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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Our rings and other incidents

Our brave daughter

Our rings are ready!! We got the phone call late yesterday afternoon. We are going to collect them tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to see what they have done with them. I wrote a blog about the symbolism - So tired.

This weekend has been both hard and exhilarating.

Yesterday my daughter and I skyped for 3 hours. Her partner had injured his neck playing rugby so she was alternating between talking to me and tending him, as he was in agony from the pain.

She eventually persuaded him to go to the A&E and after hours of waiting to see a doctor, discovered he has broken his neck! They are currently on their way by ambulance to a Sydney hospital.

I was rather tearful when I got off the computer and had a nice long bath and cried forever. I do miss her so much and wish I could be there with her now.

Before she left the UK, she’d been humming and hah-ing about leaving home for two years. She wanted to go on a Gap Year and do something worthwhile but couldn't decide what. Finally one day she decided, that’s it…I’m going and booked her ticket.

I recall the day before she left on her ‘Great Adventure to Oz’ two and a half years ago - a very tearful day that the two of us spent reminiscing about her time with us. She made the statement, ‘Mom, I don’t think I am coming back and I’m not going to see you guys for a while.’ That made us both cry.

How do you tell your daughter you think she is right and not interfere with her destiny? As I didn't want her to have this fear hanging over her head, I merely said to her that she didn’t really know that was true and besides she had a return ticket for the following year.

She was right with her premonition…she has settled in Australia permanently. We’ve gotta let our little ones go, when the time is right, to spread their wings and experience life.

Right now I want to hold her in my arms so she can cry, but I do know she needs this time away to grow without interference and find her feet :-(

Blubbery sigh

I’ve also had a huge breakthrough in energy last night and again this morning, so much so that my poor little laptop is having difficulty keeping up. She couldn’t understand how to save this document. Took a great deal of patience to persuade her she could.

I had the weirdest dream last night…I was both the observer, the narrator, the person ‘doing’ and the attacker (yeah - a zombie!) as well as in the past present and future at the same time. Very strange experience and yet incredibly profound because this morning I felt like I’d released so much.

Much more happened this morning with hubby and I…but not going to write about it as hubby gets a little embarrassed.

So all in all…a very intense weekend…but the upside is - I am still standing and so are they :-)

May our daughter and her partner be blessed with much healing and love.

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