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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Passion…passion…passion…I’m on the warpath…RAAAAWWWWRRRR…MAMA TIGER is angry.

My son received a confirmation of his employment from the hospital in mid December. They were awaiting his references and then would confirm the date he starts…supposedly 3 January was the guestimate. Every time my son phoned HR they've said…’still awaiting receipt of the references’.
Now I know...I know...everything happens when it is meant to happen. I'm just gonna give it a huge kick.

Having myself been through the mill of Human Resources up at the hospital, I know how slowly the wheels grind…but this is getting bloody ridiculous.

One was from the head of year of Sixth Form and the other from the caretaker at the school. The Mid Sussex Council pay a team of students ‘employed’ by the school to clean it. So every afternoon for three years my son would spend an hour and a half sweeping, mopping and dusting (unless there were other extra murals). My daughter used to do this as well. It gave them some extra money in their pockets. Hence the need for a reference from the caretaker who oversaw the cleaning by the students.

Today he went up to see HR and they said still no answer. I contacted the head of year at the school who tells me he’s received nothing and that they should email it direct to him and he will do it immediately.

The caretaker has not heard anything from HR either.

So here I am on the warpath…baying for someone’s blood.

This incompetence makes me see red. Everyone is standing in a circle pointing fingers.

F**** it. I don’t give a damn who is to blame…just get the bloody job done already.


Anonymous said...

I hear you. :-)

You never know KP it may all be for the best ... maybe things are not moving because they are not meant to.



Karen-Pallas said...

Hehe...shake rattle n roll...
You're right...some things are meant to be and maybe the time wasn't right for him to be there.
But things are moving along now.
Poor kid was starting to feel a bit despondent...so being mommy I had to get involved. He'll learn with experience how to deal with these kindsa situations - but as he is only 17, I'm still a clucking hen...or rather a growling tiger.
Better I got involved rather than hubby...cos he would have really rattled a few cages :)

Anonymous said...

Big Hugs KP
I know about that Tiger Mum energy ... had a wee bit of that myself over the weekend when my daughter was playing netball and had a bit of a tussly time with her partner.
( I was roaring on the inside :-) )
Much love