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Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's new

I am experiencing that same feeling we had last year after a month in France- a total disconnection with my current world. For months after that visit I was drifting.

Yes, we all experience something similar when we get back from holiday. The pleasure of no routine or having to do something…but these two occasions have been somewhat different.

Whilst in France we shifted a major amount of clearing and cleansing and brought in a new energy…the same has happened again in Australia. I can literally feel the difference in myself ‘before and after’.

Most shifts in the past have been subtle and I’ve not noticed it much until I’ve looked back and thought ‘wow, there is an actual difference’.

Things are moving so fast these days we can actually feel the change instantly.

This brings me to the subject of the consciousness of the body…something that has been in the forefront of my mind for a while.

I know that for me until my body ‘gets’ something I have difficulty walking the walk. Intellectually and spiritually I understand something but my body just doesn’t ‘get it’. And so it is a struggle as until it resonates within my body…it is merely a concept. I’ve known this for years…mainly through experience – never having been taught it.

So when Inelia Benz mentioned that our body has a consciousness of its own, I sat up and took note. After much thought and meditation I have come to the conclusion that she is right. I knew this…but had never actually put it into words.

Yes, of course the body has a consciousness. When we are born our souls enter our body. Before that what exists to make the body live and grow? It cannot be an empty shell. So I asked and got answers but it never really meant much to me…until the other night.

It was one of the concepts that my friend and I discussed on my last night in Sydney. We were mulling over the idea (once again Inelia had mentioned) – the body has its own incarnations.

I was puzzled by this and wondered how on earth this is possible seeing as many of us have male and female incarnations. Where does the body go in between?

Whilst on a walk earlier in our holiday, the two of us and her daughter stopped at a small waterfall. Her daughter wanted to have a swim so while she was swimming I sat down and tuned into this beautiful little area. I found many entities and whilst there they showed me how we come down through the dimensions into the flow of 3D life.

We flow as part of the stream current over the edge, land on a ledge and then flow over the edge again to land on a ledge and then to flow over the edge again and so on. Imagine the ledges as dimensions. At the bottom is the 3D pool flowing into a larger river. Each droplet of water from the waterfall bounced on the surface of the water for some distance before sinking into the pool and becoming one with the flow. Each individual droplet was a soul.

That was the first thing they reminded me of. Then they gave me a vision that I didn’t understand at all and I have no way of writing down what it was. I said I did not understand (hehe…it was in the early hours of the morning and my brain was not functioning properly).

So very patiently I was shown a bible, a funeral and given these words ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’. I was then shown the wall in front of me…we are one with everything that has been created in our world. We can be the wall or the floor or the grass or a tree or an animal, but we chose to be a body.

The body, when our spirit leaves, returns to its original form – being one with the earth.

Now this is where it gets a bit fuzzy…so forgive me if I tell you something now and later on it changes because I find a clearer explanation.

It has something to do with when the earth was formed as a playground of experimentation…we were formless beings. This is where plant and gem essences came into play. Each plant and gem was created to help with the formation of the body. As such we are part of the plant and gem world. Each incarnated animal, fauna and flora has a consciousness of its own and hence has a cycle to go through like humans.

But it is not only plants and gems that play a part…there are the elements, the soil, etc. Each one is linked to us and we are linked to them…thus creating a cycle…each one helping the other to evolve.

As we evolve more and more we are becoming more crystalline, but this does not stop our bodies from being part of the Earth.

It is rather complicated and I find myself not quite understanding this intangible concept.

Intellectually and spiritually I understand but my body is struggling with it…and at this stage my body is a very important part of this whole ascension thing.

I will wait patiently to receive some more information that my body can understand…I think at this stage it is a deep tissue integration of information that it is going through. When my higher heart and mind supplies a simple idea, my body takes a while to understand and integrate the concept.

So now I understand why we had to do the two meditations. I am not sure at this stage whether there will be more…but for me these two meditations have certainly opened doors.

It is my first day back at work today…I find myself dreading it slightly. It’s the first time I have ever felt dread about going to work because I really enjoy it. There have been so many changes that will have been implemented whilst I was away that it won’t be like slipping into an old routine.

I bless my day ahead as well as my body. May she slip into her position without a problem.

Dear body…I thank you for your valiant ability to adapt to all and any situations. I realise that you are being assaulted from two fronts…one in your spiritual growth and the other at work.

Bless you and may your day be wonderful.

Anyways…I have been told that the ceremonies that were performed will be part of the workshops that I do. I have nine months of gestating and understanding the ceremonies before starting the workshops next year. Because of course…I don’t remember half of what went on :-)

All very exciting and I am so ready for this now. No doubts or fear…

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