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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Maju Stone and Blessing

This Maju has been called into being, to serve as a reminder and as well as an expression of the potential that resides in both of you. This potential is as well growing and expanding in relation to your re-affirmation of your commitment to continue to walk together in this life.

The Maju firstly expresses the energies and spirit of the stone beings and the wooded ones. Stone and wood are the elements used throughout the world to build homes with. Your re-affirmation is in relationship to the home you have both built together. Not so much the physical home but rather an energetic home that you both dwell in together.

The stone speaks of foundational energies and the wood speaks of the growing energies. This particular wooded spirit is called heartwood. This is the wood from the core or heart of a tree. So foundation and heart (expansion) are key elements in this Maju and your life.

The Maju speaks about your present foundation. As you go into this renewal of your commitment the Maju assists in areas of strength and areas where work is needed. As with all relationships we are constantly growing, expanding, contracting. Within these movements your center is where you truly sit. From this center you both have the opportunity to see clearly that which is working and that which is shifting. To commit to walking forward together is an awesome time for change. Potential shifts are available especially working in union and similar desire.

We will now speak of the heartwood. The shape of this side you will notice is carved as a horse’s head. The Golden Tigers eye is in the position of the horse’s eye. The energies that the horse speaks of are that of connectedness to the Earth (powerful when aware of this). In this case the horse speaks of your connection to yourself and to each other. Being aware of the powerful expression and potential that is. The opportunity is there to see a clearer picture of what that looks like and in this a deeper understanding is as well available to you both.

The Golden Tigers eye represents and vibrates to layers. It guides one to look at the many layers or aspects with a higher perception or view. Often one looks at themselves, each other through sometimes clouded eyes. The Tigers eye encourages one to use the greater sight. We all have the ability to see through eyes not blinded by old wounds, judgement, etc. This is the message of the Tigers eye.

Combined with the horse’s energy and the powerful Earth connection horses have. It speak of the potential to be in the now and to use your higher vision to view any aspects that need attending. The other medicine of horse is its connection to the wind spirits. Its mane and tail express this as it gallops across the Earth. The quality or message of the wind is the allowing of free flow in your relationship. The winds blow freely unhindered reminding us to allow ourselves to be as free.

If this is applied to yourselves it gives room for peace to be present under any circumstances. The winds blow away that which does not have a solid and true foundation. The energies of the horse and wind suggest to you both to allow that which no longer serves you to be blown away upon the winds. 

On the opposite side of the horse’s head, deer bone has been inlayed. Deer reminds one of gentleness and compassion when seeking the Divine within. The Divine being your authentic self. The journey inward or knowing oneself requires gentleness and compassion. Beginning with oneself which enables one to then apply that truly and authentically to others. The deer inlay speaks of this energy in your relationship and as well it is as a pillar or column. This is present. Awareness can be brought to this as it will strengthen any relationship.

We now move onto the stone being. The stone is black Soapstone. It speaks of the void or place of unlimited possibilities and opportunities. Why this is important to your foundation (home) is now you both can draw from this place that is within you and apply it to your re-affirmation.

 From the side where the Turquoise and Silver is set, it appears to be a figure with a hood over its head. This represents a veil so to speak. The ability to clear the veil to see a more clearer picture of oneself and then to both of you as committed individuals walking this life together. Coming first from each of you and then being brought together in the expanding potential that is your foundation of your union.

This is accomplished as expressed by the Turquoise through a clear and uncluttered heart. The Turquoise looks like a clear blue sky. When you gaze upon a vast prairie blue sky you inwardly relax as you are not focusing on anything in particular. These are the energies of this side of your Maju. To remember to unfocus your gaze, to relax and allow for the messages of your heart’s true expression.

When relaxed and at peace we allow for our true selves to be seen. Rather a more natural state of being comes forth.

The Silver speaks of your sensitivity. To relax allows clearer perception and understanding as we all are naturally sensitive. Learning to recognise and strengthen this quality helps to clarify areas of confusion and stress. The stone beings remind one of the gift that stillness brings. 

This side of your Maju speaks of heart as your foundation in this relationship. Be willing to honestly look at your hearts to know what does and does not serve your continued journey together.
The symbols on both sides are for you to ponder. As they are codes specifically for you both and for your continued discovery of who you are. Work with them as you will in your own time. Trust your feelings and intuition.

You will notice the red pipestone inlay. It is pipestone dust/epoxy mixture. This energy swims throughout both sides expressing the energies of respect, honour of oneself and all life. If allowed to be, a natural flow to all aspects of life does unfold and manifest. One could say it is at the heart of the matter. When understood within ones journey, an ease will be noticed. Ease with who you are, ease with others, ease with the world and its many complexities.

To truly honour oneself or another is to do so unconditionally. Without need or judgement, want or conditions. Love then truly flows blessing all that is all that you are and all that you will be.

Journey well together, you both have an opportunity for a deepening of your understanding of what it means to commit to another in this journey of life. Walk together allowing the winds of the great mystery to dance between you. Allowing your individuality and uniqueness to bless and strengthen your journey together.

Blessed Be to you both

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