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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Gold flame

Saturday was a good day of miraculous happenings and I had so much good news that I was on a high. We had a fabulous day out and about and the sun was shining.

Sunday I woke feeling fabulous until approximately midday then a sort of irritation started. My body felt uncomfortable and the irritability grew. I tried to heal myself and hide it from hubby but he knew and finally after attempting to talk to me a few times, left me alone.

Oh gawd, after the fab feeling on Saturday, I was now faced with this. I slept most of the afternoon away and was in bed early last night to wake this morning to the strange phenomenon of being surrounded by a gold flame. I could feel it anchored in my root chakra which was tingling and my lower back was aching.

When I asked what it was I was told ‘wisdom’.

Last night I was feeling very off and decided that this whole thing wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to be Athena’s representative on earth. I wanted to be ordinary and stop this nonsense, ‘cos it was getting to be too much. I was waivering between ‘needing’ to do something and wanting to be blissfully ignorant. In other words I was being impatient…again. Either blooming well get on with what I have to do or go away.

I asked for a sign that this was all true and not figment of my imagination. Talk about grabbing my attention :) Ah well…I did ask.

‘It is time for you to practice what you will be doing in future,’ I was told. ‘Before you do anything this morning you need to meditate.’ Sighing I got up, made myself a coffee, had a wee, brushed my teeth and settled down to meditate after drinking some water. Okay – it wasn’t the first thing I did…a girl’s gotta have boundaries and standards in place.

Now I’ve always had several flames within my heart that I use to transmute with. The Violet flame of transmutation has grown larger and become part of me, but this morning I found that the White flame of purification and cleansing had settled under my feet, as had the Green flame of truth, the Blue flame of peace and prosperity. Added to it was what I can only describe as an Amethyst flame – it is not as thick as the Violet flame - it is more translucent and ethereal. The Gold flame had also settled under my feet but was also in my root chakra. Strange sensation.

I made sure that any ties I might have collected were cut. I then called on Mother/Father God, Master Breath, Father Sun, Mother Moon and finally Mother Earth to bond with them. I felt a real buzz when I connected with Mother Earth – an excitement I’ve never felt before.

I played a while with the flames increasing and decreasing them. I also had to close my heart to traffic. I normally run negative energy through my heart through the flames. Instead I had to open my whole body and auric field. I was assured that when heart centred nothing would attach to me – it would simply move through me. I had to trust myself.

As I opened my third eye I found myself surrounded by a herd of negative/dark entities. Around them were pink, purple and scarlet angels. St Germain, Sananda, AA Michael, AA Chamuel and AA Zadkiel stood to one side watching.

Not sure what to do I looked around to find out why they were here. No-one moved or took me anywhere or gave me any indication of what to do. I gathered that I had to figure this out for myself. I’ve transmuted one at a time – not large groups at the same time.

I called Hephestemon, my gatekeeper, and he appeared in front of me with a bow and, ‘My lady.’ I hated it when he started doing this (or maybe he’s always done it). I don’t like being given homage like that – I’m as ordinary as the next person. I’ve gotten used to it now, but it still irks me somewhat. I didn’t want him to do anything I simply wanted his presence, ‘cos I feel safe with him.

I know that he would not let anything into my space unless there is a reason. I could see that despite my auric field surrounding some of this ‘herd’ of dark entities it was not having any effect. My auric field is approximately 50 feet.

I cannot really remember the whole sequence very well. I remember trying to use all the flames separately on groups within the herd but it didn’t work very well. At one stage I remember feeling the hope coming from these entities and I wasn’t able to give them what they wanted. I cried when I realised that all they wanted was forgiveness but I didn’t know how to do it in this new way.

‘Expand the flames to extend out to the size of your auric field,’ I heard. The flames were very close to my body surrounding only me.

That should be easy enough :) Yeah…right…

I tried physically pushing them out but nothing happened and it was quite exhausting. I tried using my brain to imagine the flames moving out…nothing. At one stage there was a slight movement and it connected with a few of the entities but was difficult to maintain.

Eventually I figured out that I had to allow within myself the idea that the flames could expand out to fill my auric field. I don’t know how to explain this. It is a sort of ‘knowing’.

I managed it for a few seconds. Haha…not enough to have an impression, but darn, it felt good.

I changed the music I was listening to and played U2 – felt I needed something stronger than gentle meditation music. I danced around the room with happiness.

Later on I sat outside in the sun and tried again. This time I managed it for about ten seconds. It sort of waivers and the front is more successful than the back area – I tend to forget about the back – I cannot see it. Practice, practice and more practice.

I have to be able to maintain it for at least two hours – gonna take a lot of practice. The angels are standing by to help out with those that go through the transmutation. So I have to practice extending the flames out and making sure I bring them back close to my body. This way I don’t walk down the street causing all kinds of mayhem with the flames.

Hehe…gotta get this right – don’t want to leave chaos behind me wherever I go. Maybe it’s a good thing it is difficult to extend the flames – imagine I forgot and went shopping.

After this very different work out I decided to play 'domestic goddess' and clean my house. Nothing like a little bit of physical activity to get the energy moving.

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