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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A day of LOVE

Today is the day of LOVE and our 25 year anniversary.

Hubby is working from home…hehe...hmm…

I asked the question this morning when I woke – ‘What’s ahead today?’

LOVE was all I got, so we’ve decided to take quite a few hours out of our day to be in love.

I get the feeling something big is going to happen…not sure in what manner, where or how…but big.

My body is buzzing with excitement. Funny how my brain and I don’t get in on the act until it actually happens.

So while hubby finishes off some work…I’m blogging.

I was thinking about friendships and how they fluctuate, coming into our lives and then moving out again. As we connect with something in common we learn from each other and then move elsewhere to learn something else. It’s not that we have fallen out of love with each other as friends…we’ve simply something different to experience than our friend.

It’s all about flexibility, isn’t it? We are not very flexible at the moment, but I suspect many of us are learning to be so. We are working more and more with the intangible to create a new world.

Through this new ability to be more and more flexible I am coming to understand that there is no need to feel hurt when a friend moves on…it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t value you anymore…they merely have something different to do.

I see this with my relationship with hubby as well. We don’t always connect and see ‘eye to eye’ and that is as it should be…we’ve both got our individual paths to walk. We move from being friends to mother/father to lovers to husband/wife and so on and so on. Each different stage teaches us about each other…we’ve not even scratched the surface.

It is impossible to ‘know’ one person that well, especially when we have no idea what has occurred in their past lives that might colour the way they see the world.

As we move toward more and more transparency, I daresay we will get to know each other far more. No secrets, no hiding behind a façade…guts n all hanging out.

Maybe this is why I am starting to see so much more around me and others. We are moving toward a place of no hiding, a place of vulnerability and in our vulnerability we are trusting that no-one will hurt us.

Trust is a very interesting state to be in. Once we’ve cleared the dregs our ability to trust will become far more dominant and we will understand that when someone ‘rejects’ us, it is not because they don’t love us, it is because it is time to move on…and it isn’t rejection...that’s a word from the 3D world.

When people come together whether as friends, work colleagues or a couple…we are going to understand that when the time is right to move on…we will without regret…both parties happy to do so…instead of hanging on to resentments and anger about who did what and how.

It is teaching me to be in my heart and not judge what I am seeing. It simply is and it’s none of my business as to why.

I suppose what I am saying is beside trust, it is understanding that we don’t have to hold on to things we don’t need any more and acceptance goes a long way to healing.

Everyone…doesn’t matter who…has contributed to what we have learnt.

We as the forerunners are creating the template for the new world.

Having graduated from riding tricycles to training bikes we have now taken the training wheels off…we will wobble and fall of our bicycles, scrape knees, knock heads and probably have the odd broken bone. But bear in mind what we are doing and creating.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines KP.
Have a wonder filled day.
I have sent the Reiki Empowerment out into the ether so feel free to connect at some stage today.
Thank you for your friendship, love and support.

Karen-Pallas said...

Aw, thank you M, Gorgeous Goddess that you are
We will definitely be tuning into the empowerment today...many thanks and much gratitude for this.
Ching ching...here's to many years more of friendship, love and support.
Heart hugs