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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 14 January 2012

An insight

Okay I admit…something has really kicked into place since my meditation with Lakshmi/Shakti.

Yesterday as I was walking to work I realised something. Hubby and my friend had been discussing world ‘things’ on Wednesday evening. I found myself really surprised at the extent of my detachment or ‘divorce’ from what was going on in the world. It got me to wondering if I’d become ostrich-like in mentality. I found myself getting slightly irritated with this pessimism.

I could lay it down to being very tired (and drunk – hehe – several bottles of champagne later).

But on my way to work after a good night’s sleep I realised it had nothing to do with that. A small thought raced through my mind – 'visualise and feel what you want'. I thought I’d been doing this.

Yesterday at work, the builders were still around doing their business – it was chaos again – but they were cheerful with the restrictions I’d given them about hammering, sawing, etc. Strangely enough as I walked into the ward I must have been anonymous in my hat, scarf, coat and gloves, cos the three of them simply nodded at me as I walked past. It was only once I’d taken everything off and was in my uniform that they seemed to realise who I was and then their attitude changed. It made me wonder if I pull my energy in toward myself when I am cold and become non-descript.

These guys are in their late 30s or early 40s and are not the regular what you would call ‘run of the mill’ construction worker. After being surrounded by serious doctors they are a breath of fresh air. As I’ve said before – give me a bit of rough (as in diamond) any time.

Hubby, despite having to wear a suit for work, is a bit of rough and he is really good with his hands – DIY  - amongst other things J.

I did notice that not many of the admin staff talk to them much, so I make an effort because they deserve acknowledgement and are contributing with their hard work and energy to making our unit near perfect.

This morning I woke with the realisation about what the thought rushing around my head meant. I am not being ostrich-like by not taking notice of what is happening in the world and my aversion to spending more time than necessary with others.

In order to create the 5D world of peace and harmony we need to live it and immerse ourselves. Yes, we can know about the problems in the world…but in order to create the 5D world we must believe it has happened and we are living it. I’d lost sight of this fact.

And then this morning I had a chance to read some blogs and Mati’s blog about the Chinese Hospital really caught my eye because it confirmed what I'd realised. 

What is important is that we feel things as if they have already happened … so when we want to manifest … we need to manifest and FEEL that we already have the desired outcome .. this is how we work with the current energy.
So … as we are creating our vision … we need to be feeling that we are already there … we already have whatever it is that we want to create.

She is so right – she’s hit the nail on the head and that is exactly why I was feeling uncomfortable…it is not quite fitting in my world of 5D that I am living.

I envisage all living in this 5D reality and so when I meet someone who is not quite there is sorta throws me because I can feel their disharmony.

Which once again points me to community living. When the community living of 5D becomes a reality (it might be for some already) we will be living in total accord. Of course it will take time for it to reach that but in the meanwhile I (and others) need to keep the vision alive by living and feeling it. This will give others the chance to embrace this way of being without realising it.

It is hard work to keep myself aligned with the vision but I am heartened by the fact that I am receiving confirmation that what I am doing is correct and I am not burying my head in the sand in denial.

Ching ching’ – here’s to a world of peace and harmony.

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Anonymous said...

I did make a comment earlier ... but it was 505 ... which seemingly means `error' ... but I feel that possibly it means `too silly to be published' - hehehehe!

Let's drink to a world of peace and harmony which is already here.

`I see us there together .... in a world that is as One' :-)

Hugs and smoochereenies ( Oh .. I feel I may get another 505 after yet another silly comment.. never mind .. I am Anoymouse ... an annoying mouse ..squeak squeak ) Actually .. this comment is much more silly than the last one... and I haven't even opened that bottle to have that drink yet.


Karen-Pallas said...

Hehe...Ms Anony-mouse...I love you and your 'silly' squeaks. You may reply with as many silly squeaks as you wish...
Hmmm...Goggle (haha...keep doing that)...I meant Goggle...damn did it again...third time...Google makes me reply as anonymous at times when it doesn't believe I exist.
Slainte, sweetie pie...here's to the wonderful world we live in.
Hehe...we can have fun, drunk on the joy of life.
P.S. Siriusly, I think you can reply as Mati if you use your wordpress site address (only if you want to come out from behind your dark glasses). It's taken me a year to discover this. If you click on 'Comment as' (below) you will see a drop down menu and wordpress is on there or else you can use 'Name/Url'.
But I don't mind if you remain anonymous - I know you by your energy :)