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Friday, 6 January 2012

Smooth Change Over

Funny how I want change and when it happens I’m all in a tizz and become a drama queen.

We’ve moved into our new ward up at the hospital and of course there are a few teething problems. I’d asked them up there for help to make sure that the transition was smooth and it was/is.

The biggest change for me is the amount of walking I have to do. It will take time to remember where everything is stored. Whilst wiring up patients on Tuesday night I couldn’t remember where half of the stuff was. So as a result I wasn’t my usual efficient self. The patients were very sympathetic…but still…

Yesterday I did the first day clinic in the morning and siesta studies in the afternoon. Wow was that an exercise in tolerance. The builders were there painting and hammering and the office staff were still trying to find their feet. I had to lay down the law when it came to all the admin staff – every one of them was wearing high heels and were clopping up and down the long echoing passageway. Jeepers, made me feel like a killjoy but everyone cheerfully tiptoed around.

Patients were ‘popping in’ to see us, as were staff at the hospital everyone all agog at this new unit. So in between seeing patients I was doing guided tours. Hehe…new career for me?

When we were up at the house the only people who would come in off the street were the patients or delivery people. So this was a bit of a novelty to have people I’ve never met walking around. I even met the woman who collects eye balls for stem cell research. Didn’t know that there was such a job…although on reflection I suppose it makes sense.

In fact, now that I think back on it, it went very well. We shut off the section where the patient rooms were and the builders were in and out of the tech control room building a plinth so I was walking through sawdust and had drills going in the back ground. It was very entertaining, when I got a chance between phoning patients, to hear and enjoy the banter between the builders. They had me snorting into my coffee cup. When I arrived home last night, hubby said I smelt of paint and turps.

I’d been exhausted on Wednesday morning – felt like I’d run a marathon…and I probably had – because I am sure I must have walked about 5 kilometres during the night. So I centred myself on Thursday morning to make sure I would be balanced and requested help to stay in the NOW, fully present and able to get through what I needed to get through despite the chaos around me. Much was thrown at me to sway me, but I kept focused and cheerfully dealt with each thing as it came up.

It worked…I had a fabulous day and did EVERYTHING I set out to do. I’d forgotten about this ability lately. Seems I needed to be reminded.

We have a really great bunch of people in the unit – all very dedicated. Okay there are one or two who aren’t and couldn’t care less as it’s merely a job. But over the Christmas/New Year period when most of us could have been putting our feet up we all climbed in packing and unpacking.

It is very true when they say that leaders should lead from the front. Our new service manager has only been in the job one year and in that year she has brought about all kinds of change. She is a go getter and it is reflected in the motivation of her staff. You cannot motivate your staff if you yourself are not, as evidenced by our previous one.

She is always concerned about her staff and makes an effort to talk to each one of us whenever we are in – her door always open for one-to-one discussions. Last year she employed a go getter manager for the technicians and this too is bringing about huge changes for us.

Hehe…I normally put up signs around the place saying ‘Quiet please. Siestas in progress’. We had a good laugh – looks like the whole unit is sleeping. Think we might have to change it :)

This has been reinforced by a vision I had last night. I saw superimposed over the hospital, a hospital of light which seemed to be hovering slightly above the ground, not quite anchored. It was the last thing I expected to see.

I’ve also noticed over the last few days when I lie in bed at night that I have a strange sensation of a pulsing wave in my head. It is not painful at all but can be a bit annoying. Last night it was quite strong and kept me awake for a long while.

So all in all an unsettling but exhilarating week. The wind has sure been howling lately blowing away the old cobwebs and dust bunnies. Winds of change?

I feel like I am emerging from my cocoon of withdrawal into the sunlight and what an amazing feeling.

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