake tomorrow J

In her honour I have placed a yellow duvet cover on her bed. It's her favourite colour. Bright and sunny like her, which is great to see as she’s had a difficult time these last few years.

Am I getting more selfish the older I get? I dunno…I suppose I’m getting picky and choosy about how I spend my time and I know I need time alone to replenish and rejuvenate. Maybe I am listening to my body more often than not these days.
Anyways today I am full of the joys of spring and totally in lurve with hubby and life. I’ve taken time out to centre myself so I can fit in all that I need to fit in today.

I suppose the meditation yesterday has done something, cos I do feel different today. I’m more focused and aware, taking pleasure in the smallest of things.

My kitties traipsed downstairs with me this morning to be fed. Our male cat never eats with the female. She always eats first while he sits and waits patiently and when she is finished, he will eat. If she comes back to eat some more he will move away and again will wait until she is finished. Today it struck me that he is being a gentleman. I thought it was so cute…a bit like hubby…this very gentlemanly behaviour is even rubbing off on the cat.

Hugs of happiness to all.

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