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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oh gawd

Oh gawd.

After more than 8 months of talking about getting a spouse visa to remain in Australia, my daughter and her partner seem to have waivered somewhat. He has always had a hankering to go to Canada and now they are discussing whether to use the huge sum of money they have to pay for her visa to rather buy tickets to fly to Canada and get a working holiday visa.

Well now…what a coincidence. I’ve been thinking quite a bit over the last few months about Canada. Don’t ask me why, cos I don’t know. Everywhere I turn I see the word ‘Canada’ on adverts or people talking about it…and now my daughter and her partner have brought it up. An old school friend that I contacted recently…guess what…lives in Canada these days. And then hubby mentioned out of the blue that he would like to live there for 3 months during one summer just to get a feel of the place. What? The last time he said something like that we moved to the UK…


Okay…a month in Australia, two weeks in Spain in the summer and then a month in South Africa at Christmas. Seems a bit hectic, don’t you think? So is it Canada next year, cos I certainly cannot fit it in this year.

I know…I know…this travelling for the sacred union means I will be travelling but heck…I was thinking…hmm…don’t know what I was thinking – maybe that I could sit in my armchair and travel from my lounge. Jetlag and hours spent on a plane sitting cramped in cattle class is not my idea of fun. Where is the space ship that will pick me up and put me down where I need to be without cramping my style?

Do I sound ungrateful? Yeah possibly, but…I’m shocked…I shouldn’t be…but I am. I knew this was going to happen but it is finally sinking home with full force and my mind is freaking out. Take a deep breath and breathe out slowly…drama queen in residence…again.

The next question I ask is this – is my daughter and her partner part of the sacred union? They are talking about travelling the world after spending some time in Canada. They would like to tour the Americas – both north and south before moving on to another continent. I don’t want to put too much on this – they have their own lives to lead and I am happy to honour that.

I suppose I have to wait patiently for the answer.

Now that my son is independent and working full time earning his own money, hubby and I no longer have to be tied to one place. Will he eventually join us when his partner arrives on the scene? The mind boggles.

It seems that on 3 January 2012 the green button that said ‘GO’ has been pressed.

And another thing…this winter has not been so bad as it usually is. We’ve had fabulously mild weather making it seem lighter than usual until December and then it got a bit chilly and dark but that is all. It is getting lighter and the days longer and so far hubby and I have not once had to scrape the ice off the windscreen of the car.

I admit we’ve had very very very howling windy days in between a bit of rain and loads of sunshine, which is very unusual for this gloomy overcast little island. Maybe it is merely our perception but...WOW…are we heading for a temperate climate with short mild dark winters and longer lighter days? Time will tell...but this points to creating our own reality doesn’t it, because this is what I’ve asked for in the past.

And to top it all everywhere is the number 11 and 44 (haha…Mati - you'll be impressed with this) - as are 21 and 12. In the past I’ve not really taken much notice of this – it is simply a fun occurrence. But it is occurring far too regularly to be waved away as simply ‘fun’.

Hehe…I’m now going to have a glass of wine and philosophise drunkenly.


Anonymous said...

Come in KP44 are you receiving...?
How very exciting!
I raise my red wine to you and yours and all who sail in your direction!
Fab times!
Not over and most definitely not out
10 4

Karen-Pallas said...

Receiving you loud and clear...
You there, M11?
Salute, slante, cheers, ching ching
Hmm...a glass or two and I might fall 'over' and be 'out'... :)
Hugs...oops sorry...10 4 good buddy