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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 23 April 2012

We are what we believe

Athena has asked me to write this…so I think that this is meant for me as much as anyone else :-)

We are what we believe. What we believe is our truth…and therefore with these beliefs have created our world.

There is no getting away from it.

If you believe the world is harsh…then harsh it is.

If you believe that relationships don’t work…then they don’t work.

If you believe in conspiracies…then everywhere will be conspiracies.

How much of our energy do we give away with these beliefs that we claim are true?

We all bemoan the fact that change is difficult – and so it is - because we believe it.

Think about the beliefs you held one, two or ten years ago. How differently do you feel these days?

This is as it should be…there is no right or wrong.

But the time is here when we manifest what we believe instantly…no time lapse. This in itself is a good thing. It will show us what old outdated beliefs we are harbouring.

Now to the change of the beliefs held within.

It is a process of changing a habit. How many of us have tried to change a habit only to give up saying it is too hard. Is it?

If, for example, there is a problem between you and another person, ask yourself whose energy is creating this antagonism? If your energy is involved in this…you are as responsible as the other person. Once your energy field is clear, there is nothing for the antagonism to attach to.

Have you ever noticed that someone who is quite feisty and overboard, has been different in the company of someone else? The reason is that the other person has no issues which rise to the surface to create the ruckus between them…and yet with you there is always a ruckus.

Our beliefs lead us to believe that it takes a while to make the changes. It takes a great deal of courage to make these changes.

A very fine example is hubby and I.

For years we were on the opposite side of the boxing ring. Amongst our many issues one of them was we couldn’t agree how to raise our children. I was all for alternative education and he didn’t understand this. He kept asking what was wrong with ‘normal’ schooling. I stood my ground, but he wasn’t happy. A few years later, he conceded that the decision was a good one.

But still we fought on. I was more lenient and he was very strict. We were constantly at loggerheads. I blamed everything and I mean everything on him…and being the obliging man that he is and having been brought up with the belief that as the man, it is his duty to take all the crap on his shoulders, he did.

I was also a tough hard and cynical woman…very masculine, having been brought up by my mother to be independent. She always said to me that I should never depend on a man, like she did as she was trapped in a marriage she couldn’t afford to get out of.

Hubby was touchy feely and I hated it. I remember on one occasion storming off to the shops grumbling about the fact that he was constantly touching me. The idea of having a massage horrified me…too touchy feely. My how things have changed :-)

Yeah…we went through a really bad patch where I was ready to pack my bags and leave. We didn’t communicate much and for more than two years seldom had any intimate relations.

I kept on working on myself and ignoring him. It wasn’t a happy time…but I can see nowadays that it was a necessary time for both of us. We needed time out to work on our own stuff in our own way without interference. Much of it was coloured by past life stuff and as I worked through this the energy within me was cleared and therefore it stopped being an issue between us.

I am not sure what changed. I think the turning point was in 2001 when hubby was made redundant and we moved to the town we are living in now.

It slowly dawned on me over a period of time, that much of the problems we were experiencing were created by my belief structures. I started to experiment with the energy…it was hard because every time I thought I’d got it right, something would happen and it felt like I had to start all over again.

I came to realise that it was pretty much like training an animal. By this I don’t mean that either of us were ‘animals’ that needed training, but habits and reactions were part of the animalistic side of us…and this needed changing. It was careful and delicate work. Yes, it took a while.

The same as training an animal…you cannot expect them to pick it up instantly…the same way it took me a while to make the changes within me that had become a habit during this life…and probably many lifetimes emotions were reinforcing it.

It takes perseverance and patience with yourself - the other person is your thermometer which lets you know how you are doing.

Slowly I started to see results. By changing my beliefs about our relationship, the antagonistic energy started to disappear and in its place was love. It wasn’t easy…there were times when I looked at him and could happily have carved his heart out of his chest, or used his face as a dart board.

When I caught myself doing this, I would use EFT to tap this away and change my thought form. If there is no energy behind the thought form it has nothing to hold on to and this makes it easier to change the synapsis within the brain.

We are literally hacking our way through the jungle to create new paths of being. The old highway will eventually fall into disrepair and slowly disappear.

It takes strength and courage to face up to this part of yourself…believe me I know this…but it is worth it and the rewards that I am reaping these days have made the hard work well worth it.

I am not saying that all relationships will turn out this way. What I am saying is this…

If your relationship is meant to be it will be…but if not, the two of you were together for a reason. Have you learnt and understood that lesson? The parting should not be antagonistic or painful. If it is, then you inside yourself are harbouring these emotions.

I often get asked when someone will meet their one true love. How do you know you haven’t? They might be there with you and you are ignoring them, because you have a set idea of how they should act and they are not conforming with your beliefs. Our beliefs can stunt our growth.

If you are single and wondering where your one true love is – what is inside of you that is stopping you from drawing this to you. I get told regularly, ‘But I am working on myself constantly…I am ready.’
Erm…really…then why have you not drawn that person to you...or maybe you have and you cannot see it?

Do not dismiss anyone simply because they do not fit in with your idea of how ‘true love’ should be. True love in itself is not always easy. True love is a mirror image of you and will bring up all your worst nightmares. Imagine you and your true love as dark and light…he is your dark to your light and you are his dark to his light.

And I am talking about physical true love…where the two of you are physically with each other…living together or simply dating. It is the little things that irritate like

Does he leave the toothpaste lid off? Does he put the toilet seat down? Is he messy?

You may laugh but it is these little things that can grow into something large and become that great big elephant in the room that you wish would go away.

It takes compromise on both parts. If you within yourself are ready to take the step to compromise and you feel it deep within you…then compromise will be made.

Sheesh…I seem to have written a book here.

Don’t take my word for any of this…follow your heart and your beliefs…they are there for a reason and you need to figure out what that reason is. This is simply my story…take it or leave it.

But I do want to stress this…everything in your life is your creation…there is no two ways about it.

Even during the hard times hubby and I had something to offer the relationship. Now that we have cleared a great deal of the crap we have both brought to the relationship things that are beautiful. He might not be ‘spiritual’ in any way shape or form, but does that make him any less of a lightworker? What defines a lightworker?

So take a look at your partner and start with the little things to be grateful for and love him/her. For in the acceptance and loving you will create something very beautiful. And don’t we all deserve something beautiful?

If your instant thought is ‘that won’t happen with us,’ what belief is your truth?


Anonymous said...

Wow KP ... this post of yours is such an illustration of what I also wrote this morning. The links between many of us are becoming so strong.
There is so much about what you have written which is pertaining to my experience as well. What you wrote about the conspiracy theories was something which i found out for myself a while ago. This was meant to be the case. I was guided to write about all of that information ... and I was also guided to experience how immersed one can become in its quagmire ... bringing that energy into one's own everyday experience. It was a great experience ...and one which I was guided to `act out' not just for me but for others too...which is always the case.
When you wrote `true love' ..I had to laugh as I had only just come away from seeing the video of that song which Noel had left for me on my blog some time last year.
Regarding relationships .. you are so right. Having been through a lot with my husband of 24 years I can really relate. It is no picnic .. however some have a notion of being with `the One' as being so. It isn't because that very person is the one who shows you your self .. all the warts ... loves you anyway ... however .. and this for me has been the biggy ... you have to then see those warts and love yourself as well. Also ... you get to see all of his warts and get to love them too. :-) It is not an easy task but is rewarding and one which benefits not only each person but the world at large when couple can work through this energy.Sadly there is so much empahasis on the `dreamy' stuff so that when the grit appears the first reaction for many is to run for the hills. What I have found is that those times bring about better times ...and the more of those times you go through .. the less of them there are and the easier they are to nagivate ... but it takes being honest and having the courage to love in the beginning. It is like the inner work which we all do ... there are the dips .. but when you have had a few dark nights you know that the sun will come up eventually and the day will be much more brighter than it was before. I guess it all comes back to where you choose to focus your energy ... as you said in the beginning. What is it that you believe. Do you believe that you are worthy of love...
Sometimes the one who you are with would love to love you ... only you may not believe that you are worthy of that love.
Good grief .. like you said KP I have also written a novella as a reply :-) And also like you I appear to have written it to myself.
Great blog ... thanks and hugs.

Dorothy said...

Yikes. Athena knew this needed to be written! I am still working on this. I accept him, love him, and still, don't enjoy much about his beliefs anymore. So much about this relationship that I don't discuss with anyone. There's a lot here..yet not. Something to work on with Erin's help, I think, because I could use another perspective and my blog is not the way to go with it right now.
I love how you have worked your way through the dross and come out as a loving couple again.

Thanks Athena. And thank you Karen and Matariki for sharing your stories.

Karen-Pallas said...

Haha...I did mention that I have a degree in waffling. I'm off to read your blog now...been too busy scooping up flies!!
I suppose the biggest lesson for me is to allow others to go through what they are going through and not judge them for it...because that judgement makes us inflexible.
You're so right - we all need to experience and understand by immersing ourselves. How can we know unless we've been there, seen it, done it.
Big love

Karen-Pallas said...

My pleasure...I still catch myself wishing that he would do such and such and then realising that in fact it is not up to him...but me.
Hard lesson for us all.
And so 'she' keeps hammering it home.
Sheesh...am I not getting it?
I'm trying but obviously not hard enough.
Hugs to you and with a great deal of strength
And believe...it is possible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,

Thank your for this post, it lead to me the following:

I can NOT TAKE IT nor LEAVE IT, I feel trapped !

How can i overcome this ?
.....maybe if I open the tears floodgate I can get some relieve and float above it.........
.....is it really my trap/energy ?........."take it or leave it" sounds so 3D, like "black and white", "up and down".......
.....am I trapped in 3D ?......Ohhhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!..........
.....what have I used to work on myself ?.............ahhhh Judy Satori' s affirmations..........

So here my affirmation for the next time, I came up with:
with INTENTION: with the POWER of GOD that I AM, I cut all 3rd, 4th and lower dimensional ties and energies and ascent into the 5th dimension NOW
with EXPECTATION: with the POWER of GOD that I AM, I cut all 3rd, 4th and lower dimensional ties and energies and ascent into the 5th dimension NOW
with GRATITUDE: with the POWER of GOD that I AM, I cut all 3rd, 4th and lower dimensional ties and energies and ascent into the 5th dimension NOW

In between reading your post and my current understanding I watched half of the following video and had a good nights rest.

Drunvalo Melchizedek: Crop circles, Russians, coming solar flares...use your discernment !!

:) Thank YOU :)
Yours sincerely,

(had to use Anonymous as no other profile applied)

Karen-Pallas said...

Thank you, Stefan, for your thought provoking answer.
I had a look at the Drunvalo interview and what jumped out at me the most, despite Lilou constantly harping on the fear factor, was that all we need is love, love, love. And this is what Athena has been bringing up in these latest posts.
Why wait for something that might or might not happen, why not start now...loving everyone and everything in our lives. Those things we reject are parts of us...why are we rejecting it/them and not loving it/them? This is a feeling thing not a thinking thing.
We all spend too much time in our minds and not enough time in our hearts.
Sitting back on our laurels until the 22nd Dec is not going to serve us at all. Why live in fear when we can attempt to live in love? I know which I choose.
We cannot think our way through this at all.
Heart hugs to you on your journey, Stefan

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,

I LOVE your answer !!!

That is the way to go/FEEL NOW:

...loving everyone and everything in our lives...
...loving everyone and everything in our lives...
...loving everyone and everything in our lives...

loving heart hugs back to you,