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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Silver flame and chakras

Uh oh…woke this morning to find another flame added – the Silver flame.

I was wondering about it yesterday – I gotta stop doing it.

I associate gold with a more masculine energy and silver with a more feminine energy – like the sun and the moon.

The Silver flame is grace and seems to be anchored in my sacral chakra.

This got me pondering whether each chakra is more male or female.

Root chakra is to do with survival – to me this seems more masculine and maybe this is why the Gold flame is anchored there. Not that only masculine is wise – but it feels like it is a more masculine energy.

Sacral chakra seems more feminine as it houses the creative and the Silver flame is anchored there. Silver is more feminine in nature.

On reflection I think solar plexus is to do with will seems more masculine and then the heart to do with love seems more feminine in nature.

Throat chakra could be masculine as it is about talking the truth which can be hurtful to some and third eye is more feminine. Crown is both.

Am I wrong in this assumption and simply making something up? Haha…maybe my wisdom flame is doing its thang…

Anyways…grace – could be interpreted in many ways, but as a Goddess in gumboots (thanks for that hilarious vision, Tara) I gotta say grace is something I need in bucket loads…physically, that is. I can be pretty clumsy – broken many a delicate thing in my life. In fact now that I think about this, I’ve probably been wearing gumboots all my life – even as a kid when my mother enrolled me in ballet classes, I used to clod-hop through everything. Tall, gangly and big footed. Athena seems more masculine, doesn’t she? This softer side to her is quite eye opening. But I suppose, it’s bringing all back into balance.

All I can say is that the Silver flame of grace has got a long hard job ahead of it :)

What I cannot figure out though is why anchor these flames in my chakras? Maybe I’m a stickler for what is right – red flame in the root chakra, cos it’s red, etc., so surely gold and silver would be higher aspects rather than lower aspects and would be part of the chakras above me, say 11 and 12 or some such.

Or maybe this is part of the 5D thingie – there is no such thing as lower chakras when we are in our 5D body. Curiouser and curiouser, eh?

I have discovered though, if I try and expand the flames to cover my aura, it gives me such a boost of energy I have to be active. Tried late yesterday afternoon and then had to climb on the cross trainer to work off the excess energy. I felt like a Duracell bunny.

So does this mean when I start doing it in real life, I gotta have my jogging shorts on and jog around the block to ‘cool off’? Oh gawd, what will two hours do when a few seconds already has me on a buzz? Doesn’t bear thinking about…so I’m gonna withdraw that thought and simply get on with practising and take each time as it happens. Or…maybe I’m supposed to do something with the energy beside burn it off. Hmmm…

Is anyone out there having similar experiences with flames?

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