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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Monadic entities?

I have entered the fourth day of bliss. I had a bit of a hiccup yesterday as I’d worked the night before and as usual was too tired to sleep. But hubby came to bed very early with me last night and held me while I fell asleep and it was so soothing that I slept like a baby all night.

This morning we connected once again and the state of bliss has escalated. Because we go into a meditation of love making, we have taken away the tension associated with brain ‘sex’ and are finding that we can relate to each other far better. Each time we connect I am clearing any tensions held within me by using EFT and as a result I am having so many insights.

One of them is that I’m beginning to understand we are monadic entities.

A few months ago when I first realised that there were elementals involved in the workings of our body I was shown a visual of…what I thought was a plant. It was a curled leaf of an odd shape. Slowly it unfurled and as it did so I could see that each segment that made up the leaf was an entity.

Elementals are one element of an energy. Such as air, water, earth and fire. Our bodies are made up of these elements too and because we come from the Earth and return to the Earth…this kind of makes sense.

Later as I watched a bee flying from flower to flower I realised there was an elemental with it. I could sense that even though the elemental looked like it was part of the bee, it wasn’t. It was a symbiotic relationship. I thought at the time that the elemental was looking after the bee…and of course it was…but underneath there is so much more going on.

As our bodies renew, rejuvenate and work there are elementals assisting with this, but yesterday and today I realised something else.

Each biological cell is an elemental too. So when our mother’s egg was fertilised by our father’s sperm (which were made up of very tiny elementals) that ‘single cell’ divided and divided until there were eight…which form the original 8 cells that remain forever at the base of our spine. Everything grows from those 8 cells.

8 is the infinity symbol.

I have been seeing this infinity symbol everywhere recently and knew that there had to be a reason for it.

We are energy, and therefore made up of different elements of energy.

So when parts of our body are not working to their optimum it simply means that, as we incarnate into each body, those elementals that make up our body are also here to learn and understand different energy. They too, are working their way back to being in love.
Which I did learn a while ago but didn’t quite understand so didn’t bother to write about it. The other thing that I didn’t understand was how the elementals are also working their way back from the dark/negative cycle. I always thought the elementals did not have that problem… I was told that not all had agreed to be part of this...only some.

When, for example, our dead skin cells slough off…it is a bunch of very tiny elementals that have come to the end of their ‘learning and understanding’. The tiniest of animals – bees or ants or small insects – live for a short time only, whereas other larger animals live far longer. The same with our cells – some live for a day and others live for years and are finally replaced by other elementals.

This kinda ties in with the idea that we are not as dense as we think…and we can in fact walk through walls, etc. The only problem is that our beliefs…stop us from doing that. We can in fact morph into whatever we want, but because we as the Soul and the body as the monad for the elementals are here to learn and understand, we have limited ourselves to only being as we are.

I am not sure if I am making any sense at all.

So releasing the dense energy that has settled in our cells (elementals) we are changing the elemental from a negative of fear to a positive of love.

So when the drug companies isolate a single element from a plant to make a drug, they are in fact removing the elemental from its natural state of being in unity to that of working alone. And this is what makes plants much more successful at healing than drugs. Drugs cause side effects because only one element is being used instead of the whole element/plant which will address everything ‘wholistically’.

I recall Barbara Brennan saying that her guide had said that if someone is taking a drug, it should be tailored to that persons use. She’d been guided to give one of her patients a diary of how much and he should take and when.

I understand that sometimes we need this to kick start or shock us into change.

Even though we are not aware of it, we are the elements (aspects or small sparks) of a monadic entity for whom we are gathering information and experiences.

We therefore have entities within entities within entities ad infinitum – infinity.

All these years when I have been transmuting energy within and around me…I have been transmuting elementals from their distorted version of fear back into their true version of love.

I must admit that recently I’d been slightly confused about this and had stopped transmuting energy. Instead I had been sending it up to the Angelic Realms for transmutation.

I see now that this has freed me up to see the ‘bigger’ picture as constantly transmuting what was in front of me was taking up a lot of my energy and time.

When we have healing or take essences or anything along those lines, it reminds the elemental holding the negative energy, what it once was – this is a reflection of us remembering who we are.

In our 3D world have been working in unison with everything around us to create the feeling of separation.

As we move back into unity consciousness of love, this is the time that we realise how much we have all been working together.

All of this makes me think of fractals.

We seem so complex and yet it is so simple.

As usual I started to doubt what I was understanding, so I was guided to this website which reinforced what I’ve seen and understood. http://www.multidimensions.com/Conscious/con_thoughts_hierarchy.html

And once again I am reminded of the video I did in October 2011 when I introduced Aeolus. In Part 2 he tells us that we are the ones in charge of the elements, such as the wind, storms, etc. It is our unity consciousness that creates catastrophes. We can make a difference by communicating as individuals with the elements and asking for help, such as asking the wind elementals to pollinate the trees and plants, or to clear out the pollution from the air you are breathing, etc. We are Mother Earth...and she is us.

Ain't nature grand...and how amazing are we?

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