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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Energy activations

I did a short twilight shift last night. Whilst there I made a few reviewing calls to patients following up after their night of treatment.

One lady was in a bad way. Sleep deprivation causes all kinds of problems…one of them appearing to be depression…but it’s not.

Can you imagine being so tired you don’t have the energy to even pick up the phone receiver to dial a number? That’s how bad some of them are and she was one of them.

I spent half an hour chatting to her and explaining what was going on. She was crying most of the time through the conversation because each time I explained something she’d exclaim in gratitude for an answer to something that had been bugging her for ages and no-one seemed to have the answer to. She’s probably heard all of this before when she came in for her night of treatment, but sometimes the whole thing can be so overwhelming it doesn’t register until a while later when it is heard again.

Her overwhelming gratitude was quite staggering. I got slightly distracted while listening to her ramble on when I realised that the white light was doing its thang again.

It seems to be handing out gifts left right and centre as it lifts the vibration of those I verbally interact with.

 Do you know how gratifying this is? I’m ‘seeing’ the results of everything I put out there. She wasn’t the only one. Many of them that I called I saw something similar happening although they weren’t in quite a state as she was.

I now have to find the balance. I mentioned before that in the ‘old’ days I was able to switch off my sight because it was quite distracting in the normal world. Nowadays I cannot and it is even more persistent since yesterday.

I’ve not followed too in-depth what the energy does once it reaches the person. It is enough that I see it is going to them. It is a tad difficult to focus on what they are saying and responding.

Is this once again an expansion of awareness, understanding what is happening and yet remaining ‘normal’? This is creating balance again. It takes time.

Can you imagine what the energy would be doing in a room of people that you are giving a talk to? The subtle interactions of energy would be amazing. Again…I think of the vision of me standing doing nothing before a crowd of people. The energy itself talks…no words are really needed, are they?

Our world that expects if we listen to someone on YouTube or go to a talk we will get something tangible in return...some earth shattering verbal information. What about the energy exchange? Isn’t this more important than language? Merely sitting back and allowing the energy to wash over us, is accepted only when we are in meditation. We are conditioned to always expect some kind of verbal transmission.

When I did the videos Athena and Aeolus emphasised that it was not what I said but the energy that came through that was far more important. I understand this far more now. Before it was an intellectual understanding but now it is a knowing within the body.

It reminds me of when I used to do meditation workshops on behalf of Breast Cancer Care. When I did the first one I was particularly careful about my speech, learning it off by heart, but the moment I walked into the room and got a feel of the energy, I simply went with whatever came into my head. Every workshop after that, I followed my gut and did no preparation whatsoever. I understand now that it was the energy doing its thing in the background that was important and the talking was merely the fa├žade.

Verbal communication is what is expected…and so we follow the rules. But I do believe that this is changing.

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