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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chapter 3 - You are your own sunrise

It seems I am to spend the day with Azra. As soon as I started writing this Wuthering Heights started playing. Kinda made me think that this relationship with this aspect of myself will be a bit like this.

When I woke this morning I asked my usual question – what’s happening today? Before I realised I have Athena and Azra inside and outside of me – a very strange sensation. I should be getting used to these strange occurrences but I still get surprised…but…I’m going with it.

I will be receiving information from both of them.

Last night as I was walking to work for a short twilight shift, I felt Azra connect with me.

Azra: You are the sunrise and the sunset as well as the setting and rising of the moon in your own life.

As I heard these words I could feel them resonate deep within my body. It started to heat up and I was boiling, despite the snowy conditions outside. It seems that at the same time the same electrical problem surfaced in the house again...it is still off…so I gather that Azra has been with me all this time.

After mulling these words over all night…having interrupted sleep once again with the fiery skin irritation…I have come to the conclusion that what she is saying is that we are the masters of our own destiny.

Azra: Indeed you are, and through cunning manipulation by us (your own aspects) we have convinced you that you are not. Every bullet, knife, fist raised in anger and curse is raised against yourself. You are fighting yourself. Divide and conquer. It is a very simple concept but very successful.

It is quite interesting to hear this from her and I wonder why she is telling me this.

Azra: Through your integration and clearing of other minor darker aspects of yourself you have changed both past present and future. By accepting those smaller less negative parts of yourself you have changed me.

Athena: You know that the law of cause and effect is part of the karmic cycle. Whatever is with-in you manifests with-out. You have not been ‘getting rid’ of those darker aspects of yourself, but merely bringing them back into balance and through this balancing are able to integrate them back into yourself to become whole. You cannot become whole and complete unless you accept everything about you. You are the flagship re-writing your story and in the re-writing are changing your past present and future.

This reminds me that my view of my childhood has changed considerably. I’d been angry and resentful at everything and everyone in my life and could never see, with the emotions clouding my eyes and perception, that it was as it should be. I can see far more clearly now and have come to realise that my childhood circumstances were perfect, as my adult life is/has been.

Azra: There is nothing on the Earth that is harmful to you. It is your beliefs and emotions that create the harm. You’ve heard of the concept that you, in your perfect whole and complete state, would not be affected by ingesting poison. Your energy would merely neutralise anything harmful that enters your body and convert it to what is needed. This is a concept understood by a few. In other words you could live on ten cups of very sweet strong coffee and your body would convert it to that which it needs.

Together with you, hand in hand, we have created the world as it is today. By you awakening it has had a ripple effect on your other selves. The scepticism and doubt is all your own stuff, contributed by your many aspects. You are the Master in charge of yourself – no-one else is, unless you allow it. By default many on earth have allowed it. Now is the climb back up to mastery…mastery of your own energy.

This is very true. I know from my own experimentation with energy that whatever I feel deep within me is reflected in the outer world. As I’ve become stronger and lighter, I feel more in control of my energy, the flow is far better than it was.

I was busy doing a few things on Sunday night and happened to pass through the lounge. The TV was on and it caught my eye. It was a program in the final stages and it was about Kate Bush. Something nudged me to watch it. What struck me the most about her story is that she was in control of everything she did…and she didn’t care about what others thought.

It kinda reminded me that many of us as lightworkers have walked a path that is different to the majority of the world. Does this mean that the majority of the world out there is a part of us that needs clearing? Are they those aspects of ourselves living in negative denseness, blinkered and unable to see the bigger picture. Is this why it is so important that we work at this?

Athena: Indeed, each one of you moves in and out through different realities and parallel lives as you touch on each one of the aspects of yourself. What is out there in your world, is yourself. What you perceive, is you. If you have difficulties in your life, it is merely a reflection of what is inside you…and therefore your aspects…because they are you. Being angry with what you see ‘out there’ is simply being angry with yourself.

Whoah…I’ve never thought of it like that. This means that there are parts of me out there that are still living in the dark density of the world.

Azra: That is correct. But I am proof that you are making a difference. You are strong in your light and therefore I am stronger in my light. I see the world differently and am ready to open my heart. If you settle back into a fear based living, you weaken yourself thereby making me stronger than you and I will make your life a misery. It is the nature of the beast.

You know from experience the minute you give the darker aspects any leeway, it is in our nature to act like lions attacking a weaker animal. How often have you seen and felt the need to attack someone you perceived as weaker than you? It is a natural instinct of the darker side of yourself.

Yeah…I had noticed it and when I realised this I was appalled that as someone who was shy, withdrawn and weird as a youngster that I could act like this toward another. I find myself less likely to do it these days…but you never know, do you? It is quite easy to slip back into this space. This is why I must make sure that I am constantly balanced…and if not, to bring myself back into balance.

Certainly easier said than done, but it is definitely easier these days than what it was. Does this mean that I have passed the half way mark?

Azra: Starting off with the smaller less scary dark aspects of yourself is a must. As you bring back into balance those portions of yourself that are on par with you, you grow in strength until you are able to face an entity like me. If you had tried this years ago, I’d have eaten you for breakfast.

As it stands now, by starting with those smaller aspects and helping them, you have helped me to make the necessary changes. This does not mean that if you slip up, I won’t take advantage. But it is all part of the learning curve. So my advice to anyone out there is…take it a step at a time. Do not try and take on something far bigger than you, before you are energetically ready.

And remember, it may seem initially that you are getting nowhere, but suddenly one day you realise you’ve done it.

This is true. For years I felt like I was getting nowhere and then one day…I am where I am now…and continually growing stronger and lighter.

Athena: Always ask for help. Make sure it is beings of the light that you ask help from. The hard work is yours, but they can assist and support you. You can be in control of your path. If you wish to have some time out, ask all to back off and they will. But…and this is a big but…the darker entities will only back off if you believe they will. Your belief is paramount. Until you are strong enough yourself, ask for protection. AA Michael and I are always able to lend a hand of support and protection.

You can of course choose to be involved in the drama of being ‘attacked’ by what you envisage as, let’s see…psychic vampires, negative entities, nasty people, etc., or you could take control, accept that it is you talking to you, and do something about it. The choice is ultimately yours. There is no right or wrong…whatever path you take is perfect for you.

Azra: We would be very willing to play whatever part you want us to play.

Hmm…this brings me back to the understanding I have found over the years…we are our world. If you are confronted by something you don’t like, treat yourself for it, because it is a reflection.

I think that is enough for the time being…

Interestingly I decided to look up the name Azra this morning and this is what I found:

The meaning of the name Azra is ‘Pure’ and the origin of the name Azra is Hebrew
This is really weird because Karen means ‘Pure’ too.

I then found another meaning:

Azra as a girl's name is of Arabic origin, and the meaning of Azra is "maiden/virgin"
Pallas has two meanings – maiden/virgin and wisdom.

I was directed to watch this short video of an interview of George Kavassilas

What he is saying is that it is your own inner guidance which will help you through this. Nothing out there is the authority on your life...unless you allow it to be. It is merely a mirror to help you find out what you need to work on. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Use your own discernment and follow your own intuition.

Ultimately, we are own saviours.


SisterofLight said...

This is so interesting to me, Karen. Thank you for sharing because it is pulling me along too and helping my understanding of this need to integrate. To me it's becoming a soul retrieval process and there are these 'dark selves' who want to come out into the human angelic form now. A 'dirty secret' I wasn't aware of. But I see that we were learning about spritual leadership in the dark arts as well as the light ones. I experienced Lucifer as an AA yesterday and I think the message is, as you found it, it's safe to come out into the light now.

What an amazing journey this is. Very challenging but extraordinary too. I've always loved Kate Bush, to me she is the personification of empowered feminine light, Love to you

Karen-Pallas said...

It warms my heart to know that these experiences are of assistance...and makes me feel less alone. Yes, soul retrieval sounds like a good way to describe it.
Incredible how different everything looks from another angle.
Kate Bush...I remember as a teenager listening to her music over and over again.
Heart hugs from one 'work-in-progress' to another :-)