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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

5D Mastery

Since my revelation yesterday about being in 5D permanently, I have been connecting with 5D Mother Earth. I cannot tell you how different this energy is and keeps me in a state of happiness and on an even keel.

I’ve done this because, as Sue mentioned, we have disconnected from the 3D matrix and have plugged into the 5D matrix. I’m not sure why I didn’t figure this out for myself?

I woke today after a fabulous sleep to feel the full potential of the new world around me. The difference is that this energy does not have the slight underlying sense of ‘no, this is not possible’. Maybe it is me – I have cleared so much that I can actually feel the energy waiting to be used - but I don’t think so.

The buzz that I felt the other day when I connected to Mother Earth is the same buzz I feel now. I must have connected then without realising I was doing it. Now I am consciously connecting and staying plugged into 5D.

How is it different? It is early days, but I have noticed that the Kundalini energy is not as strong, almost as though when in 3D it had to burn quite a bit away, whereas now it is a far more gentle energy. I still feel the fire burning up and down my body on occasion but it is less intense.

My sleep today has been very deep and totally undisturbed but cannot say whether it will continue to be so.

One thing Athena has ‘discussed’ with me is mastering our energy.

In this new 5D world, we are novices at mastering our energy in the new way. Basically, our energy is our own and we are not to give it to others or plug into others. This is why she and Lighted Loving have been stressing the need to cut ties for a while. As soon as we give away our energy or plug into others, we will return to 3D.

We are now in control of our energy on ALL fronts, whether positive or negative. She mentioned that there will be no sitting around waiting for the angels to transmute any disturbances in our energy fields – this is our job. We can ask the angels to assist, but ultimately it is up to us. As she said, ‘Do you think the Ascended Masters sit around waiting for an angel to help? No, of course they don’t. They take full responsibility for all their energy and what they create.’

This is taking back our power and being fully in mastery and managing our own energy. Simply waiting for another entity to do it for us is falling back into 3D victim consciousness.

I believe that transmuting any slight negative hiccups will be quick and easy, unless you are not familiar with doing it yourself. This will be a learning curve that might flip you back into 3D. But don’t despair because it is a learning curve of fun. In 5D the focus is on having fun with our ‘studies’.

We will be able to have fun as there is no denseness to hijack us, unless it is our own stuff.

The potentials of what we can do is all around waiting to be discovered. This is so exciting – like Christmas morning unwrapping all the glittering pressies. I have not felt this kind of excitement since I was a kid.

What I have discovered too whilst meditating is that my masculine and feminine aspects are no longer standing next to each other. It seemed almost as though, despite them standing together, there was a large chasm between them. Today I found them intertwined and on the way to full integration. The light glowing off them is very bright. I feel this same intertwining with hubby and I over the last four days.

5D or 6D Athena is not around lately. I assume she is part of me and learning to drive this body with me. I keep getting 9D Athena appearing and ‘talking’ to me.

Another discovery – when I started practising with expanding the flames a while ago, I was advised to allow the negative energy to move through my whole body instead of only through my heart. I have found out why. In 5D as we move around the world any negative 3D energy will simply flow through us. We all know that we are not solid beings as we are made up of energy. Each atom that makes us has huge spaces between them. Basically any negative energy is an energy that will simply move between the spaces of our 5D selves. It will only attach if we allow it to and this will only happen if we vibrate at a lower frequency because of our beliefs. Again this is mastery of our energy fields.

I know this is possible because I don’t shield or protect myself these days.

I was curious to know whether, when we step into the 3D world in a lower vibration, it will mean that we pick up any negative energy around. She said it might until we understand how to step down in frequency without vibrating at a lower rate. But that is a lesson for another day.

All very exciting, isn’t it? I am like a kid in a sweet shop.

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