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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Disconnecting and reconnecting

Hehe…the electrician had a look around to find out what the problem with the light and heating is. It turns out that there is a wire that keeps losing its connection. It made me laugh…yeah…I’d say I’ve lost it and am not connecting with normal life.

I have just realised how far I am into this whole thing…and I am enjoying it. You know I was worried for years about actually letting go and sinking into this ‘business’. I probably wasn’t ready anyway, so it would have been a mistake to force it…or rather not a mistake…merely a different experience to what I am having now. Maybe there is a doppelganger out there experiencing it differently…sorry honeybun.

I’m running at a rapid rate down the rabbit hole…Alice in Wonderland :-)

This business with my sister has opened my eyes. The victim consciousness that we’ve steeped ourselves in has simmered for a long long time, but we are being nudged to make changes. Many blogs I am reading lately are pointing to this – Mati, Sue, Dorothy and Inelia Benz – to name but a few.

I’ve seen what is going on from a different perspective - her manipulation to get all of us to fall into the saviour mode…and yet…despite feeling compassion for her, none of us have risen to the bait.

Every single person in the family has stepped back. It sounds hard…but she’s cried wolf so often…been in constant denial, that I think we’ve all reached a stage where we have nothing left to give. I do believe that the change in energy is forcing the victim consciousness to take a look at itself.

It makes me wonder about creating our reality. Is this my reality that I have created where I see someone acting like a victim, trying to manipulate everyone around her and yet everyone is seeing through the façade? She is trying to create the smoke and mirrors as she always has…but it’s not working.

Am I being shown how different it is or can be?

What I perceive might not be what someone else does. There is probably someone out there who would like to rush in and be a ‘knight in shining armour’…but that is where they are and I have no problem with it.

In my reality, we are stepping up to the plate and accepting responsibility for every action that we take. No more hiding, no more denial or playing victim or saviour. This new energy is demanding that we put our money (or energy) where our mouth is.

The white light that I’d noticed last week is doing its thang with my sister and she is pushing it away. She is ducking and diving…not interested…she likes where she is…but you know what…it will not take NO for an answer. It will pester her until she takes notice…and it is damn well making sure that NO-ONE interferes. I suspect this is hand in hand with her soul who is trying to get into the driving seat. It seems to be a tussle to see who is the stronger.

I am holding a safe space for her while she works through this. Who knows what the outcome will be?

I find myself alone today. No Athena or Azra. I did ask for time out over the next few days. We might reconnect on Friday again…until then may you all have a fab next two days.

I know I will :-)

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