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Monday, 6 February 2012

Chapter 1 - The complexity and simplicity of who we are

The ‘doppelganger’ thing has been running around in my mind for days…since Monday last week when Athena channelled the Preface.

I’ve been like a bulldog with a bone…constantly chewing at it and wondering how the hell it fit in with all the current knowledge on the planet. It seemed to be a red-herring and here I am going off at a tangent in the wrong direction.

Athena kept on gently letting me know that whatever she has channelled has come to fruition and each time I was doubtful of the reality of what she spoke of.

Hmm…old habits die hard…but mainly it is the idea that I might not have the ability to translate whatever she in her 9D version gives me. My consciousness in this body is never anywhere near as high in frequency as she is.

But still…I’m not one to give up. And so I keep chewing at it until I have some kind of epiphany.

I had the feeling before settling down to meditate that I needed to stretch and do some body toning which I did. I could feel the stuck energy starting to flow around the body.

The moment I settled into the meditation, I realised that another piece of the doppelganger puzzle was about to fall into place.

My instant thought was I wouldn’t remember any of this in detail enough to write down, which catapulted me out of the peaceful state into a state of worry.

Breathing deeply, I allowed myself to sink into the peaceful state and waited. I started to cry…the impact of what I am seeing is so vast and deep that it touches a note within me that brings up all my feelings of awe at how incredible we are in our ability to create.

I am crying now as I write this. The beauty of each one of us is amazing. And the complexity of the fractals we have created…the mind boggles with it. And yet the concept is so simple.

Athena: In each dimension is a ladder of octaves. There are twelve in all, the 13th being you.

This made me wonder what that was all about. I know that there are different frequencies within each dimension and each frequency is considered an octave. I never knew that there were 12…and how can we be the 13th?

Athena: As you move up, when you are between frequencies you create the 13th octave. And yet in truth you are always the 13th octave, even when vibrating at the same rate of frequency as the rung on which you stand. As you move up the ladder in frequency, you have to bring your resonance up to be compatible with the next rung on the ladder so that you make take the next step.

I understand this. Every time I’ve worked through issues I’ve seemed to have reached a plateau, as though I’ve climbed a mountain and am now taking a rest before climbing the next one. This is the time when we all feel things are a bit boring and yet the most activity is going on behind the scenes as the body integrates and becomes comfortable with the changes.

I was given a vision of us being interconnected not only as a small spark of a larger entity but also an interconnectedness with all our other selves, past present and future.

Athena: As you integrate more of yourself in the present, there are doppelgangers out there who are experiencing a different path to that which you as your flagship has taken. You will find that some doppelgangers do not leave their body and thus the planet, but integrate fully while in mind body and spirit.

I was shown a blurred picture slowly being brought into focus. What I understood is that as we become one with our doppelganger, we are slowly integrating everything about them, including their body.

How often have you slipped from one reality to another and found, for example, a set of keys or a book that you know you left on the chair or desk has gone. When you come back sometime later, what you were looking for is lying there waiting exactly where you left them to be found – you’ve come back to your reality. 
You’ve merely dipped into a different reality and will keep moving back and forth until you have both fully integrated in mind body and spirit.

Or a different scenario - you find the keys or book somewhere else – you’ve moved into a different octave of the reality of who you are and integrated with your doppelganger.

But when viewed as an integration – who is the flagship and who is the doppelganger? Neither because together both of you create the new you.

Athena: The drained feeling that many of you have is from having ties to these other selves of you. Cutting ties with others has solved the problem of not having anyone else drain you…but this does not extend to your other selves.

For the first time I noticed that I have strands of myself leading away from me to somewhere else. I’ve always been very careful about cutting my ties to others, such as family and friends, so they don’t drain me as I need all my energy for me. But what I’d never considered was these other aspects of myself.

Athena: The reason for the stress on clearing out your emotions is this – the more emotional blocks you have the less your doppelgangers are able to integrate with you, thereby bringing to you the experience, knowledge and understandings you need to move up in frequency. Thinking about it merely keeps you thinking about it. There is a time to think and a time to do. This is where the balance between your inner masculine and inner feminine comes into play.

This jogs my memory about having the feeling that at times I am not actually here. As though a door has opened and I am seeing myself, for example in my bedroom getting dressed, but the feeling is that I am actually outside walking to the shops. I have a doppelganger here in the small town where I live. My daughter used to regularly see her but lately no-one has mentioned her. It makes me wonder if we have integrated.

Another thing that comes to my attention - hubby and I have different memories of past happenings. I know that we all perceive occurrences differently depending on our emotions but these are blatantly different and it makes me wonder how much of this is the memories of my doppelgangers who are me in this lifetime but living a different parallel life?

It all seem so confusing, but if we take away our need to put things into boxes, a lot of what she is telling and showing makes so much sense.

I find a few answers in this for which I am grateful. But it seems to me that it has opened the doors to more questions…and I am not sure how past and future lives fit in with this…or for that matter higher selves.

But I think for the time being this is enough for me to mull over and experience.


sisteroflight said...

Oh gawd, this is the sort of thing that leaves my brain in bits! I find this multidimensionality really hard to grasp, it's like the mental constructs just aren't there. Good luck, it sounds like you have a good teacher, Sue x

Karen-Pallas said...

Yeah, I feel the same. And yet when I am in the 'space' with Athena it all makes sense. It's once I am back here trying to write it down that I get confused.
I've never been one to follow intellectual writings, so this is a new one for me.
I like plain simple explanations.
It's also making me 'put myself out there'.