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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Byron Bay and Wallis Caves

More places we visited on our 2012 Australian holiday.

Byron Bay is a very pretty town, very commercialised, but nonetheless great fun.

We went to the market whilst there. Don't ask me what happened to the photos - all we seem to have are beach pictures.

We came across a biltong stall run by a South African. Whilst chatting it turns out that he originally lived in Muizenberg, Cape Town and went to school with my cousins. Greg and I built a wooden house opposite the high school and he recalls watching it being built! How's that for six degrees of separation?

We don't have many photos as our camera battery died on us.

It was here at the Wallis Caves that the last of the ceremonies occurred.

Extract from Third Ceremony -

"Today is Saturday.

I’ve been wondering when the third ceremony would be held. I was told that it would be Thursday, Friday and Saturday and I mistakenly thought it was three days in a row…but it seems not.

We are in the car driving back to Sydney. Yesterday we went to the Jenolan caves, which is a sacred site for the Aboriginals…it was great and I loved it. Sorta reminded me of the Cave of Fairies in France that we went to last year.

Thursday night we went to watch our daughter’s partner play rugby. Whilst we were there I noticed that through the deeply anchored energy that hubby and I had, we seemed to be pulling energy out of the earth up through our bodies and out our crown. I tuned in out of curiosity and discovered that we were pulling out the negative sexual energy and it was being transmuted through our bodies.

This continued through yesterday. We were all out of sorts and I was feeling homesick and uncomfortable.

But this morning when I woke, it had stopped and I was feeling really great.

We are stopping on our way to Sydney at the Wall Cave. As we are driving I tuned in to find out what will happen when we arrive at the cave. It is a 1 km walk from where we park the car…so plenty of time to tune into nature.

I found myself at the cave surrounded by all 24 of the ancients. They greeted me with the words, ‘You honour us with your presence.’


This was a change in attitude from the previous times. The guardians of Australia haven’t been too friendly and the ancients didn’t seem much friendlier. I now realise that they are serious rather than unfriendly.

I asked why the change in attitude and was told that now they are sure and we are ready.


What popped into my head was something that I recall vaguely happening during the course of the week. I had fully integrated with 6D Athena…it was this full integration that was the final piece of the puzzle put into place before the last ceremony could be held.

We bowed to each other and then I stood in the centre of their circle and held my arms up to the sky. A bolt of energy came down and touched the tip of my fingers and sizzled its way down my body and into the ground. It shot out to all the ancients looking like the spoke of a wheel. I heard them collectively give a sigh. The energy continued to pulse and as I am sitting in the car typing this I can feel it.

It started off as white energy and then slowly changed to bluish-purple and eventually silver was added. Hubby came up and stood back to back with me and raised his arms in the same way. His colours were initially gold, then reddish orange.

I believe it is something to do with the upper chakras and the lower chakras meeting and balancing in the middle where the heart is...hence male and female balancing once again."

Byron Bay

Wallis Caves