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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Sacral chakra

The beautiful Maju carving made of stone and wood is tremendously powerful.

To read the explanation and blessing go to Maju page.

Every time I meditate with it, I can feel my sacral chakra react. I start off holding it up to my heart but as I slip into a deep meditative mode my hands seem to slip down and when I come out of it, I find my hands and the Maju resting over my sacral.

I’ve tried putting it against different chakras…but the sacral is the one it interacts the most with.

I can see when the sacral is activated by it…the energy moves up into the heart and a column of orange/pink/green is created.

This makes sense to me as the heart and the sacral are at the core of our relationships with the world around us. One is about love and the other is about creating. Of course I am not saying that all the other chakras are not part of this…they are.

But as we move forward into the era of LOVE…our sacral chakras are storing so much of our 3D sexual traumas (and this includes the breast area) that we are now having to turn our attention to its clearing...in order to fully embrace unconditional love.

I just want to give an explanation about the differences that you see in tantra.

Some tantra practices lead you up to the edge of an orgasm and then you have to control it through breathing, etc. You keep hitting the edge and then backing off, mostly because then the energy builds and you create an overpowering full body orgasm…or what is known as ‘peak’ orgasm or DOing.

Whereas this cooler, more relaxing version of tantra that we practice nowadays together with Karezza, allows you to relax into the sex completely and gives your bodies a chance to take over and talk to each other.

Having tried all of the different versions above, I can say with certainty that the current form of lovemaking is far more ground-breaking…I am not knocking anything else. They all had their place in leading us to where we are now and I am very grateful for the opportunity that was afforded to us. And everyone is where they are, which is perfect at any given moment in time. And certainly a while ago 'hot' sex was perfect for us...and still seems to be at times. But what I have noticed is the tension is creates not only in the body but also the manifestation of it in my outer world.

The penis itself is a healing tool and will work its magic, if given a chance. It doesn’t matter whether the man suffers with premature ejaculation, inability to have an erection or any other so-called judgements that we place upon men. Given the chance to relax into the moment, the penis takes on a life of its own. It knows what it should be doing when the brain is not involved. The brain has always dictated what we ‘should’ be doing during sex and as a result we have become de-sensitized or insensitive to the subtle states of BEing that our bodies can achieve.

When men worry about being too small or something along those lines…it places the burden of anxiety upon them. A penis, given the ability to make its own decisions without any interference, will become as it should be and it will ‘fit’ perfectly into that specific vagina it is making love with.

This whole relaxing thing goes for the vagina too. If the vagina is not being ‘pounded’ into submission, it too will relax and welcome the penis into it. Otherwise it tends to tense up and create a negative space for the penis. It is treating each other with respect and understanding the sacredness of what is occurring.

I must also add something in here - hubby (as my soul-mate) was never into any of this. I created my own reality and in this reality he became a part of my understanding of the lovemaking that was occurring and responded without realising. So it is possible that we can, through our inner relationship with ourself, create something beautiful. Everything that went 'wrong' I tapped for for myself, rather than him and in this way I took responsibility for my reality...and changed it. Our relationship with ourself is takes form or is expressed in our relationships with others.

So, if you move into a new relationship, instead of getting angry and irritated with your sexual partner, have a look at your own energy...which is more than likely causing the problem. This took me a long time to understand.

When both are relaxed and in tune with each other, it becomes a beautiful dance of blissful energy – or a low valley orgasm. But until you actually experience this, it is merely knowledge in the brain. Once the body ‘gets’ it…there is no turning back…well mostly there is no turning back :-)

The penis and vagina are very intelligent and know what needs doing, and with the intelligence of the heart involved, it can only lead to the most beautiful of experiences. When the brain gets involved…all it wants is the goal of orgasm and will achieve it any way possible. When things get stagnant, the brain seeks out more and more outlandish versions to give itself a ‘high’...and then we land up having to resort to Viagra, etc. to be in that 'perfect' state that the brain wants.

Rather...this relaxed form of lovemaking promotes the meditation of love – which takes you into your heart and not your head.

It is not easy quietening the brain as hubby and I have discovered. But perseverance really pays off.

Throughout this whole period I have used tapping which has been invaluable. I am very grateful to Jen (on FB) for finding this website that Gary Craig has started as there is a great deal of confusion about EFT/tapping. Have a look at it – EFT.

I use the tapping in my mind as hubby and I are working through things during lovemaking, as I am able to feel the different emotions stored within my vagina and can therefore release them. Hubby is very patient because he knows it benefits him as well as me. I never realised how much I have stored...yikes.

We decided to have an orgasm yesterday…oh my, did it fall flat. We were both so tired (as well as crabby and irritable) afterward that we spent most of the day and night sleeping.

Hmm…we would never have known this unless we tried it ourselves...and sometimes ya need to go back to find out how far you've come...hehe...pun intended :-)

Sigh…now we gotta build up that beautiful energy once again.

Anyways…the Maju stone elementals have requested that I make some essences with this energy…which is extremely potent. I will do so when we are in France.

As I was writing this, a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly landed on me, blessing me with its grace and presence.

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