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Monday, 6 February 2012

Chapter 2 - The Sacred 13

13 has become a constant in my head today.

I feel like I’ve opened the door and am being flooded with information so fast that I am unable to keep up and process it.

Forgive me if much of this is not thought through but I feel like I need to get it down on ‘paper’ before it disappears in the deluge of information I am receiving.

The flower of life and 13 appeared in my mind and I was dragged back to a blog by Azaela on LW about the number 13 occurring in her life recently. It also reminded me of the night that I saw 13:13 and couldn’t figure out why I’d see it at night on the 24 hour clock.

A video on the blog by Azaela caught my eye. I’d watched it when I’d first read the blog but it did not mean anything to me…until now.

I watched it again and a light went on.

Once again I feel a deep core memory opening within me and making me want to cry with recognition. Sacred geometry is one of the first things I learnt in the beginning of my journey and since then I’ve not paid it much heed.

I see the overlapping of us with our other selves and where we overlap we find a connection. Through this connection we are able to move in and out of their (and our) reality.

It was now that I connected with a part of me that didn’t seem to be of the light. It was a dark aspect. She agreed to connect to give me some idea of how the dark side utilised the white against themselves.

I felt a deep pain in my head as she took residence in my body and with her long fingernails tapped on the keyboard.

My name is Azra. I am you and you are me. You have knowledge of the black arts and have been aware for many years that there were portions of yourself that were not of the light. You have partially acknowledged these lifetimes that you’ve been through but you have not delved into to them too deeply. It is neither here nor there. The time for everything to move back to oneness is upon us and I shall give you my side of the story as I have seen and experienced it.

The magic of the dark arts was but a whisper. You know that Lucifer agreed to take part in the fall to and part of you agreed to go with him. In your memories you recall watching his fall and the grief that you felt over this sacrifice made by him was felt by all. But it was not only the grief you felt for him but for a portion of yourself that was separating from you to fall with him. 
The start of duality in this paradigm to be played out over millennia.

I found myself back in my body, tears running down my face. She’d withdrawn, leaving behind in my head a slight pain from where she’d been.

I started to shiver in shock…but despite this I felt a great curiosity to find out how and why this was happening. The investigator within me had something to sink its teeth into. I’ve not felt any fear of the dark side in this lifetime. I am comfortable with it and yet I’ve often wondered why.

I recall in approximately 2004 when my memories of Lucifer and myself falling from grace surfaced. It was around this time that I realised that he was no longer acting in his capacity as the dark overlord. He’d returned to his balanced angelic form, but his minions have refused to believe this and continue to work their dark magic.

He’s assisted me since then on the odd occasion, especially when a particularly dark energy or entity has not wanted to shift. On one occasion he appeared in his angelic form as I was trying to coax a dark entity to leave a client. It refused to budge and nothing that I did made any difference.

Lucifer suddenly changed into his dark form and invited the entity to him. It was comfortable with the familiarity of him and left the client to be with Lucifer. The instant it touched Lucifer, he turned back into his angelic self and in doing so transmuted the dark entity to its original form of light.

I also know that somehow my closeness to Lucifer has kept me safe. I've not been aware of why there is a closeness and I don’t see or interact with him much these days, but I am aware of his protection. It is not something that I have divulged to many...mainly because of the fear that he holds for most of humanity.

I called upon my helpers and Athena. I wanted to know why this had come up.

Athena:  In your integration you must face those dark aspects of yourself. You’ve done much work and yet there is a very deep core within you which remains a locked door. The higher you move up the vibrational ladder, the less baggage you can take with you. Hence your need to meet the higher vibrational darker side of yourself. And yes, before you ask the question, the dark side has a dense as well as a high vibration too. As you get to know this aspect of yourself you will understand what we mean by this.

You need time to come to grips with this. Have a good night’s sleep. I leave you with this thought – 13 is the different parts of yourself – 13 within 13 within 13…and included in these parts of yourself are the darker aspects. Integrate ALL. 13 is the sacred inner power of yourself.

Hmm…I am stronger in my light these days, and therefore I suppose I am ready to see who or what I was in the hierarchy…I gather I wasn’t merely a minion. Shudder. So all those dark aspects I’ve faced so far over the years are probably a walk in the park compared to the next lot.

I gotta centre myself, rest and gear myself up for the next phase. Sigh
Oh yeah…I forgot to mention that this morning I was asked to cut my ties with 5D Mother Earth and withdraw my root from her, which I did. I understand now why…in order to move out of 5D to experience what I’m experiencing.


sisteroflight said...

What do you think we are supposed to do? Just let these parts come in? I've encountered all sorts of dark magic, witchcraft, juju, witch doctor lifes along the way. But I never reckoned on having to integrate these selves! Is this what Athena is saying? Deep gulp

Karen-Pallas said...

No, I don't think it's that simple. I've just uploaded an answer to your question...it did worry me slightly that someone out there would go - 'okay simply let them in' and get themselves into all kinds of trouble.
We need to clear as much as possible and integrate slowly, starting with the minor aspects and as we grow in our own strength, we are then more able to face the larger aspects.
It is a step at a time.