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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 30 April 2012

Full to the brim

I’m going to mow the lawn today as the sun is finally shining. We’ve had so much rain lately I feel like a water rat.

I’ve been asked several times…how do you know when you are in 5D? Truth is I don’t really know. It feels different to 3D. Lighter brighter and peaceful.

The only way I can describe it is this…when you’re in the midst of chaos in your life, things are not going great or you feel some kind of negative emotion…deep down inside yourself there is this peaceful state that seems to exist.

Take a minute to stop and really feel that peace within yourself, you might find it in an unexpected place, such as your legs…and then imagine it moving out to fill your body, your auric field and out into the world around you.

Do this several times a day…start with small steps.

This is what I do and I’ve found it very successful. Doesn’t stop negative emotions coming up for clearing but the more you and your body recognise the peaceful state, the easier it will be to slip into it when you need to.

This is also a good way of figuring out what is yours and what belongs to the collective.

How many suffer with headaches? It could be a number of causes…but mostly it is from the collective. We tend to take on everyone else’s energy and then it overloads our system because we hold it in ourselves and don’t move it on. It’s all part of the martyr/saviour complex that many of us suffer from.

Make the intention that any negative energy from the collective (which includes family and friends) will move through you and not into you. Imagine this several times a day so your body gets the idea.

We don’t need to save the world anymore by taking on everyone’s negative energy. All on earth has the same access to the new energy and change like we do.

I’ve been told to stop transmuting for the collective but being me I’ve pretty much ignored my own instructions and have recently received a whiplash from attempting to do so. Because it’s always been second nature for me to do the transmuting, I automatically do it.   

I was told to stop this last year and I did, but lately I find myself slipping back into doing the collective thing again…mainly because I did it in Australia when the digestive thing came up.

I can guide, support, share or hold out a hand…but no more propping others up and doing their work for them.

I had a reaction to this the other day and it made me feel so ill. Literally thought I was going to faint, was hot and cold for hours afterward. The negative energy made me feel ill…which surprised me because it’s not something that has bothered me before. It took a while to centre myself.

But even then I didn’t take much notice of the instruction…until it happened again yesterday. It’ a bit like being zapped by a taser, although I have no idea what that is like, but can imagine.

Alrighty…I get the message…no more transmuting for the collective.

As I am acknowledging and writing this down I can feel my body relaxing into a peaceful state. A sigh of relief makes its way out of my lungs. Blimming heck...

I’ve also experienced two flashes of anger over the last week, both of which also made me feel terrible. The vast difference between living in love and living in fear/anger is huge and I really felt the drop in my energy when the anger flashed through me. So much so that I felt quite depressed afterward and it took a while to get my energy back to what it was.

I need to focus my attention on creating, anchoring and reinforcing the new sexual matrix…and in this the negative has no place. Hehe..such hardship…

Both of us are entering really deep quiet places before cementing the sacred union. Hubby is changing radically…I know the reason, but being me I have been sceptical and asked for proof. But this is his story to tell if he wants.

One thing I have noticed more and more…hubby seems to be the key that unlocks or opens parts of me that I never knew existed. It’s puzzled me for a while…because in my own right I am an independent strong woman…so wasn’t sure how this fitted into the whole scheme of things…and surely I can do this on my own…always have done.

Oh…okay…what I am getting is that our masculine and feminine aspects within are interlocking pieces that are part of each other, without one the other is out of balance. The twin-flame thing is a manifestation of this outwardly and we have incarnated in physical form to anchor and cement this aspect into the matrix…so that it is manifested outwardly and inwardly.

Within each one of us, we are our own twin-flame. Our male and female aspects need to come together in balance so that we may live harmoniously. The masculine aspect is the key that unlocks the secret hidden aspects of the feminine. So sacred union within ourselves is the most important part of our work…

You don’t have to bend yourself into a pretzel, breathe in the correct manner, have the ideal music or ambience to experience the profound experience of lovemaking. It is the fun, the happiness, the willingness to love each other, the enjoyment you get from each other’s company. All of these add up to a pleasurable experience.

Keep practising…we do and it gets better with practice.

We’ve been together for 27 years…you’d think sex would get boring…but it doesn’t and it is not as though we use any special toys or positions or anything outside of ourselves. We tap into that deeper aspect of ourselves and this makes it ten times more enjoyable…we love each other as fully as we are able. It is the pleasure and love that make the orgasm far more. When this energy moves out it’s like waves or ripples.

We’ve reached a stage where we are so in sync (mostly…but sometimes not) that I can actually feel the sensations that hubby feels…and he feels mine and it is this that pushes us past what we ‘know’ as the norm.

But…and I am being asked to stress this…you don’t need a partner to experience this beautiful union within yourself. Loving yourself is the most important…

Imagine it and bring it into your world. Hold the vision and work on clearing yourself and bring yourself into balance and see how much better your world will get.

It is an honour to be part of the changes and sometimes I feel like I am full to the brim and overflowing.

I salute all the men and women out there.

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