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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Thursday, 18 August 2011


I sorta almost…almost unplugged in the early hours of this morning. Mainly because my work colleague fell ill. She tried not to disturb me during my ‘hour off’ but eventually knocked me awake to let me know that she had a tummy bug of some kind and what should she do.

Jeepers, how do you think quickly when pulled out of a deep sleep?

Anyways one of the other techs came down and took over and she went home. This threw me a little. Here I was sailing along happily and at the first bump I teeter and almost took a nose dive.

This is my first lesson in how to step down without lowering my vibration. The energy was too strong and spending all night in my company had nudged quite a bit to the surface for her. The only way to get it out was to ‘hoop and poop’. Although I’m not sure she’s gonna thank me at the moment. Sorry, sweetheart.

How come this happened last night and not the previous? Dunno – maybe the others are more resilient or maybe the energy is getting stronger daily.

The first clue I had about the partial unplugging was cramping in my feet as I slept this morning. It kept recurring until eventually I got up and went outside to sit in the garden and soak up some peace.

It was here that I pulled the flames close into my body, fully plugged back into 5D, cleared any ties and then slowly built ties again with 5D Mother Earth, the Grand Central Sun, etc. I made sure that each of these ties were balanced and I returned my love with gratitude. I encased myself and my aura in permeable unconditional love, imagined any negative energy flowing through me without attaching and then expanded the flames once again.

Then I simply sat and felt deep gratitude for everything in my life. This is easier now because of the blissful feeling. I know this sounds selfish, but the act of unplugging from 3D and no longer being in service by transmuting dense energies has made such a huge difference. It’s like lifting a heavy weight off my shoulders. It does feel strange, as I’ve been transmuting collective energies most of my life but consciously for more than 10 years. To be truthful I am thoroughly enjoying the sensation of being with me and having no other energy tugging at me.

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to do it but now that I am not, I’m relieved and quite amazed at how demanding a job it is. My thanks to those who’ve taken over and continue this important work.

Hehe…while in my peaceful world I heard a strange squeaking noise. I heard it a few times before I actually opened my eyes to find out what was causing it. My tabby cat was sitting on the path staring up at a Magpie in the apple tree next door. Its branches hang over into our garden. They were eyeing each other out. The Magpie fluffed its feathers and chattered back at her and in return she made the strange ‘prrt…prrting’ sound she does when we talk to her. Their conversation continued for a few minutes before she walked off and it flew away.

It made me smile as I watched this interaction and thought of the lamb lying down with the lion. My heart expanded and I could feel nature in a very strong way. It reminded me of the vision of 9D Athena with the world in her heart. I felt like the mother of everything and brought to mind her words (which again I didn’t share). She mentioned that she is one of the founding mothers in the new 5D world, which is why I had to unplug from 3D and be in 5D to welcome those moving up. I can sort of see it…in fact I can see it. I am aware that I’m different and I can feel that entity 3D Karen Cottle inside me but she is a small portion of who I am now. My expanding awareness of me is growing minute by minute.

I never mentioned this in my blog about Sunday night’s massage, ‘cos it’s private but I suppose my life is an open book these days.

As we lay together in the meditative state, hubby was lying with his head on my navel. He initially looked up in surprise and said, ‘Phew’. I wasn’t really aware at the time what was going on as I was floating, but he did get my attention and remember thinking this is what mothering is all about. It flashed through my mind that the navel is where we connect to our mothers when in the womb. I felt a blissful acceptance of hubby without judgement. In that acceptance I am also accepting myself. By accepting myself, I am allowing the unconditional love of the divine mother, which is me, to come through. This is what blew us away. I didn’t feel tearful as I have in the past. It was simply joy but not an overwhelming joy…more a gentle version.

I don’t really know if I’ve explained it very well. What I do know is that it healed, in that gentle joyful way, any mothering issues or lack of mothering both of us have had in all our lifetimes. I wasn’t aware what they were…I just knew that they were dissolving.

In being in that space I know what it is that we are all missing. We might not be aware of it but it is that loving part of us that we have lost contact with. It is not that we have lost our connection to ourselves and therefore Source. It’s never gone anywhere, it’s been there all the time waiting for that moment when we clear away the goo.

On seeing all the blogs today about mothering I knew that I had to share this. I do believe that many will experience what we’ve experienced. This simple act on Sunday has opened the memories in mine and hubby’s cells and each time I think of that beautiful space my body instantly responds with gratitude and love.

I wish I had a way with words like a poet…but even so, words cannot ever express the beauty of the world of 5D.

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