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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Divide and conquer

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It is quite interesting how ‘divide and conquer’ has been a theme running very strongly through everything I’m reading and experiencing lately.

This has been a tactic used for millennia to keep us focused on small things so we don’t get to see the bigger picture. Creating sects or nations and pit them and their beliefs against one another.

Listening to Steve Rother’s ‘Honoring the other Gods’ channel this morning it struck me once again that in order to live as a harmonious light filled community we are to stop judging others. Our judgement divides/separates thereby conquering us before we even get out the starting blocks. We’ve seen how working together has a huge impact – take for example the wonderful work that Avaaz does or the huge difference the Occupy movement has made.

It got me to thinking about the blog I wrote yesterday afternoon about my son’s references. Again it is not working in unison harmoniously for the good of, not only one individual, but of the whole hospital community. They are in desperate need of more workers and yet the lack of ‘communication’ is stopping this from happening.

Anger used constructively can be channelled to pop the balloon of stagnant energy and get the energy flowing.

It seems this theme of harmoniously working together and not to have different teams of ‘them and us’ has raised its head at the sleep unit. I did another short twilight shift last night. A comment was made that at the team meeting tonight there might be a bit of flack flying around.

It sorta took me by surprise because I thought it had all gone pretty smoothly considering it is a major unit that has filled a complete ward with the amount of stuff we needed to move and set up. There have been a few niggles and glitches, which is understandable…but the amount of antagonism I’ve noted is not warranted.

I know the ‘them and us’ i.e. admin day staff and sleep technician night staff, has been simmering for years. It seems that neither camp understands what the other is going through, each one believing that the other has it better. Having worked in both sections I can see the bigger picture…but as I’m the only one…there is no-one else who has this perspective. There is also the whole hospital politics getting involved too…which sets the scene for an explosive meeting.

The molehill has become a mountain – being fed the energy of resentment by everyone involved. Instead of being grateful to everyone involved who really pulled their weight…everyone is focusing on what hasn’t been done. Yikes…it’s like walking amongst what I thought were harmless molesnakes to discover that they are, in actual fact, black mambas!

It seems I have my work cut out for me energetically this evening, keeping the balance and holding everyone in a safe space while things are thrashed out. Now I understand why I saw the vision of the 5D hospital of light hovering…not quite anchored…I figure there are a few elements keeping it hovering for the time being.

But then again...on reflection...maybe this anger can be used constructively rather than destructively...in order to get this stuck energy moving.

I’m making sure Athena is fully present…but just in case…I’m girding my loins… J

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