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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Flames of bliss

Whilst practising with the flames, I always find myself in a state of bliss.

I sometimes forget the flames are ‘out there’. I can get on with other things while flaming everything around me but get reminded by a twinge in the root area of my body. Twinge that I can only describe as pleasure – almost sexual in nature – but not really. I suppose it’s almost rapturously orgasmic.

When I came out of the flaming yesterday I didn’t want to lose the feeling so asked if I could resume my ‘normal’ day and the blissful feeling would stay. Athena said that blessing and feeling gratitude for everything that I ingest or that comes into my life will help.

I do normally do this, but I can forget when I get caught up in things.

‘Yes, you have. The difference is you must feel the emotion within you. Don’t simply say it – feel it.’

Over the years I have discovered that as I get to know and understand something, until it resonates within my body, I don’t really ‘get’ it. It is an intellectual knowing.

I’ve never really asked what it was all about until today.

It has taken me a while to realise that I have a fantastic opportunity at my fingertips with Athena around. I’ve become so used to figuring it out on my own that it has never crossed my mind to ask her. Of course, she did say that there are times when I will have to figure it out, so shouldn’t lose that ability – I need to keep exercising my logic muscle.

I was curious to know why despite feeling Athena inside me, my body doesn’t resonate with the ‘knowing’ of her.

Your cells haven’t fully accepted me. Once the cells in the body have released the blocks, I will be you. You know and understand who I am intellectually, but within your body there is as yet a full acceptance to come.

 It will happen with time – patience is needed.’

I then got all weepy and said that I am so sorry that I am so slow and thanked her for her patience.

No, sweetheart, you are the patient one. You are growing at a pace that is perfect for you. I marvel at your resilience and tenacity. You examine everything before accepting. Nothing gets past your radar unless you let it. That in itself is a wonderful growth tool. You are perfect as you are.

This really floored me – together with the words came a wave of unconditional love.

Higher Selves are working with each person at a pace that is perfect for them. There is no rush. Every one, just like you, is upset that they are not growing fast enough. Believing that your HS is working with you goes a long way to creating the peace within each individual. Beating yourself up over the slow pace pulls you out of that heart centred space. Heart centre is where you and I connect very deeply.’

I find it difficult to maintain that blissful or heart centred state when I go about my daily life.

Wishing for it, keeps pushing it away and it then remains exactly that – a wish. Accept that you are heart centred and the blissful feeling will remain.’

Again it’s practice, practice, practice until the body gets it. This probably means quite a bit of clearing within each individual cell. This releases the density within the body and allows it to move up in frequency.

She had asked me to disconnect from hubby. I normally cut all ties and then create balanced ties with hubby. I was advised to disconnect from my children a while ago. I did this without question but I asked her this morning why it was necessary.

Your husband has his own path to walk. Being connected to him distracts you and your energy from your own growth. It might seem harsh, but now is the time to concentrate on you and you only. I know in the past you have ‘carried’ your family and you have done a brilliant job. This was the contract between all of you. That contract is now completely obsolete.’

I realise that this is probably all part of the irritable feeling I have and the sniping between hubby and I. He is extremely sensitive lately and the slightest thing sets him off. He is feeling the withdrawal, as am I. All my energy is trying to settle in my body and I’m not used to it.

His HS is connecting with him – I can see the changes although he is not aware of it. So while he clears, he will be disgruntled.

Athena reminded me of the discussion on Friday in my blog Here there and everywhere –

She also mentioned that many of us are experiencing the flip between 5D and 3D. Most of us are thinking that we are ‘going back’ but we are not. Well, we are in a sense in that we are placed back in a situation in order to give us the opportunity to see it from a 5D perspective. Instead of looking at it from a 5D perspective I find myself slipping back into the usual 3D reaction – mainly because that is what my body and mind understand.

Athena says it will take a bit of energy to change this mindset but once our body and mind understand the difference it will come naturally. This is when things become effortless as we change the energy surrounding this situation and bring it into the 5D world.

I have to remember this when we have a sniping session and bring it into 5D frequencies to change the energies of difficulty.

A lot to take in…but I’ll get there – I have every confidence in myself. Previous experience and all that…

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Sue said...

A great read as ever, karen, thanks for your sharing. It really resonates with me and reflects my own experience with hubby at the moment.

Dramatic thunderstorm last night in Sussex wasn't it. Love to you, Sue aka Susanne from LW forum

Karen-Pallas said...

Hi Sue
Lovely to hear from you and thank you for your comment. Its kinda like wearing in a new pair of shoes :)
I don't recall any thunder - mainly torrential rain - almost monsoon like.