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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Chapter 5 - What happens during integration

As I integrate the darker aspect of myself I asked Athena what is happening.

Athena: I have given you a brief image, but this time I shall give more detail. Imagine if you will, yourself as a perfect whole and complete entity, every faculty and ability at its peak. Much of what I am about to tell you is very abstract and there might be a little difficulty understanding…but as you grow, you will find that it makes more sense. And many of you will have experiences that will help you to understand.

Through an impulse to know itself the Divine Source split into two and these two came together in love to create more entities. Imagine that it is a form of ‘cloning’ as each entity created was a perfect replication of its Source.

The entity known as Athena is one of them. Within herself she is perfect whole and complete and yet she does not have the whole picture as Divine Source does. Even so, she is not an individual as she is at one with the Divine Source and all the other split offs. Two of these entities come together in love and create a third…and so it goes on...each individual perfect whole and complete in themselves…but a part of the whole, knowing no separation.

Separately these entities are very powerful and yet when all together their power is greater.

This is a concept most of you understand.

If Divine Source has split itself into many entities…does that mean it is no longer? The consciousness of the Divine still remains as a complete consciousness, despite having split parts of itself off…as each split off makes the whole…no separation. The Divine is many parts as well as whole. Every single one of us makes up the Divine and together we are very powerful.

At this stage I find myself starting to question and have difficulty remaining in the right space to comprehend. I do not know how I will be able to interpret this and capture it on paper.

Athena: Let me take over the writing and I will do my best to convey what you need to know.

Lucifer answered the impulse or call for duality…to find understanding in the opposite of what is/was known. Remember this is all happening simultaneously…as you are here in your bodies in the now, you are simultaneously at one with Source and yet the veil does not allow you to see this…all you see is separation. This call or impulse is/was not a conscious thought or discussion, it is/was an instant happening.

This splitting off to fall behind the veil was heartrending for many of us, as we observed the sacrifice made by Lucifer. It made us conscious of something other than love. What you on Earth are experiencing is something we have an understanding of. You are us and we are you and through your sacrifices in the fall…each one of you has contributed to the understanding that we, as a whole, have.

Because there was no separation as yet when it came to the fall, we all experienced it and yet there is a part of us that is still living in love, almost what you would call ‘holding the fort’. We are the higher aspects of yourself that are experiencing duality. You are giving us the experiences even though we are not there…and yet we are…because to us there is no separation. The veil that is caused by your emotions and your ‘buying into this duality paradigm’ through your beliefs is what makes you feel separate.

Each one of you with your entourage of guardians, gatekeepers, higher selves and the Council decide what you will experience. Agreements are reached amongst your soul family to be the dark or the light or something in between. And to make it even more complicated…you are split into different parallel realities. Each parallel is experiencing something that you might not have wanted to experience in this life that you are aware of.

At this stage my brain is starting to scream because I keep slipping out of the NOW moment into analytical mode.

I am having difficulty comprehending that in my soul family, there are splinters of myself within the soul family…or are they different soul families? I’ve not heard anything about this anywhere else. I know that through hypnosis regression it is possible to go to the Life between Lives. Between Lives you go back behind the veil and decide with your helpers and the guidance of the Council whether you need to repeat something or if you can move on.

But what about the splinter aspects of ourselves in parallel lives…no-one has mentioned that…maybe it’s too complicated to go down that path.

Athena: No, it is not. The time has arrived for you to understand more. Your world as you know it is opening up and so many downloads are flooding in from the Grand Central Sun, supporting this new knowledge…or maybe it shouldn’t be considered new but rather an expanded version of what is known. I am merely adding to what you know.

Each splinter has their own soul family…these are slowly starting to integrate as each of you on Earth integrate with your other selves. None of you knew about each other as there was no need at the time, and as you have observed, it is far too complicated. In effect each one of us is a part of each other. Again, I reiterate, we are all from the same Divine Source.

Enough…I am feeling too rough to stay in this expanded state...and keep dropping out. It seems to hurt more than it should. I am also feeling really tired…so very tired.

Athena: Your body is out of balance due to the integration.

I am wondering a little about Azra.

Athena, you mentioned that I would come to understand that the darker entities also have a higher and lower vibration. I am wondering if this means that the higher up the hierarchy an entity is on the ‘dark side’, the higher their vibration? Or does it simply mean something else. I know that you would possibly have the slower denser entities who probably don’t have the many abilities as those higher up. Is this what you meant?


…This was when I almost fell asleep over the keyboard, I was so tired. I slept a really deep sleep and woke to find the sun shining in my eyes. I rolled over and the first thing I saw was the collage that hubby had made for my birthday. It is now framed and we’ve hung it on the wall at the end of the bed.

As I gazed at it I realised that the photos shaped like puzzle pieces were all moving and coming together to form a shape…a person. It was then that I had the epiphany.

We are all puzzle pieces of the greater and together we form a beautiful picture, filled with light and dark and everything that is part of duality in between. Each puzzle piece is a fully formed entity in their own right, as each of the pictures of me that hubby shaped as puzzle pieces. Each incident captured in those photos of my life is like a separate entity but unite them all together and they form a larger picture, each part forming a very necessary part of the picture.

Athena: In every dimension there is a corresponding vibrational darkness. Within this universe of duality you have created light and dark entities. Each one is to play a part and therefore veils are needed on both the light and dark side.

And yet the ‘dark entities’ are not dark or negative and the ‘light’ entities are not ‘light’ or positive. They only ‘know’ their part of the story. It is a veiled perception. As you clear the veil of negative emotions from your body, you feel the need or impulse to collect those aspects of yourself ‘out there’ to complete you, although as you are, you are complete. Complete but veiled. United together you become more than you thought you were.

In the integration there should be balance. At times many have attempted integrated and not been strong enough in their light to handle the darkness of the negativity. Does that mean that the negative/dark entity is ‘bad’. No they are merely doing what they know and it is up to the flagship that is you, to make sure that balance is reached. 

Many believe they are plagued by ‘bad spirits’. That is not so, it is merely parts of themselves demanding their attention. By ignoring your emotional growth or pretending there is no problem, you allow the darker aspects of yourself to gain the upper hand through your fear and inability to face your fears.

Not all dark entities are you or aspects of you. Some of them are merely messengers trying to bring to your attention that which you need to focus on and clear. They will be attracted to you through whatever energy you are transmitting.

You YOU you YOU are in charge…but in order to be in charge you have to believe it. If you’re not sure ask for help from those beings of the light that you trust. They cannot do it for you, but they can certainly protect you while you feel your way through the quagmire of your emotions.

Your negative emotions create blocks that stop you integrating in a balanced way with your other selves. These veils are in place right down to the minutest cells of your body. As you clear the negative emotions, you are clearing your cells. There will be a corresponding clearing of your darker aspects that are tied to you. This allows you to slot into each other and become one. But as you attempt integration when one is out of kilter and unsure of their power, the other can take over and pester until the other brings itself up to be its equal.

Up until now many of you have lived in fear of dark entities. That is as it should be. They were playing a part of gathering information and experiences, as were you. That time is drawing to an end.

That’s it…I’ve had enough…Bye.


sisteroflight said...

Easy peasy lemon squeezy this ascension lark isn't it...lol...xx

sisteroflight said...

I had a dream last night and in it I was male. Living a male life. I was drawn back to Athena's words today and i've just clicked that i'm living a parallel life as a man. In a parallel timestream.

This is all very star trek.....xx

Karen-Pallas said...

Hehe...yeah...easy peasy...
This pretty difficult as we start experiencing those aspects of ourselves becoming part of our every day lives...this is when we wonder where the heck a certain idea or feeling came from.
Actually I am finding it quite interesting...discovering parts of myself I never knew existed.
Okay...some of it is dark...but what the heck...just cos we are lightworkers here and now doesn't mean we ain't got some really dark secrets we'd cringe from.
It's all part of the learning and experiencing.
How can we be balanced if we don't experience the 'darker side'?

Dorothy said...

I first got wind of this concept through Steve Rother and the group he channels. It's defintely mind blowing lol.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

Here are a couple of examples, one from their Beacons of Light broadcast:


and here is a piece from their Evolution Center where they share teachings from the group...


....I would skip the first ten or 15 minutes because they don't get into the "good" stuff until then, but that's me lol. They do a meditation at the end, taking you to meet a different aspect of yourself.

Karen-Pallas said...

Thanks, Dorothy - I'll have a look at the multidimensionality one - haven't seen it before.
Hehe...dern mon...I seem to be rehashing the same ol' jiggly po stuff :-)