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Saturday, 30 July 2011

A smorgasbord of nationalities

This blog has been running around in my head for months, but I have never written it up, cos I thought it was irrelevant to anyone else. I now understand that it is possibly relevant to many.

Bear with me as I waffle on about hubby and I…there is a point to this :)

Hubby and I, two years ago decided to join the Ancestry website so we could trace our ancestry. My mom and his aunt had done a bit already but something was not quite right. His aunt maintained that the Cottle family were from Wales and yet when we went on holiday to Cornwall in 2008 we stumbled onto the place she was talking about. This confused us ‘cos we were wondering if there were two of them in the UK. She also skimmed over the ‘other’ nationalities that made themselves known as we dug deeper.

Well, did we uncover quite a smorgasbord – especially for hubby. Malaysian slave, Black slave, Cornish, Russian Jew and German. Me – simply Europeans – Danish, Spanish, Scottish and English.

I am sure there are many in the world with a similar smorgasbord. Why the relevance?

Many years ago I did a course with Caroline Muis – she maintains that when we are born, the nation that we are born into instantly cords into us through the root chakra, downloading all the information to do with that nationality. My question is this – do we carry this with us through each lifetime or simply for that lifetime.

What a united nations of warfare hubby must have going on inside himself. Each one of those nations do not get on with each other. It is no wonder he is so volatile. He is resolving this slowly but surely.

My mother was horrified when we decided to get married. She was upset because I was marrying someone with a touch of the ‘tar brush’. In South Africa during the apartheid times this was a taboo. Hubby was classed as ‘white’ but his extended family – cousins and so on are very, very dark.

I, as usual, didn’t listen to what anyone else had to say. I simply forged forward and finally got my own way. When I fell pregnant, the sniping started again, ‘You’re going to have a black baby and then how will you bring it up in the climate of South Africa. Children like that don’t fit in anywhere.’

Again, I disregarded her moaning and consternation. My children are beautiful no matter what colour their skin. I have one dark haired, dark skinned daughter and a blonde fair haired boy. I love them both.

Since living in England, hubby’s skin has lightened without the sun. When we arrived in England in 1998 we went to register in Westbourne Park in London which is predominantly Middle Eastern. While waiting for our number to be called, one of the men approached hubby and struck up a conversation, chatting away in his language. Hubby’s face was a picture – he finally shrugged and said in English, ‘I have no idea what you are saying, I’m not Arabic.’ Hehe…we still laugh about this today.

Now to the whole point of this blog. How many of us have had a past life in a stressful situation where we were attacked or maimed by someone from another nation or part of a war where a whole nation attacked us? This would then create a fear that would follow us through from lifetime to lifetime and help us form opinions of another nation. Our view and perception would be so strongly coloured by this emotion that we wouldn’t be able to see what the real truth is.

As each one of us clears these past life perceptions and resolves the inner conflict within ourselves of all our ancestral genes, we become the inhabitors of the new earth. We cannot become part of the new world until these conflicts are resolved.

Maybe Galactic Command is a good example of many species working together in harmony, each with their own flavour and ability that adds to the beautiful world. Why not embrace the differences and love each other for who they are inside rather than look at the outer shell? The outer shell is not the true essence of any human BEing. The outer shell is merely an actor/actress dressed for a part in a play. And this includes those that are supposedly suppressing us. No-one can suppress us without our consent.

We, as lightworkers, are here to bring into the light those darker or more negative aspects that need clearing in the world. But…let us also focus on the delight of being happy, in love and show the world that each one of us on earth has a beautiful space in their heart waiting to be found and nurtured.

I thank each one of the people who has touched my life, without you I would never be where I am now.

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