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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Friday, 17 February 2012


My son seems to be having a hard time with authority. He’s had one run in with his boss already. There is nothing like the NHS to teach you about the authority hierarchy…or for that matter any business. He thought school was bad… 

I remember, at his age, being dismissive of authority…who is anyone to tell me what to do? Haha…yeah…well, wasn’t that a hard lesson learned?

I don’t know of anyone who does like authority…I think every single one of us has an aversion to being lorded over by another/s. It’s taken me over twenty years of working to figure out what it’s all about.

I still find smidgens of this popping up…but I’ve come to the understanding that it is not so much the authority, as the lack of control over what I want. I’ve mostly made my peace with it and in the acceptance find that I’ve not rolled over and played submissive doormat…but rather I’ve grown in strength. Instead of fighting authority…which makes the demon grow larger…I’ve found that through acceptance, I have more control over myself and what comes into my life. Going with the flow.

It seems a bizarre contradiction…but it has taught me how to be myself within the structure of rules and regulations...without compromising within myself. I’m invisible to those that would place their stamp upon me…but visible in the ways that count.

There is nothing I can do for my son. As he keeps saying, he’s gotta learn from his own experiences. I remember saying this to my mother when she tried to smooth things over. Ah…memories…

I suppose what it comes down to is that we know…deep down…that we are sovereign and yet a part of a whole…and in that whole, no one soul is better than another. But until we return to that state…there are lessons to be learnt and understood.

I’ve been in a peaceful place over the last few days. Tuesday I went into meditation and found myself in the place I keep seeing as our new ‘home’…you know the 5D place that I am not quite resonating with yet. It’s a beautiful place…always reminds me of Canada.

I sat down, cross legged and tuned into the earth. It was the most peaceful I’ve ever felt…it reminded me of one of my blogs where I wrote about being at one with Mother Earth and feeling every sentient being, including plants, living upon and inside me. I could feel the water, air and fire flowing both inside and outside. An amazing orgasmic experience of fluid love.

It was happening again.

I came out of it and went about my day…only to tune back into it at times over the last three days to find myself still sitting there, in the same position, still at peace and at one with the Earth. It surprised me the first time…but as there are so many strange things that have happened to me, I shrugged it off.

Yesterday as I was walking to work I tuned in and again I was still sitting there. That really startled me, cos I cannot imagine myself sitting for days on end in one position. I asked what was going on.

Athena: this is your future self, your expanded 5D self. It is also an answer to your question about the time anomalies. In the 5D world, time doesn’t exist and therefore seems to run slower than in 3D. What seems like days to you, is a few hours in the higher dimensions.

It kinda reminded me of something that I’ve heard quite often. Our millions of years of evolution is merely the blink of an eye for Source. It also helps me to understand how many channelled entities say that they cannot pinpoint exactly in our world when things will happen.

I am now experiencing it first-hand…or second-hand through my other self. This morning when I tuned in, I’d come out of the meditation and was stretching. I then lay down on the ground, staring up at the sky, enjoying the sensation of simply BEing.

I’m also curious as to what Azra, my darker aspect, has brought to the table as far as experiences are concerned. She’s been very quiet, but then so has Athena. I suppose in my integration, my body and I need time out to adjust. As it’s been quiet I know that this is the time when the most is going on inside. So I figure this little time out meditation in 5D is helping me and my body integrate. When the time is right I will learn more about Azra…until then I’m enjoying the peace.

Exciting news is that my dear South African friend, whom I’ve known for…wow…is it coming up for nigh on 30 years? She and my brother were boyfriend and girlfriend as teenagers. We’ve sorta connected, then drifted apart, then connected, then drifted apart. But it’s one of those friendships that when we meet up, we carry on from where we left off as though there’s been no time in between.

I’ve not seen her for…hmm…let’s see…7/8 years since they moved from the UK to Australia…and they’ve had two children...I can't wait to meet them...and of course see my friend and her hubby...and my beautiful daughter. Man, the excitement is starting to pick up.

Okay…let me clarify…she and my brother haven’t gotten married…she is married to someone else and my brother is married to her best friend. Haha…yeah…keep it in the family…

The six of us have had some really amazing experiences together when everyone was here in the UK…before they all moved away to somewhere else…my brother back to Cape Town and my friend to Sydney. I was devastated when everyone moved away…hard learning curve…but I understand it was necessary. We all need to be at different points on the surface of the Earth for some reason. Still haven’t figured out why.

These spiritual experiences were incredible and mind-blowing. In one meditation I saw the six of us…hubby and I, them and their partners in a whirling vortex of energy…and we were creating a portal of some kind. From what I can remember it was the beginning of something…not sure what. We are all connected in some way. The male energy of our partners were grounding us, whilst us three feminine energy were manifesting this stargate/portal.

Funny that…I’ve always wondered what the connection is…suppose I’ll find out one day.

We seem to have formed diamond shape as far as our birthdays and star signs are concerned...or maybe its a startetrahedron.

I’m the Aquarian (air), hubby, my friend’s husband and my brother’s wife are all Pisceans (water), and my friend is the Arian (fire).

I know there is some significance, but have not really tried to figure it out over the years…all I know is that there is a deep connection and I know that we have all experienced lifetimes together in different capacities. I suspect that we are a soul family…because our connections run really deep.

Anyways…what I was going to say before I went off at a tangent…is that she is setting up some ‘talks’ with the different groups she belongs to. I suppose it is part of the anchoring of the sacred union energy.

I am looking forward to actually physically connecting with like-minded people.

Thank you, sweetheart, for setting this up…I am honoured and privileged to be drawn into your circle of friends.


Dorothy said...

I have issues with authority myself. Is why I was my own boss for 25 years and now in this job, find myself working out how to be part of a huge business/govt. mindset. The first six months were pure torture!! It's been a struggle but I am finding my way. I am not always successful though as you know. I am learning, as will your son. Sometimes it just sucks and others, I wonder what my problem was because it's fine if I am true to myself. One day at a time....

Karen-Pallas said...

Indeed...one day at a time. I suppose what it's all about is bumping our heads, scraping knees and falling over...dusting ourselves off and getting up and going at it again. I do believe we all have the patience and strength of saints.
Heart hugs of love