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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Spiritual loving

Over the years I’ve seen friends, who’ve been on the spiritual path, find that the partnerships they have been in are not conducive to their spiritual growth. They’ve separated and eventually entered a relationship with another who was more ‘spiritually in-volved’. These have ended in disaster, as what they thought was a beautiful partnership, descended into the same problems they experienced in their previous relationship.

I’m not saying it will happen to everyone. What I am being cautious about is, if there is an emotion within you creating your outer world, then it doesn’t matter who you connect with it won’t be ‘right’ as eventually all the cracks will appear.

Hubby and I have been through a lot in our 25 marriage. He doesn’t freak out about the stuff I believe in unless I try and get him to be involved – then he gets angry – it is definitely fear and he prefers to be in this world as he knows it and he feels safe, no matter how decadent it is.

But…over the years as I have grown, he has grown without knowing it. It has been a slow journey and I have held myself back so that he could follow at a rate that was comfortable with him.

Even now, hubby won’t talk spiritual talk, although he comes out with things that really astound me. I also know through what we have manifested together that he is actually on the same path as me – just unaware. I’ve always joked that I am the one doing all the work and he is simply along for the ride. Maybe that is the contract we agreed to before we incarnated. It can be taxing for an aware partner being with an unaware fearful one. This has been part of my lesson here – to have patience with others and to allow them their journey without interfering too much.

I could have separated from hubby years ago and flown really high and focused on my spiritual work but I chose not to because of my deep love for him. Was I silly? At the time some may have thought so, but I am seeing the fruits of my labour and this in itself has been a lesson – I have manifested what I want. I do also believe that he has been the rock to which I am tethered – not in a harmful way but in a way that stopped me from flying high and then crashing and burning. He is my grounding which has allowed me to play in the higher realms without harm.

Another thing that I have seen over the years with friends is that they have found the beautiful energy work with another so uplifting and yet when they translate it into 3D living it is nothing like that and they become disillusioned. Again it is our inner emotions that create this. Feeling the wonderful love on an esoteric level is mind blowing, but down here it doesn’t translate well.

So I offer caution from my own experiences and observations. Each person is their own master. If you feel doubt, follow that doubt, because it is there for a reason.

As we move further into 5D, love in all forms will manifest and because we are not used to it can be viewed as the 'real' thing (as in a twinflame love). It will cause confusion for many of us. It is possible to deeply love another as a friend, brother, sister or parent. It doesn’t mean it is a sexual relationship. Pleasure and love can be mixed up, as has been evidenced in our 3D world, as a form of sexuality.

Everyone will have a different take on this subject. Nothing is right or wrong. It simply is…

We are in for a bit of a roller coaster ride with regard to love and sexuality.

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