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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Here, there and everywhere

This feeling of couldn’t be bothered still permeates my day. And yet despite this, when I do something it seems so effortless. I must be going with the ‘flow’.

I sat down in meditation today to practice with the flames. In each chakra I now have a flame that has settled there for the last few days.

Solar plexus has the green flame of truth, heart has the blue flame of peace and prosperity, third eye has the amethyst flame and crown has white flame of purity and cleansing.

What about the throat – yeah…well, that is interesting as it has a tiny red flame in it. I didn’t really know what it meant as I’d never come across it before. Just accepted it was doing something.

I did ask the question today, after I had done the ‘flame on’ thing and expanded it out (without the red flame – I have noticed it doesn’t take part). While I was flaming everything around me, I forgot I couldn’t go far and landed up flaming the whole Earth…hehe.

I asked Athena about the red flame. She explained it had to do with ‘survival’ but not survival in the sense that we know it. It is more a 5D flame that helps us to reach beyond the 3D version of survival. In other words it allows us to see beyond living from hand to mouth as we have done in this world and to see that no matter what we will always survive. Our souls can never die. This frees us up to face that which we don’t want to face because of our ‘survival instinct’. It is the phoenix rising out of the destruction.

I think what she means for me is this. I have been wondering how I will fit into what they are requesting of me. In red flaming my throat (from which we speak the truth) in conjunction with the solar plexus (will centre) where the flame of truth currently resides, I am allowing my 5D self to take over and with the 5D self driving this physical vehicle, no harm will come to me.

That is a tall order but the more it clears, the more I can see how it is possible.

She also mentioned that many of us are experiencing the flip between 5D and 3D. Most of us are thinking that we are ‘going back’ but we are not. Well, we are in a sense in that we are placed back in a situation in order to give us the opportunity to see it from a 5D perspective. Instead of looking at it from a 5D perspective I find myself slipping back into the usual 3D reaction – mainly because that is what my body and mind understand.

Athena says it will take a bit of energy to change this mindset but once our body and mind understand the difference it will come naturally. This is when things become effortless as we change the energy surrounding this situation and bring it into the 5D world.

I discovered something of this today.

The synchronicity of doing something in 5D and then realising it fits in so beautifully with the 3D version with no effort whatsoever.

I do so love this interplay between 3D and 5D now that I can see it.

As I sat in the garden doing this I smelt the most amazing incense burning. I have no idea where it came from. I was in such a state of bliss together with this gorgeous smell. We are indeed looked after but it is up to us to accept it and trust. It is the lack of trust in ourselves that has put us in the positions we are in. Nothing wrong with that – we’ve had lessons to learn.

I pulled the flames back into my body. The feeling is rather strange, but comforting as well. It’s kinda like opening your arms and expanding…like stretching and stretching and then simply relaxing as the flames come back to fit around your body like a perfect glove.

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