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Sunday, 29 April 2012

The energy of 'can do'

The energy of ‘can do’ makes a huge difference in our lives. It’s been an interesting foray into this…something I’ve never really taken notice of.

Basically what I have understood is that if we show a willingness to try and try again, we are rewarded by the movement of energy. As it flows…it doesn’t matter whether you get it wrong or don’t complete what you set out to do…you can change the direction if you want.

This is where science comes in. Once something is moving it makes it easier. Stagnating energy is similar to motionlessness…it merely sits there stagnating and collecting more and more of the unsavoury energies or emotions.

You can imagine this as a puddle of water. Leave the puddle to collect all kinds of debris with no movement or flow and it slowly becomes an awful smelling concoction. Attempt to clear some of it away…even if it is a small amount and then lose interest…you have still created a movement of some kind. You’ve moved some of the debris and caused movement within the puddle. Next time you might clear a little more than the last time and so on and so on.

It is the energy of ‘can do’ that is creating the flow and in creating that flow…yeah it might bring up stuff you’re not so happy to look at…but there is movement and that is the most important.

This brought to mind relationships again. We seem to be focusing on this quite a bit…but I suppose it is all part of my journey and an attempt to uplift the energy of the sacred union. Remember that this is not merely the relationship that we have with others…it is also our relationship with ourselves...which is the most important of all.

As trainee alchemists it is up to us to work with the energy around us. It takes a great deal of practice to fine hone this skill and we are given the opportunities to do so by the people in our lives. We have drawn them to us specifically for this purpose.

It is not that we are manipulating them, we are merely working with our own energy and their reactions to us are our measure of how well we are doing.

I’ve often wondered how my spurts of not being able to completely fulfil my mandate has affected the new sexual matrix being laid. Sometimes when hubby and I make love, we are not always completely in sync, or when we have arguments…I wondered if this was being laid into the matrix as well. So I asked and was shown that despite me thinking it was a ‘failure’…it wasn’t. What it does do is allow the energy of try and try again.

And that is one of the energies I’ve found I’ve never faltered on. I fall on my face, make mistakes and yet I always manage to pick myself up, dust myself off and go at it again. It is not expected that we are to be perfect…how can we be perfect when we are learning. So it is weaving into the matrix the energy of ‘it’s okay to fall short of our own expectations, but keep trying’.

We are learning to be Master Alchemists.

So next time someone irritates you or makes you angry…stop and take a look at your own energy and tweak it. Experiment with the ‘can do’ energy and see what happens. You might not see instant results, but that’s okay, sometimes it is so subtle, you don’t notice it.

I managed to get through my fast yesterday without mishap. Hubby was somewhat surprised much later when I told him what I was doing. He asked why? Didn’t really have an answer, except that I felt I had to.

He cooked for him and the boys last night and kept apologising and said if I’d notified him before hand he could have helped me out. But that’s okay, I wasn’t really needing his help, but I appreciated him feeling that he should.

Later on he said that next time he would join me. Maybe we could do this once a month. Eh? Um…I wasn’t really planning on doing this regularly, was I? He shook his head and said he thinks it’s a good idea. I sat and thought about it for a while, my brain whirring with this new idea planted in my head.

Okay, I said…and he enthusiastically discussed what we should and shouldn’t eat on the day. Huh…it seems this energy has somehow run away with me. Anyways, we’ll see what happens.

I must say that this morning I had a cup of hot water and lemon…having still not eaten and I felt great, really light and my body was happy…despite the huge grumbling from my stomach. Geez, it sounded like a thunderstorm!

So I made it. This really brought to the fore the energy of ‘can do’ for me. I asked during the day yesterday that if I faltered and started eating would it make a huge difference. They said no it wouldn’t inasmuch as I would only inch forward a little whereas if I went the whole way it would be a huge leap. I’d started the moment forward…and either way, it was my journey and my choice…no matter what I did.

It really brought home to me that I am in charge of ME…no-one else but ME. I have to say it is rather exhilarating and I’m up for it.

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