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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It's all coming together

Everything seems to be coming together at a rapid rate…or rather it feels rapid but maybe it isn’t.

People and experiences keep coming my way that I realise are necessary for my growth.

How did this happen…did I open a door somewhere that I can’t recall? I meditated on this and have a vague memory within myself of creating the intention that what I needed to move me forward would appear in my life in 2012. Is this is a life between lives intention? I think so, cos I don’t recall making it in this life.

And so it is.

It feels so normal although it surprises me at times, but that is my 3D mind taking over…everything that is coming together is happening so naturally. I had this distinct feeling at the beginning of this year that I needed quite a few somethings to spur me along…this is unusual for me as I’ve not been doing any reading of books or felt the need for any workshops – all of my teachings come from within and they will continue to do so.

It struck me yesterday (I seem to be getting struck quite often lately :0)) that maybe it is not a specific place that will be my community, rather it will be a worldwide community of beings who are finally coming together now that the time is right, hence my feeling that it is no one specific place that is our home. This is what I am gathering together in my reality.

I do believe that Athena is going on about this love and acceptance thing because in order for me to fully embrace the work I will be doing I have to be completely in that space of love and acceptance…not only in my married life, but in every aspect of my life.

I know I judge…I often catch myself judging and have to pull myself up about it. And I am not only talking about judging people…I am talking about judging what I am doing and will be doing in the future. I am standing here, my mind mulling it over and putting all kinds of objections in the way, instead of loving it and accepting that it is okay now and will be okay when the time is right.

So yeah…I have not being accepting myself and my path too much…judging it every step of the way and trying to make it like I think it should be rather than letting it BE. My masculine side trying to take over again…eye rolls. And this is what confuses me quite often.

I was thinking about this yesterday…yeah there we go…thinking again. I was wondering why I always feel confused…hehe…yeah the answer I get today is…’you think too much’.

Sigh…and sigh again.

I’ve always been a bit introvert and shy. Whenever I’ve been involved in workshops I’ve had difficulty putting myself out there and making friends and am always a loner. This seems to have changed, and I find myself quite happy to get involved and chatty. I am slowly morphing into different person.

Strangely enough when I‘ve made a judgmental comment lately, hubby has pulled me up saying, ‘Karen, that’s not nice.’ Oops, but hang on…since when has he become the judgement police? Hmm, you know…on reflection he has changed quite a bit too and I hadn’t noticed.

My darling thermometer hubby…yikes, he is my ever present teacher.

I keep having this vision, which has been with me for many years, of the two of us together in different scenarios in a really wonderful space. When I first had these visions I didn’t recognise him and thought that possibly I’d moved on and had a different partner. But no…on close investigation it is definitely him and my…how he changes. This is what happens when we fully embrace our true essence of love.

Although I must admit when I first realised it was him, it was with a great deal of scepticism as I never believed it was possible…but these days I do.

Once again this morning I am to go through a few rituals. When I asked why it was happening… again, I was told that once again we need to anchor and cement all the understandings I’ve had lately. I suppose it has something to do with the grid.  

What springs to mind is All You Need Is Love by the Beatles.

And many (including me) will be going all, all? Seems like a large ALL to deliver, doesn’t it? Let’s hope I don’t f… it up by thinking too much!!


Anonymous said...

Yes ... all you need it is love ... how funny that we write the same thing... better get used to it.. I was just about to post that song when you left me your comment this morning :-)
What you are saying about your husband is interesting because my husband has changed so much .. and so have I. When we met he was really reserved and I was really `out there.' Now he is out there with public speaking and all sorts ..and for the last decade I was been on my own such a lot as I need to balance the feminine. I find that such a challenge too... constantly wanting to be DOing .. the universe constantly wanting me to be BEing. This has been and is still such a challenge for me.
It is interesting with couples who morph together in this way. With us it is so fascinating with the two hemispheres geographically, the male -female, introverted-extroverted. It is almost as if there has been some kind of pole flip.
You know Karen .. I can see what is happening here. You write a post ... and then it causes a knock on effect for me ..which begins in long winded replies to your blog.. and then the next day i write a post about it. Yesterday I wrote about love in my reply to you ... and then this morning I write about love on my blog. Tomorrow I may very well be writing about the Pole flip - hahaha! We shall see.
Thank you for your inspiration.
Great post

Dorothy said...

Walking a parallel path of trusting and finding the love within here as well, it sounds so familiar (except the hubby part)....also judging myself and others slips in when I'm not paying attention....
It's a process, it's the journey.
Well written post, thank you. It's always helpful to others when we share the road we walk for then we recognise how alike we all are and that we're not as alone or different as we thought.
I see me in you.

Dorothy said...

Haha just read your comment Matariki, so what did I write about last night? Wanting more love. We all wrote similar things!

Karen-Pallas said...

Hehe...linking little fingers and singing :-)

The challenge seems to be not to DO and think but instead to feel and BE. Very difficult. Oh where is the balance...seems to have taken a hike.

Interesting isn't it, that you and your hubby are from opposite sides of the globe...don't ask me why I have written that.

It has been a very interesting journey when I stand back and go into observer mode, how - as you so astutely observe - that in our relationships we move between the two polarities in every way possible.

Hmm...you've inspired and spurred me in the past to write blogs. This seems to be part of the pole flip...hehe.


Karen-Pallas said...

Indeed, we are so alike and yet at the same time, not...

Karen-Pallas said...

Haha...we seem to have overlapped replies and replies...is there something about the synchronicity of LOVE that we need to take note of?