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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Monday, 30 April 2012

Why the snail?

Why did I say ‘snail’ in this morning’s blog? I could have said tortoise, but I didn’t. It took a while for this to sink in. Why snail? That sorta bugged me and figured that there had to be some meaning I gotta know about, so I went to look up the symbolism of the snail and found this:

"Appearing mostly at night, snails are a lunar symbol, therefore a symbol of feminine energy and the cycle of death/rebirth, ending/beginning, continuity, and fertility. Because of its shell, it is linked to the symbolism of the spiral and to self-sufficiency...... represents slow and steady progress made in the journey 'home' (towards enlightenment).”

“He's part of the natural world. Accept him in the same way we accept the bounty of the garden. He is welcome. He's part of it all. He's part of us. You can't be at one with nature unless you are at one with all of nature, and being at one with the nature "out there" is a metaphor for being at one with your own internal nature. If you can't enjoy a garden unless it is free of pests, unless each leaf and flower is perfect, you will never enjoy a garden. Similarly, if you cannot accept yourself because of your flaws and failings, if you cannot accept yourself as worthy of abundance and love unless you are perfect, you will never enjoy yourself.

 The snail represents our human failings; we find peace from really being comfortable with yourself, really liking yourself just as you are.” Extract from Tarot and the Tree of Life by Isabel Radow Kliegman.

The view from the bedroom of our home in Cape Town
It reminded me of the intention I made years ago that whatever came into my house or garden, I would happily embrace. For example, when we lived on a lake in Cape Town, there were hundreds of spiders everywhere. I left them and they spun their webs over the windows to catch any flies, midges or mosquitoes that tried to get into the house. That was my deal with them. I’d leave them to get on with making their homes in my home as long as they pulled their weight – give and take. And it worked well and still does.

I do the same with my garden. I don’t use pesticides and everything I put into the garden is organic. I leave the snails and caterpillars, etc. who could be killing my garden…but don’t because I’ve made an agreement with them…they can have certain patches in the garden, as long as they leave the rest alone. When it gets out of kilter I know that it is my own energy that is causing this imbalance and so I look at myself because my home and garden is representative of my energy.

With regard to the shopping spree on Saturday - when hubby paid, I could see the energy of the payment as little spirals – dancing their way back to the larger entity that was the corporation. They were luminescent – almost like mother of pearl and really quite pretty. This is how our energy affects the payments we make.

Through the consciousness of fear, we’ve simply made this energy of love into one of fear and based on conditions. We now have the opportunity to change this currency of fear to that of unconditional love and abundance of a more pleasurable kind.

Later on I meditated on the spirals and saw them touching on the energy of the money collected by the large conglomerate and changing the energy to that of lighthearted happiness and it spread to their creditors and the banks. Haha…looked like a virus infecting everything.

I suppose until we can manifest out of thin air, our form of manifestation is finding something physically in a shop, or on the internet or in other ways that doesn’t use a lot of energy. Kinda like the angels leaving a feather from a bird for us as a sign. Why use huge amounts of energy to create something from scratch? And in this way we spread the energy of love…an abundance many of us have denied ourselves. I know I have.

One more thing…these spiralling portals on my body are like tactile bloodhounds. I see them bending and touching everything around me…as though smelling…like they are getting a taste of my world.

It’s bizarre but very interesting.

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